Ragan’s Weekly Audio Message

Steps on the Journey

Transcend the Illusion of Separation

We speak to you from the boundless realms of spirit to remind you of a profound truth: We are not separate.

Steps on the Journey - Transmission from Spirit: Total and complete surrender while bathing in humility

Total and Complete Surrender While Bathing in Humility

When we choose to surrender, we choose to let go and allow spirit to enter into our beings to cleanse and purify all that there is that does not stand in the light within us yet.

Connect To The Light Of The World Meditation

We live in an abundant and glorious universe, full of limitlessness and great potential. Although this is a very beautiful gift to realize this, it is true. This week we focus on One soul, One World in this Steps on The Journey.

Prayer to Cleanse Negative Energy & Gratitude to Overflow

In this prayer, we ask the spirit to help us to move into a field of gratitude that surrounds us in pure white light and helps us to destroy all negative energy before it impacts our system.

Prayer of Gratitude

In this prayer, we offer you the reminder that there are so many things to be grateful for and often times we are more focused on what is not working in our lives versus what is truly a blessing.

Conscious Presence Meditation

Conscious Presence Meditation

In this meditation, we will practice breathing and finding the space between thoughts, where conscious presence resides. It is true when we are thinking, conscious presence subsides.

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Embody Your Soul

Embody Your Soul

This extraordinary question, “Who am I” is perhaps the most sacred and essential question we can ask ourselves as we may grow and evolve spiritually on the path rapidly and joyously. Learn more about “Who am I” on this weeks Steps on the Journey!

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