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Ragan Thomson Steps on the journey weekly message - conscious relationship

Conscious Relationship: To Heal and Harmonize

“To know thyself is to love thyself.” is the first principle in conscious relationship work. Going inwards to heal, harmonize, and reflect!

Ragan Thomson Steps on the Journey

We Are ONE

Oneness is the experience best described as the unification between the self and the universe. Learn more on how to look inwards on oneself

2020 Change is here

2020 Change is here

2020 is a time of change and great transformation on the planet. A transformation that is deeply needed.

Surrender And Let Go Of Control

Surrender And Let Go Of Control

How would you like to stop trying to control your outer world and rather choose to surrender it?

Realizing the truth of the ego

Unveil The Truth Of The Ego

Would you like to begin to create a life where you are no longer run by fear, doubt, insecurity or the tendency to blame, shame or judge?

2019, The Time is Now!

2019, The Time is Now!

When you think of 2018, what did you learn? What challenged you? Most importantly how did all of that change you? A new year begins!!

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Set Your Intention and Watch Your Life Change

Did you know that when we set an intention we give the Universe the message this is what we truly desire?   Would you like more of what you wish to manifest?   There is a great deal of power in intention setting and what is not helping to manifest your highest and...

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The Magnitude of Gratitude

Did you know that the more you express thankfulness in life the more the universe, God, and Spirit hear you and give you more of what you truly desire? We are not presented more of what we truly desire when we have so little appreciation for what we already have… The...

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Your Body is Speaking to You!

Did you know you have a relationship with your body and it wants to be heard by you? When we connect spiritually to ourselves, naturally we begin to hear our body's messages and wishes. It is in this place of sacred union between you and your body that...

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The Essential Connection To Awakening

Do you know how much energy it takes to wake up and become the real you?  I can tell you it takes a lot!  Our connection through the mind, body and spirit is essential and you are so worth experiencing what it leads to,  increased joy, love and an...

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