Ragan’s Weekly Audio Message

Creating less distraction and becoming focused

Come into Clear Focus in 2020!

Would you like to begin 2020 with a clear focus? Did you know that the more we let go of distraction in our life we can truly begin to know our true divine soul self?

Giving and Receiving from the Hear Visioning Exercise

Give And Receive From The Heart: Visioning Exercise

How often do you feel that giving and receiving is out of balance for you? You might feel like you give, but don’t receive anything back. Perhaps your ego has been taking over this extremely valuable process within and it’s time to let the heart take over!

Giving Graciously and Receiving Gratefully

Humans love to love, and acts of selfless giving offer the opportunity to feel this pure genuine way of being! Genuine authentic loving soulful, this is what we are all here to learn to become.

Giving and Receiving with Equanimity

Experience The Benefits Of Giving and Receiving with Equanimity

We can find balance in giving and receiving, we can maintain a neutral, loving, and equal state of practice around the act of giving and receiving, which leads to so many great benefits internally and externally.

Steps on the Journey with Ragan Thomson Podcast

Give and Receive with An Open Heart

Did you know that when we give freely from our hearts there is a natural reaction of receiving that happens?  It’s powerful and what better time to practice it than during the holidays! When we decide to open our hearts and choose to give and receive freely, we are...
The Sacred Steps to Forgiveness

The Sacred Steps to Forgiveness

Learn How To Forgive Yourself Would you like to learn about the sacred steps that will help you forgive? Did you know that when we forgive we are being extremely self-loving? The act of forgiveness is a process that can be rapid if the proper steps take place. When...

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There Is Nothing to Be Ashamed of

There Is Nothing to Be Ashamed of

Are you aware of how debilitating and devitalizing shame is? The truth is, there is nothing that you have ever done or will do that is so bad that should make you be ashamed.

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