Ragan’s Weekly Audio Message

Steps on the Journey with Ragan Thomson Epsiode Liberate Yourself From the Blame Game

Liberate Yourself From the Blame Game

Did you know that when you blame another person you deny true internal healing?   Did you know that no one has the power to hurt you unless you let them? Blaming is a very common device for trying to feel better. Blaming is a way to protect your heart, trying to...
Steps on the Journey Embrace Change and Gain Freedom with Ragan Thomson

Embrace Change and Gain Freedom

Did you know that we have the power to resist change in our lives or we can embrace it?  When we embrace it we are saying yes to transforming ourselves into who we really are!

Claim Your Will!

Did you know that in order to move forward in your life you need to have the will to do so? Some of us have a great amount of will within, and some of us struggle with finding the will to make choices that are for our higher good.

Find Alignment With Your True Soul Steps on the Journey

Find Alignment With Your True Soul

Do you know what it feels like to be in alignment with yourself? Have you noticed how powerful your ability to manifest is when you are in alignment?

Ragan Thomson Weekly Message You Have The Power To Choose

You Have The Power to Choose

Would you like to choose peace rather than suffering? Did you know that your power to choose how you feel is part of your divine birthright? So often we let our energy run us over, and in turn, we react or resist it which causes unnecessary suffering. When we decide...
Nature Awakens Your Soul

Nature Awakens Your Soul

Did you know nature can help you deepen the relationship with your inner self? Nature eliminates the frenetic energy of everyday life and brings your spirit into ease, which enables you to get to know yourself more deeply, free of all the distraction.
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The Heart Will Show You The Way

The Heart Will Show You The Way

Would you like to experience a life of kindness and compassion? Tune in to this weeks free audio message "The Heart Will Show You The Way" to find out more.
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Genuine Love is Waiting for You!

Genuine Love is Waiting for You!

What is your definition of love? Are you ready to manifest genuine love and meaningful relationships?In this free weekly audio you message you take a deep dive within, and find what's stopping you from finding the relationships you want. But in order to achieve this,...

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