The Key to Forgiveness Starts with You

The Key to Forgiveness Starts with You

Have you ever wished…

…you had done something different in the past, judging yourself for a “bad” decision?

If you project yourself back to the moment, you will always realize that you made the best possible decision at that time, based on the information you had and your circumstances – you did your best!

As humans, we are always learning and making choices that might not be in alignment with our Soul. But understanding ourselves and others is the key to forgiveness, and you can choose it today!

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Be Ready To Feel Blessed Out!

Be Ready To Feel Blessed Out!


Are you ready to feel blessed out?

Did you know this is your natural state of being as you are God in a body?

When you live in a state of divine gratitude for everything that is happening to you, even if it’s hard or challenging, you feel blessed out.

Today, let’s move into the truth of who you are, and let go of the energy that is blocking you from your heavenly state of being!


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There Is Nothing to Be Ashamed of

There Is Nothing to Be Ashamed of

Are you aware of how debilitating and devitalizing shame is?

The truth is, there is nothing that you have ever done or will do that is so bad that should make you be ashamed.

You have always been doing the best you could with the information you have received, and the circumstances you have been given.

Therefore, your choices have reflected that, so you can forgive yourself for all today!

No one is holding you back other than yourself. Forgive yourself and live again in peace!

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Did you enjoy this weeks free audio message from Ragan Thomson? If you did, please join us at one of our upcoming events and follow us to stay up to date .

Audio Transcript

Below is an edited transcript for all of our bibliophiles and hearing impaired community members. We hope you enjoy!

Ragan Thomson: Hello, hello. Hello, hello, hello. This is Ragan Thomson. How are you today? How are you feeling today?

Ragan Thomson: What’s going on in your mind, your body and your spirit? Really check in with that. First, your mind. Is it busy? Is it moving, and if it is, can you just clear the space within it right now?

Ragan Thomson: Just be here. Be here right now with me. Your body, is it aching? Is it comfortable? Is it relaxed? Where are you at?

Ragan Thomson: Do you feel some stress or tension? Just noticing it now, taking a deep breath into it. Can you give yourself just that permission to just relax into this sensation that might be a little uncomfortable so you can once again just be here, be here right now, and your spirit, checking in with your heart space, and your energy field? Where are you at spiritually? Maybe there’s some pain rising.

Ragan Thomson: Maybe you feel a little off-kilter, out of balance. Maybe you feel really calm, serene if it’s the other, where you’re feeling a little out of balance or stressed. Taking another deep breath, kind of relaxing into that energy. Just give yourself permission just to feel what you feel. Excellent. Good.

Ragan Thomson: We’re going to launch into a topic now that I think you’re going to find to be very helpful to work with. A lot of us have this going on, and we don’t even realize it, so I just want to help you today the best I can to work with the topic around shame. Basically, shame … Gosh, whoo. That’s been a big one in this life for me.

Ragan Thomson: I’ve shamed myself, I’ve shamed others, and really, it’s this, informs me, informs you of this internal state of inadequacy, dishonor or regret that we might have in our life, and it really is icky energy, right? Sometimes we don’t even realize how much we’re still shaming ourselves and others. This is an uncomfortable one to work with, so I’m not saying this is an easy topic, and it’s an important one. As a self-conscious emotion, basically, shame, it informs us of an internal state of inadequacy, unworthiness, dishonor, regret, or disconnection. It’s a clear signal that our positive feelings have been basically interrupted, and another person or a circumstance can really trigger this shame in us. We can really feel very triggered by somebody in our life.

Ragan Thomson: It could be a friend, or a relative, or someone we work with, and by just being next to them, we can feel this kind of trigger within us go off that we feel like a failure in some way. We feel we’re not meeting our own ideals or standards. We feel that we feel bad. Maybe we feel flawed next to this person. Sometimes you might just feel this without being next to a person.

Ragan Thomson: It kind of tends to motivate us to hide or do something to save face, and so it can lead to a lot of withdrawal, and it’s actually one of the primary reasons on the planet right now that we have so many addictions. We really tried to attempt to mask its impact on the addictions, and withdrawing and isolating ourselves. It’s also, can very consistently be confused with guilt or, which is basically an emotion we might experience as a result of a wrongdoing about which we might feel, kind of remorseful or which we hadn’t done that, and we need to make amends, where we also will likely have an urge to admit guilt, or talk about it with others, about a situation that led us to feel really guilty. It is really much less likely that we will broadcast our shame, so there is this difference. I just want to help you with that confusion of shame versus basically guilt.

Ragan Thomson: With shame, we most likely will just conceal it completely, and what we feel because of the shame does not make a distinction really usually between an action and the self. It’s just bad behavior, and our bad self needs to just really hide, and it’s a real bummer. I want to give you a nice description of it because like I said, it’s pretty sneaky. It likes to hide, so we can feel ashamed of something from a long time ago and it can still be sitting in our field and causing havoc for us. Basically, a situation that’s real or even imagined can trigger shame, and it’s something we can work with though, which is so great.

Ragan Thomson: What we want to do is start to get in touch with that shame right now, and that’s what I’d like for you to do. Can you think of a person or yourself, maybe, that you feel ashamed of right now, something you feel shameful of? Maybe there’s a situation that you still feel ashamed of which happened in your life. I just want you to take a minute and just really feel that in your body. Okay. Very good.

Ragan Thomson: Now, just feeling it, so within this feeling, you’re feeling this kind of feeling of bad or you’re wrong, just to let ourselves feel that right now, taking a deep breath. Can you just allow yourself now to feel the shame and just notice where in your body you feel that shame? Could it be in your stomach, like your solar plexus area, or your throat? Perhaps it could be more in your throat, stomach. Might even feel it in your head.

Ragan Thomson: Yeah, just wherever you feel it. Do you feel any activated kind of stuck energy? Okay, so taking a deep breath into that place in your body. I want to give this place in your body now. It’s basically like a gateway that wants to speak, and if it could speak out loud and say anything it wants to say right now, let it say what it wants to say.

Ragan Thomson: You might hear the message, “I shouldn’t have done that. I can never let that go. I’m so embarrassed,” and just saying to that energy right now, “I hear you. I hear that you feel this way, and I want you to know I see you, and I feel you, and I understand why you might feel this way.” Take a deep breath, repeating out my words to this energy.

Ragan Thomson: I see there are circumstances that point to, that you were wrong or bad. That’s what it looks like because of what happened, and the truth is, you were doing the best you could at that time, with the information that you had and the circumstances you had been given. I know you would have done it differently if you had different information, but you didn’t, and therefore, there was something that happened that caused pain for you most importantly, inside you. I see that. I feel that, and I want you to know you can forgive yourself today.

Ragan Thomson: You can set yourself free, so taking a deep breath, for there is nothing that you’ve ever done that was so wrong or so bad that it cannot be forgiven. Take a deep breath, repeating after me, “I forgive myself. I forgive myself for whatever this thing is,” just repeating it, whatever happened, taking a deep breath, letting it go. The truth is I want you to speak the truth here, out loud. What’s the truth?

Ragan Thomson: “I was young, I was doing the best I could, and I was scared, I had just broken up with someone, I was lost, and I was scared, and I did the best I could.” This is just an example. State the truth right now. What’s the truth? Forgive yourself and state the truth.

Ragan Thomson: Set yourself free. State your truth now. Good. Take a deep breath. Now, if there’s anything else you’d like to say to yourself right now, and this is from a place of not only just saying something for yourself, but if there’s anything else you might authentically need to help liberate yourself and release this pain from your heart authentically.

Ragan Thomson: You might even see if you can check and see if your higher self is here with you right now, your true divine self like your guardian angel, basically until you embody, your higher self. Your guardian angel is your higher self. See if your higher self is here with you, checking in. Now that you feel the energy of your higher self hopefully, bring that energy to whatever is needed here to fully embrace all the healing required to let yourself off the hook here, and let go of the shame. What is it you need from your higher self?

Ragan Thomson: Your higher self is there to assist you always and can support you in any way that you’d like. You just simply need to ask. Ask your higher self now. Maybe you need more love, support, belief in yourself, more forgiveness. Ask, and you shall receive.

Ragan Thomson: Just let your higher self give it to you. Feel it come upon you. Let it overflow around you within you, the support and love from your higher self. Good. Take a deep breath, taking a moment to honor yourself for the work you just did, “I honor myself,” whatever you’d like to say out loud for being brave, and setting myself free, whatever it is that you want to say. “I honor myself.”

Ragan Thomson: Now that that’s complete, please take a deep breath. Thank you so much. We’re going to move into a short closing prayer. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Moving into prayer together. Thank you, Mother, Father, God, Goddess for this beautiful divine, blessed day, and for this moment, this present moment that’s happening here right now in this space and place, for I know where I am and where every listener is, God is.

Ragan Thomson: Everything we seek, everything we desire, It is already within us. Thank you for this knowingness, this divine knowingness that the truth of who we are is unfolding more and more over time. As we let go of any shame that might exist within our bodies or within our lives, we free ourselves more and more. There is no such thing as something that anyone of us has done that was so wrong or bad, that we can’t let ourselves off the hook.

Ragan Thomson: Mother, Father, God, Goddess, I ask you for this clearing and the support to help us completely let go of shame right now from our bodies. It is done. It is done, letting go of all the shame, forgiving ourselves, for we do not know what we were doing, and if we would have, we would have done it differently. Thank you, thank you so much for these words. I am grateful.

Ragan Thomson: Amen. Take a deep breath. Thank you so much. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day. I am grateful to be with you here.

Ragan Thomson: Many, many blessings. I’ll talk to you soon. Okay. Bye-bye.



Liberate Yourself From the Blame Game

Liberate Yourself From the Blame Game

Did you know that when you blame another person you deny true internal healing?


Did you know that no one has the power to hurt you unless you let them?

Blaming is a very common device for trying to feel better.

Blaming is a way to protect your heart, trying to protect what is soft and open and tender in yourself.

Rather than own that pain, we scramble to find some comfortable ground.

Be brave today and stop the blame game. The sooner you do, the sooner your life can move forward!

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Audio Transcript

Below is an edited transcript for all of our bibliophiles and hearing impaired community members. We hope you enjoy!

RAGAN: Hello, hello, hello everyone. This is Ragan Thomson. Hi. How are you? I am currently in a place that I greatly love right now. I’m in a place that is very nurturing to my spirit and soul in Hawaii. I am feeling this tremendous amount of light come through me. So, I’m very excited to do this work with you today on this audio.

RAGAN: I’m just really prepared to bring-forth the topic that I feel like is very important today. Before I bring the topic forward, let’s take some deep breaths please, if you will. Breathe with me please. You can sit down, close your eyes, or you can walk and just do this breathwork. It’s easy to practice, and it just helps centers and grounds us for our time together.

RAGAN: So, let’s start by taking our first breath. I’m going to count to three, take a deep breath deeply into your body, right in through your nose, out through your mouth. While on this end breath, please internally speak to yourself, receiving God. As you’re doing the out breath, you’re saying giving God. Okay? So it’s this practice of just realizing anything and everything is God. You are God.

RAGAN: Everything is God. Our breath is God, and it is a gift to breathe because we are God, and a body getting to have this incredible human experience, which I’m telling you, I know for a fact, there are many, many souls right now waiting in line to get on this planet. So you being here is a gift. You signed up for it, and you made your way into this life. So let’s celebrate that right now.

RAGAN: I know life is not always easy. It’s not always a bed of roses. So let’s see what we can do to work with something that might be going in your life right now today that could be helpful to begin to shift it, change it, and as well, let it go. Okay? So, we’re going to do the breathwork first. So breathwork it is. Here we go. On our first breath right now, one, two, and three. Breathing in God, receiving, giving God. One, two, three, receiving God and giving God. I’m going to do three more. One, two, three. Receiving God, giving God. One, two, three. Receiving God, and giving God. Once more, really take a deep breath. Receiving God, giving God.

RAGAN: Excellent. Now, just moving into a normal deeper breath, rhythmic breath, letting the breath just help you relax even more into your body, calming your spirit, preparing to move into topic together around. Well, the topic is are you ready to stop the blame game? Oh my goodness. How many of you out there are still blaming yourself or someone else and your life? Before we get started with the topic, I want to ask you a few questions, and I want you to just think about them, okay? Just be with them. It’s just three questions.

RAGAN: Okay? All right, so what is my responsibility in this situation with this person or myself that I’m blaming? It’s either it’s your creation, how you receive the pain, your response, or participation in it. These are the different elements to think about that. So what is your responsibility in this situation that you’re thinking of right now that you might be blaming yourself or someone else?

RAGAN: Okay, so it could be about its creation, or how you received the pain, or your response participation in it, just to be clear with that question. Number two, is there something in what the other person did or said that needs to be addressed, apologize for, explained, forgiven, or understood? Does the situation need to be withdrawn from, okay, that’s the second question. What is the story you are telling yourself in this situation or the meaning you are making of it about what the other person did or said? Okay, what’s that story?

RAGAN: These are very powerful questions. So, I’d like you to take a minute. I’m going to go ahead and repeat them again. I want you to answer them quietly within. What is my responsibility in this situation? Either it’s in its creation, perhaps how you received the pain, or perhaps even your response, or participation in it. Second question, is there something in what the other person did or said that needs to be addressed, apologize for explained, forgiven, or understood? Does this situation need to be withdrawn from? What is the story you are telling yourself or the meaning you’re making about what the other person did or said?

RAGAN: So often, I see people upset about what they think someone’s words or behaviors meant rather than the actual behavior or words. Have you ever noticed that? For instance, he didn’t call when we got off work. He didn’t call when I got off, when he got off work, so he must not care about me. Right? Like, he didn’t call me. Instead, we stop to take responsibility for the story. We realize that what the other person did or said may not actually equal to our belief about it. Right? It doesn’t equal to our belief about it. It’s not even real. It’s not even a story that’s real. So we create these stories that are blaming and they point fingers at someone.

RAGAN: Meanwhile, the story may be completely different. So regardless of whatever you discover from this inquiry that we just did through these questions, I want to see if you can just allow yourself to look at the whole situation through the lens of responsibility and creativity, like something completely different possibly you’ve been doing before. This state of mind will allow you to see solutions to your situation that may take the blindness, a blame off the table, which would be amazing and instead see the truth.

RAGAN: Absolutely, there is so often this tendency to blame because the ego loves to blame. In fact, the ego is a, let me just explain for those who are unaware of what the ego really is. It’s basically a mechanism. The positive way of saying it is it’s a mechanism to help, I think empower us over time because it’s like a game where inside some matrix, if you will, learning how to navigate through, and it’s helping us learn our lessons, whether it knows that or not.

RAGAN: For many of us, we’re letting the game swallow us up. So, we’re meant to be on top of what’s going on with the ego, and its stories, and its blaming, and all this stuff that it does, right? So often we’re not. We’re just letting things slide. So one of the ways that we suffer in this life is by blaming, really saying that this world is happening to us. We’re not creating it. We have no hand in the creation. This is all just happening to us.

RAGAN: Another story I heard recently was from someone saying, “Listen, it’s not my fault that this person in my life is miserable and sends me these really awful intentionally hurtful text and emails at times.” I’m just left to think, “Wow, I guess you’re just trying to hurt me and I’m the victim here.” So, right, the victim game. Let’s just stop this, because let me tell you, the only way that person could hurt that person is by allowing those darts, that negativity to come in. There has to be a point of attraction where it literally has a place to land, but if there’s no place to land that person cannot hurt you.

RAGAN: We choose our moment, from moment to moment, we choose how we want to feel and what we decide to be hurt by. Literally, no one has the power to hurt you. So we got to take personal responsibility here and say to ourselves, “Okay listen, I understand this person’s been sending me these hurtful messages, or text, or in fact, we can even go even deeper here about something most of us have felt with a lack of possible conscious parenting in this life.”

RAGAN: My parents did this to me. My mom did this to me. My Dad did this me. This is why I am the way I am. Okay, not to say that you haven’t picked up some dynamics, or possibly even some patterning insecurities from your parents along the way, but blaming them? Let me tell you something that does. It basically solidifies the pain. It’s like the pain is so great, and this story is so big that you’ll never be able to free yourself.

RAGAN: Look at my life now. I blame you mom and dad for my life. Look what’s happening to me. I’m not in a relationship with someone that I love. My money is low, and my insecurity is low, and I blame you for that. Okay so yes, we wish they could have been more conscious. Absolutely. I hear you. I understand. As soon as we take the blame off of them, we can actually really heal what’s going on inside of ourselves.

RAGAN: They did the best they could. They really did. If it was just some part of you, or it was just not good at all, then again, that was the best they could do. I guarantee their parents did it to them, and their parents did it to them, and their parents did to them, and then on down the line. So what can happen here, which is super cool and empowering is you get to change that line.

RAGAN: Perhaps as a human being, as a parent, if you are one or as a friend, however they were, you get to do it differently. You could just show up more consciously, more kind, more loving, more secure, and change that line that’s going on in your family with this blaming and shaming possibly, or whatever else is going on and judgment. Whatever’s going on inside your family dynamics, you can stop that.

RAGAN: Is it easy? No, it’s not easy. I’ve been stopping that in my family for many years. It’s being the trailblazer as they call it, but you can do it. You can do it. You can stop doing whatever these behaviors are today and change the story. My parents did the best they could. I’m doing the best I can with the information that I received, and the circumstances I was given. I forgive them. I forgive myself. Gosh, it’s that not important, right? The forgiveness. So key.

RAGAN: Yeah, I’m not saying you’re there today, but could you be inspired today by maybe moving towards forgiveness of them and just letting it go, and stop blaming? The only person you’re hurting is yourself. Do you think by blaming them for another couple of years that finally they’ll come on their knees and say, “Oh, I’m so sorry. I hurt you.” No amount of forgiveness. No amount will ever make you feel healed. That is the truth. You can blame them till the day you die, and nothing will have changed because the healing that you’re wanting and you require is within yourself.

RAGAN: Take responsibility today and set yourself free. Take a deep breath. Once more. Excellent. All right, so let’s now move into a closing prayer together. Thanks for joining me today. Hope this was helpful. This prayer will close out our time together as well as also help you do a little clearing work around the blaming in your life. Okay? Thank you so much. Moving into prayer.

RAGAN: So I thank you. I thank you. I thank you so very much mother, father, God, goddess. I am so very grateful for this time right now, in this moment right now, this space in this place right now here in the present moment where I know in this moment, where I am, and where everyone else is, who’s listening, God is, which means everything we seek, everything we desire, it is already within us, within our soul self. All the love, all the joy, all the beauty, all bliss, all the faith, all the compassion, all the gratitude, everything, it is all there. There is no lack. There is no limitation.

RAGAN: It is true that one of the ways that I can see that at times I’ve stopped myself from truly living is by blaming, by me pointing fingers at myself or others and saying, “You’re wrong. I’m wrong.” Completely stopping the flow of life, stopping that relationship with myself or others from being set free to be whatever it’s going to be, because the truth is we’re all doing the best we can. Sometimes we make choices that create waves that are uncomfortable. Sometimes people around us do the same thing. They blame, they judge, they shame. Well, that’s their story because I’m setting myself free today. I’m stopping the blame game.

RAGAN: I’m taking full responsibility for the pain that I have inside myself. If there is any activated energy or negative energy right now that I feel rising up right now, I choose to hold my heart and I want us all to do that. Place your hands over your heart and say to myself, “I’m here with you” and state your name. “I’m here with you Ragan. I feel you. I see you. I’m right here with you. Whatever you feel, I’ll be here with you.” So the relationship with myself is primary. It’s not this relationship with so many other people, mother, father, God, goddess, I get it like I love people. I don’t want to live on my own island.

RAGAN: I know the most important relationship is with me, and stop pointing fingers at others like they’re going to fix me. They’re going to change me. If they just acted differently, if they just acted more kind, if they just said, please, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Then finally I’ll be liberated. It doesn’t work like that. No one has the power to hurt me. I choose to feel hurt when their hurt comes to me. Hurt people try to hurt people. I don’t have to feel hurt when they feel hurt. I get to deal with my own hurt now, take care of myself, love myself, be there for myself. I get to do that now.

RAGAN: Take a deep breath. Mother, father, God, goddess, I am grateful for these words. Thank you for this assistance in this clearing. I am so grateful and with these words I say, and so it is. Take a deep breath. Thank you so much for joining me today on this audio. Learning how to stop the blame game. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day and blessings. Talk to you soon. Okay, bye-bye.


Embrace Change and Gain Freedom

Embrace Change and Gain Freedom

Did you know that we have the power to resist change in our lives or we can embrace it?

When we embrace it we are saying yes to transforming ourselves into who we really are!

If we resist change, we deny ourselves the growth required by our soul to obtain wisdom, experiences, and love.

Embrace change today and you will find a great deal of inner freedom within.

No more restrictive energy, flow easily with life!

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Audio Transcript

Below is an edited transcript for all of our bibliophiles and hearing impaired community members. We hope you enjoy!

RAGAN: Hello, hello, hello everyone. Good day. Good day to you. Hi. How’s it going? How are you feeling? What’s going on with you today? How are you feeling? That’s my first question. Truly, check-in with how you’re feeling right now. Light, easygoing, stressed, happy, angry. Okay, take a deep breath. Allow yourself just to feel that, relaxing into that feeling. Where are you at mentally? So we just did feelings, right?

RAGAN: Now we’re mental. Where are you at with your mind? What’s been going on with your mind right now? Not even just today, recently. Has it been just moving and going or have you been kind of finding some space in there and just more quiet in your spirit within the mind? Where has it been for you? Yeah, there’s been kind of obsessive thought, which by the way is very common. Kind of mentally obsessing around something, right? Oh God, I have to think about this over and over. What’s that thought? What have you been thinking about? Just notice. Taking another deep breath.

RAGAN: Can you just relax into whatever that thought is or whatever’s been going on, you and your mental capacity, just letting it be okay. Perhaps you have been mentally moving your mind quite a bit. So can you just take a moment right now and just allow yourself to see it, relax into it, not resist that you’ve been doing that.

RAGAN: Now, where have you been at physically? What’s your body been feeling like? All right. So have you been feeling a lot of tension in your body? Have you been feeling weak, energized? What you’ve been feeling? Let me know now or let yourself know really. You could state it out loud to me. I can hear you energetically. Again, can you just relax into whatever the sensations are that have been going on in your body? Maybe even take a deep breath right now into that place in your body that might be having some physical pain or energy right now. It’s like if you’re breathing through that place in your body?

RAGAN: The body has a lot to share usually when there’s tension or pain. So if you will right now, give the body a chance to speak to you from that place in your body. That’s right. You can absolutely give it a voice. So let it speak to you now. Just letting your body know: “I hear you. I feel you. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for holding this energy for me”. Basically, that’s what the body does, right? It holds the energy for us until we get to it to process it. It just wants to be heard. It just wants to be seen. It just wants to move. It just wants to change. The energy wants to change. It wants to move.

RAGAN: That’s what I want to launch into us next with this topic today, the whole topic I want to really kind of have a good time looking more deeply with, right? A positive, good time, looking more deeply at is this idea of our relationship with change. Wow. What an incredibly powerful, important topic. Right now I gave you three ways to kind of look at yourself and be with yourself, right? Which is kind of connecting with yourself more than anything is through the physical body, through your mental capacity, through your feelings, your emotional body. That being said, all of that as you can see, if you haven’t already, it’s constantly changing.

RAGAN: Maybe someone will say to me, “Well no, I’ve had this ailment in my body for 10 years. It hasn’t changed at all.” Well before that it wasn’t like that, right? It changed. It changed to becoming in alignment. We do not ever stay the same. The most consistent, constant thing in life is change. It’s the only constant in life is change. Isn’t that amazing to think about. If we’re over here all day long trying to resist change and be afraid of change and fear change and wonder what’s going to happen when we change, and meanwhile that’s exactly what we’re here to do is change and transform. Our feelings change. Our physical body changes. Our mental body changes. It’s constantly changing.

RAGAN: One day to the next you will feel different most likely. Your body will be different in fact. You may wake up with a little sore neck one day and the next day your neck is completely not sore. It’s just this relationship we have with change. What I’m trying to say is that what is your relationship with change? Do you resist it? How do you respond to change in your life? I want you to just take a moment and really notice that. Resistance means you kind of tried to push it away or not really want it to be there or fear it, most likely fear is getting in the way of change. Pretty often that’s the case.

RAGAN: So if there was a relationship that you had to change right now, what is it? Is it a positive healthy relationship or is it one that might need some work? So if you could come up with right now the specific fear that you have around change if you had one, what would that be? So I’m just hearing right now as an example, if I change, people won’t like me. If I change, I’ll be alone. If I change spiritually, for instance, people around me won’t understand me. I’ll be on my own. Right? These are just ideas of examples of fears. How about this one, change is difficult and hard and it causes me pain. That’s my fear. I’ll feel more pain, right?

RAGAN: So perhaps you have one predominant fear right now. Maybe you’re hearing a couple of different ones. So let’s just shine the flashlight on those fears, right? This is how we heal something. This is how we transform. We choose to see it. We choose to feel it. We choose to just say, “Okay, that’s what’s going on inside me. Okay, I’m not going to run from it anymore.” That’s what you’re doing right now. That takes bravery. In this, what’s so powerful about bravery is that once we get brave and just go for it and shine that flashlight, it’s a very large percentage of the journey to healing it, right? It’s like, oh, the ego is kind of like your ego, my ego, the ego is kind of like, “Ooh, shoot. She figured this out. I got to try something new.”

RAGAN: Sometimes that’s a layered process, right? You might shine the flashlight in a few times. It still kind of comes back a couple more. So you want to not only shine the flashlight on the fear, but you want to update it to the truth. So for instance, for example, perhaps the fear is if I change, it’s going to be hard and people aren’t going to like me and you want to shine the flashlight and say, “Okay, that’s not real. That’s not true.” The truth is, and state the truth, the truth is when I change, I become more like my true self and that means I resonate from that place and the people that I have in my life are the ones that resonate from that place as well. So not only do I made me let go of the ones that don’t resonate with my frequency anymore, but I find those that do, and that makes life even more joyful, more exciting, more peaceful, more lovely. This is an example, right?

RAGAN: So take a moment, just let’s work with your predominant fear about change. What is it? My fear is, state it out loud, around change. Yeah, I’m sure you got one in there. Do your best here. Be brave. Now I want you to go ahead and state out loud, this is not true. This fear is an illusion created by past recordings that maybe you’ve learned who knows where. So maybe I learned it from my family or maybe I learned it from the media. State that out loud. The truth is, what’s your truth? Announce it unto the universe. Let it be heard. Good job. What’s the truth? Good work.

RAGAN: It’s important to note this fear and to update it repeatedly, sometimes. So whatever it is, if you can listen to this audio or write it down right now either in your phone or on a piece of paper so you have it available to you, and I want you to reread it as many times as you feel like it’s necessary until you feel like it’s really grounded inside you. Like it’s rewired inside your consciousness. This is the truth. So that way you can move on. You can change. You can evolve. How can become the true walking embodiments of our true self, our soul self, and this life if we’re not allowing change? Change is a requirement. You are going to grow, expand, come up with new ideas, new thoughts, new endeavors, new relationships because your soul is growing, because your soul is evolving.

RAGAN: It’s all about learning and growth, right? So your soul is hungry for that learning and growth. So some of these things I’m talking about are required. It needs these things to evolve and grow. It can’t stay stagnant in the same place at the same time all the time doing the same things. No, probably not going to work for the soul, right? The soul is almost like I said, it’s hungry. It’s hungry for wisdom. It’s hungry for experiences. That requires change. So thank you so much for hearing me today. Hopefully, this was helpful. I’m going to move us out of this audio today with a closing prayer. I’d like for you to take a slow and deep breath with me. Once more. Very good. Moving into prayer.

RAGAN: I thank you. I thank you so much mother, father, God, goddess for this beautiful, blessed moment, this present moment right in this space and place with myself here with all the listeners that came on for this audio today. I send forth love, compassion and strength and bravery to all of us as we move forward in learning how to be better with our relationship with change and close and more healthy relationship with change. Anything I ask you that’s standing in the way of us moving forward in our lives and embracing change in our life, please, mother, father, God, Goddess, I ask you for the assistance to remove these obstacles or these limitations that might be in the way right now. Thank you so much for this clearing that leads to more healing and more revealing of who we truly are, who we came here to me, transforming into the divine, beautiful, bright beings that we truly are through embracing change. I am so grateful for this assistance and for these words. I say and so it is.

RAGAN: Take a slow and deep breath. Excellent. Thank you so much for joining me today. Hope this was helpful and you enjoyed yourself today on the audio and I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day. Many, many blessings to you. All right. Bye-bye.


Claim Your Will!

Claim Your Will!

Did you know that in order to move forward in your life you need to have the will to do so?


Some of us have a great amount of will within, and some of us struggle with finding the will to make choices that are for our higher good.

Claiming your will takes practice but it will help you gain control of your life and emotions, as well as make the right decisions in your life.

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Audio Transcript

Below is an edited transcript for all of our bibliophiles and hearing impaired community members. We hope you enjoy!

RAGAN: Hello, hello, hello everyone. Good day. Good day. Good day. Good day to you. How are you today? How are you feeling? How are you feeling? Are you feeling light in your spirit? Are you feeling vibrant? Are you feeling ready for this day? Have you already had your day going for a while and it’s been going well, or have you been feeling maybe stressed or tired? Where have you been with your day today? Just do a little check-in. Take a moment to check-in. As well, before we move on after this check-in, I’d like to do a little breath work with you to help you relax in your spirit. You don’t need to sit down. You can walk around by doing this, or sit down. Please, if you can sit down, do.

RAGAN: Please close your eyes, and place your hands over your heart space. If not one hand, both hands. Please. Thank you. Once again, just feeling into your day, feeling what you’re feeling right now. Are you feeling light? Are you feeling easy in your spirit, or are you feeling some stress? Okay, just relax into whatever you’re feeling, just letting it rise. Now taking these breaths, I want us to breathe in. As you breathe in the breath basically of life, of spirit, of God, of your soul, right? That’s how amazing the breath is. I want you to say to yourself internally, “Breathe God in. Breathe God in.” “Breathe God out,” on the external, on the out breath. Okay, one, two and three.

RAGAN: Your first breath. On the out breath, breathe God out. Two more, breathe God in, breathe God out. Once more, breathe God in, breathe God out. Once more, we’re just going to do a deep in-breath, and on the out-breath please make a sound. Ahhhhhhh. Good. Just returning to a normal breath. A light, easy, normal breath right here. Good job. Thank you. Just now noticing your day, your moment in this day, this very present moment, you felt what you felt before the breath work. Now what do you feel after the breath work? Just notice if there’s a change.

RAGAN: If you do notice a change that’s helped you become more at ease or lighter, can you imagine doing this simple breath work practice simply a few times a day, how much better or lighter or greater your day would be? It’s true. It’s that easy. I highly encourage a few breaths throughout the day. I’m always wanting to encourage that as a teacher in the world. Thank you for joining me. I want to dive right in to a topic that I find to be, gosh, it’s so important. It’s so important, and I think you’re going to really resonate with this today.

RAGAN: If you don’t, maybe it feels new to you, then congratulations. It’s something that you really want to have a good handle on and understand better, which is this idea of having a great deal of human will spiritually. Do you know how important that is? Oh yes. This is important, especially if you’re one of those lovely souls out there that is attempting to heal and reveal the truth of who you are. I mean, we’re all really doing that, whether we know it or not. And whether or not you complete that mission in this life or not, it doesn’t matter. The truth is, we all have what’s called will, some of us more than others.

RAGAN: I’m here to tell you that your will can increase, and it is a requirement to have a great deal of will to move forward on this path. Let’s be honest, it’s not always easy doing this work internally, right? Sometimes you feel that you might hit something within yourself, like a part of yourself in the depths of your being that is uncomfortable or it could be scary to face. Or you might be noticing a fear that’s been inside you that it’s really been debilitating. You’re just realizing, wow, I’ve had this for a very long time. There’s so much that we can confront at some point along the path energetically healing wise.

RAGAN: When I say the word confront, that’s a positive word. That’s not a word of confrontation. That’s you confronting the energy, standing up to it and saying, “Okay, what’s going on here? What is this energy?” I want to not only confront it, but then I want to embrace it. Right? That’s the next step. How can we confront energy that we’re afraid of, or embrace energy that we’re afraid of, if we don’t have a great deal of will? The will is our intention or our desire to move forward. It gives us strength to want to do the work. The way that I’ve seen it to increase will, is to keep having victories around saying, “This is what I intend to do. This is my wish of what I want. This is what I desire.”

RAGAN: And to follow through with it, and to notice it, not just to kind of run past it and go, “Oh yeah, I did that. I said I was going to do that, and I did that.” To celebrate yourself upon those victories, that helps to increase your will. There’s a part of you that starts to grow and trust of oneself. You start to feel more trusting of yourself and your ability to move forward. Your ability to confront energy, your ability to embrace energy. This deep intention of your soul to become the walking embodiment of itself in human form, which is really what we’re all up to, whether you knew that or not today. If that is the truth, and it is the truth, then we’re going to have days where it’s easier than others.

RAGAN: This is not a feat that you accomplish overnight. Every day is a different day. Every day you have perhaps the overall intention. Let’s call that the umbrella intention. It just kind of wraps around the entire mission of your soul, which is this intention to heal and reveal the truth of who you are. Let’s say that’s your overall intention. Your desire and your intent is to accomplish that. You know that just from the bottom of your soul to the tip top of your heart, to the sky, to the moon and the stars. I just made some stuff up there, super silly. You just know that’s what you’re here for. Maybe today because of this audio, you’re starting to feel like, you know what, maybe that is what I’m here for.

RAGAN: I want us all to take a moment and just be still and quiet for a moment. First off, you want to figure out what are you willing to happen in your life? Why do you want this will in your life? What is it for? Could it be that you are here to heal and reveal the truth of your being, your soul’s values, your soul’s lessons? You came here, you came here to learn and to grow. That’s why you’re here, no other reason. Which means, this is another truth, you may not like it. Some of you already know it, so it won’t be a big deal for you. Some of you may not have heard this before.

RAGAN: When you transition, when you drop this body that you’re in and move on to the next phase of your journey as a soul, perhaps a new body or perhaps you did reach a phase of completion onto maybe being, I don’t know, a spirit guide, working on the council, moving onto a different realm. Who knows, right? But you as a soul, you came here with this ability to learn and grow. When you transition, you chose that learning and growth, and that’s what you take with you. That’s the only thing that you take with you is the learning and the growth that you accomplished as a soul in this life. You don’t take the money, you don’t take the cars, you don’t take the businesses, you don’t take the relationships.

RAGAN: Although relationships are wonderful to help you learn and grow. Although businesses are helpful to help you learn and grow, as well as having more abundance, it helps you to learn and grow. There’s things that we learned through these external circumstances, but it’s all about the learning and growth. If that’s true, what do you will today? Do you will to learn your soul’s lessons and values and complete, or do you will something else? What do you intend? What do you desire to have happen for you in this life? If this audio is making you uneasy, or your feelings of energy rise up just by what I’m saying, then again, congratulations. We want to know what is going on inside of us.

RAGAN: If you’re feeling uneasy or there’s stress from what I’m saying, most likely it has something to do with either judgment, blaming, shaming, or fear. Which one does that energy have to do with right now? For example, if it’s fear, could it be the fear that I don’t know how to do that? I don’t know how to will myself to waking up and healing and revealing the truth of my being. I don’t know how to do that. I’m afraid I’ll never do that. What if I fail? Good to know that you have that fear, right? Shine the flashlight on it. That is like a huge part of the journey to heal this stuff. So shine the flashlight on your fears. Let the ego be seen. It dissipates it so much more rapidly. More than you can imagine.

RAGAN: What do you will to happen for you in this life? Claim your will right now. Speak out loud. “I claim my will to do what?” State your intention right now. I want you to repeat after me this full sentence now. “I claim my will, and I intend to,” finish that sentence. “Please, I ask you,” repeating after me, and “Please I ask you,” take a deep breath, “Mother, father, God, Goddess, help assist me to remove any obstacles, any limitations that might be standing in the way of this happening right now. I am grateful for this assistance.” Take a deep breath. Excellent. Now I want you to, if you can either on your phone or on a piece of paper, write down what you just spoke out loud.

RAGAN: I claim my will today. Basically, “I claim my will and I intend to.” This is what you’re writing. “I claim my will and I intend to,” whatever that is, “in this lifetime. I ask you, mother, father, God, Goddess, please help me remove any obstacles, any limitations that might be standing in the way of this happening right now.” Take a deep breath. Remember, this is recorded on an audio. If you don’t have a pen or you can’t write it down, please come to it later and re-listen to it. What I’d like you to do is hang on to that piece of paper or look in your phone. I want you for the next seven days, this is a practice, I want you to read it seven times. You can read it seven times all at once, or seven times at different points of the day.

RAGAN: Reading that, this is a reclaiming of your will practice, and it feels super good to you. Let me tell you, you can keep going. Start with the seven days. Okay? Aw, thank you so much. We’re going to move out of this audio today with a closing prayer. I’m just very grateful to be here with you. You want to take a slow and deep breath, moving into prayer. I thank you. I thank you. I thank you so very much, mother, father, God, Goddess, for this beautiful divine blessed day. I am so very grateful, for I know right now in this moment for myself and for all the listeners here, we are reclaiming our will to a higher degree than ever before.

RAGAN: What we intend to have in this life that is in our highest and greatest good, it’s happening. It’s happening right now. I ask you, mother, father, God, Goddess, to help all of us to remove any kind of fears, doubts, worries, insecurities, any needy energy, any limiting beliefs, any control strategies, any safety strategies, anything of a lower dense nature that is attempting to stop our will from coming in to do just that. Which is to intend to become the walking embodiment of our true soul selves in this life.

RAGAN: I ask you for this assistance. I am grateful for this assistance. Thank you. Thank you so very much for this clearing that’s happening right now, reclaiming our will so that we can move forward in our life and find even more joy, even more peace, more light, more expansion of consciousness. These are the gifts. Thank you so much. With these words I say, and so it is. Take a slow and deep breath. Once more. Excellent. Thank you so much for joining me. Many blessings. Have a wonderful rest of your day. Okay. Talk to you soon. Bye-bye.


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