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Ragan Thomson Spiritual Coach Praying in Garden in Santa Barbara California

Introducing Ragan Thomson: A messenger of unconditional love, conscious empowerment, truth and unity.

Welcome to the world of Ragan Thomson, a captivating and insightful speaker who embodies the essence of genuine and compassionate communication. Ragan is not just a speaker; she is a messenger, a catalyst for transformation, and a beacon of inspiration for those seeking a deeper connection to themselves and the world around them.

Her Mission: Helping the globe to wake up to care about one another and everything consistantly from their hearts and souls.

At the heart of her mission lies a commitment to fostering genuine and compassionate communication that stems from the wellsprings of love, integrity, and empowerment. Her words are not mere utterances but resonant vibrations that touch the very core of ones being.

Apart of Ragan’s purpose is to awaken humanity into unconditional love through inspiring individuals to embrace consciousness and awareness. She empowers her audiences to uncover their unique roles in shaping a more balanced, harmonious, and peaceful world. Her teachings invite introspection, clarity, and encouraging listeners to identify their potential to contribute positively to humanity.

Ragan Thomson Spiritual Coach Praying in Garden in Santa Barbara California

A Message Rooted in Wisdom and Authenticity

Ragan’s exceptional gift lies in her ability to deliver messages that are grounded, relatable, and brimming with wisdom. Remarkably, she speaks without a script, allowing her authenticity to shine through every word. It’s as if she’s engaging in an intimate conversation with each person present.

Drawing from her personal journey, which has been punctuated by challenges, growth, and healing, Ragan exudes empathy and compassion. These qualities infuse her spoken words, leaving an indelible impact on her audiences. Her talks resonate deeply, prompting reflection and stirring emotions in those who listen.

A Conduit for Spirit, Equality, and Unity

Ragan Thomson is more than a speaker; she is a vessel through which Spirit flows, guiding her words and fostering connection with her audience. This unique rapport creates an interactive experience that transcends mere discourse. Through her speeches, Ragan promotes equality and unity, bridging gaps and forging connections.

Through meditative practices and breathing exercises into her talks, Ragan engages her audiences on a holistic level. Her discussions encompass a range of topics, including women’s empowerment, diversity, the balance between masculine and feminine energies, and the intrinsic link between empowerment and addressing climate change.

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The Transformative Experience of Listening to Ragan

Listening to Ragan Thomson’s eloquent and heartfelt messages leaves an lasting impact. Her words have the power to bestow a sense of tranquility, inspiration, energy, rejuvenation, and healing across mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual domains, Ragan’s insights may resonate deeply, nurturing a profound transformation within.

Unlocking Opportunities: Bringing Ragan Thomson to Your Platform

Ragan Thomson’s transformative wisdom and engaging presence makes her an ideal choice for your next in-person or online speaking engagement.

To explore the possibilities of having Ragan Thomson as a guest on your next engagement, you can learn more about Ragan here on her website. You’ll find more about her background, accomplishments, and the life-changing impact she has on her audience.

Embark on a healing journey with Ragan Thomson as your guide. Together, let’s create a world of love, unity, and understanding through her inspiring and heartfelt messages.

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Previous Work Examples

Public Speaking

Ragan’s powerful sermon at Unity Church of Santa Barbara

Ragan has started speaking more often at her local church Unity of Santa Barbara and sharing a short prayer or meditation during their Sunday service. Here is an example of one of those meditations:


Ragan invites Idris Hester to explore the topic of music and its many benefits as medicine for mind, body, and spirit.

Christine Lang is a Medical Intuitive and Energy Healer who has worked for over 20 years helping thousands of clients heal physically, mentally & emotionally.

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💡 Inspire Change: If you’re seeking to empower your audience, provoke introspection, and encourage a deeper connection to self and others, Ragan is the key. Her mission is to inspire individuals to create a more harmonious and balanced world.

Transform, inspire, and unite.

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