When we choose to surrender, we choose to let go and allow spirit to enter into our beings to cleanse and purify all that there is that does not stand in the light within us yet.

This is a practice that we deepen within over time and when we surrender, free of the ego, attempting to get in the way while bathing in humility, this creates the possibility for this to truly happen instantly.

Humility is a beautiful and humble gift we give to ourselves. We are no more important or less important than anyone or anything on this planet. If we can surrender in this way to spirit, more can be let go of more rapidly.

Why is this so important to realize in this transmission? Often, folks are trying to choose to surrender and the keyword here is “ trying” to surrender while there’s a part of them that’s not truly willing because it feels in fact that it is better than the process that it’s even a part of.

Who is it that feels this way and why is the question?

Once you take a moment with that answer, see if you can get in touch with what part that is. If you came up with the answer, the ego, you are correct.

There’s no shame in this understanding, only liberation. Then we are able to surrender not only some of our lower energies, rather we can choose to surrender our entire life to Spirit and what remains and how things change we can trust in divinely in alignment with our path.

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