Inner Purification

in service to global healing

An online healing class happening two Wednesdays per month at 4 PM PST.

Upcoming dates:

June 5th & 19th / July 10th & 17th / August 14th & 28th / September 11th & 25th / October 9th & 23rd



Heal, transform and collaborate.

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to lose touch with our inner selves and forget the profound connection we share as global citizens.

A part of the gift of doing this work, is that we become an interwoven tapestry of people connecting in hearts and souls through online community.

This feeling of community has the power of nurturing our inner beings and fostering a sense of interconnectedness.

That is why we are thrilled to introduce our transformative bi-monthly subscription program for healing classes designed to empower you and inspire you to contribute to global harmony by your choice to purify your energy system more and more over time.

Two Online Classes per Month

For the first class the participants will bring in their topic of choice and receive intuitive guidance, counselling, coaching and healing from the sinthesys of all topics shared.

For the second class a Spirit-guided topic will be presented and healing and purification will be offered within the context of this topic. 

Access to Ragan’s Open Check-In

Every first Friday of the month at 11 AM, Ragan will be available on Zoom for half hour for anyone who wishes to connect with her and the community and bring forward any feeling, ideas or thoughts.

Additional Resources

Inside your subscription page, you will find downloadable PDFs, meditations, ceremonies and other resources for you to use at home.

Intimate Online Groups

These sessions will take place in an intimate online group setting, creating a supportive environment for collective healing and personal transformation.

Secure Membership Login

Login to the secure membership dashboard via your username and password that you will create at checkout.

Member Exclusive Dashboard

Once logged in, access the group sessions page, announcement board, homework, resource and previous recordings pages. Also update your subscription, account, and contact support.

Inner Purification

in service to global healing

A bi-monthly online healing class

hosted by Ragan Thomson

Cultivate Inner Peace

Find Balance, Reduce Stress, and Reconnect with Yourself.

By joining our community, you’ll embark on a journey of personal growth and discover the key to inner peace.

Our carefully curated healing classes will guide you towards inner peace, helping you to reduce stress and restore balance in your life.

We believe that true peace starts from within, and we’re here to be your guiding light on this path.

Experience Joy and Clarity

Align with Your Soul’s Mission, Ignite Joy and Enrich Your Life

Experience the profound joy and clarity that comes from a deeper understanding of your soul’s mission and conscious connection with others.

Uncover the immense peace that resides within you, and watch as it enriches both your personal and professional life.

Let your newfound joy, peace and clarity radiate through every aspect of your being.

Inspire Global Action!

Be a Catalyst for Positive Change.

Becoming a member of the spiritual community means joining a global movement for positive, helpful and healing change for this planet.

We hold true that when individuals experience inner peace and joy, they become heart-centered and authentically powerful catalysts for collective action.

Together, we can make a meaningful impact on the world.


Collaborate with Light Workers

Join a community of like-minded souls.

In addition to the incredible benefits of personal growth and global impact, our subscription program offers a unique opportunity for collaboration with others that share a similar vision and fire within to help this world and themselves be purified for the good of all.

Connect with passionate light workers, healers, and spiritual seekers who share your vision of making the world a better place.

Together, we can accomplish so much more and create a ripple effect of positive change.

Kind Words


“Ragan is an expert in her field, she provides just the right guidance and space to connect you deeply with what matters most in yourself, she creates a beautiful space for going deep and experiencing transformation. I highly recommend her work.”


“Healing sessions with Ragan are a unique and powerful experience. She has created the most beautiful healing space imaginable to conduct sessions. She guides you to a deeply relaxing state and intuitively finds and helps you unravel the deepest blockages. After any visit, I feel tremendously lighter and happier. I was freed up from very old and limiting beliefs.”

Dr. Hesu Whitten

“Ragan is a gifted and powerful healer. Her compassion and depth enabled me to identify unproductive patterns and clear blocks so that I could better achieve the highest knowledge of my authentic self.”


“Working with Ragan Thomson has been a beautiful experience. After each session, I feel lighter, brighter and full of love. She radiates compassion and love and is committed to her journey as a healer. Her passion and divine sense of purpose fill each session serving to have a profound effect on me. I would recommend Ragan’s work to anyone looking to dive deeper into raising their consciousness and compassion for Self and all Beings.“



“Ragan is an expert in her field, she provides just the right guidance and space to connect you deeply with what matters most in yourself, she creates a beautiful space for going deep and experiencing transformation. I highly recommend her work.”


“With Ragan’s spiritual wisdom, loving and supportive nature, and her uplifting guidance, I was able to move on in a profound way that has made me a stronger and happier version of myself.”


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Other Offerings

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