What are the benefits of knowing who you are? What are the disadvantages of not knowing yourself? What do you know about you?


In this podcast episode, Ragan invites Dale Halaway to answer these questions and discuss the topic of discovering oneself. They explore the different ways to start the journey of inner-transformation, and guide you through the steps to achieve self-discovery.

Who am I with Dale Halaway

by Ragan Thomson

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Audio Transcript

Below is an edited transcript for all of our bibliophiles and hearing impaired community members. We hope you enjoy!

RAGAN: Hello, hello, hello. My name is Ragan Thomson. Thank you so much for being here with me on this Podcast today. Today we’re going to explore the topic of who am I? This incredible question, this deep profound question. We’re going to take a deep wonderful soul dive into this question with my guest today, Dale Hallaway. This topic, this is incredible for me, in my life. It’s really I’m almost speechless honestly. The words don’t come to me because of how important this topic is. It is the premise of awakening to change and transform oneself. It’s to let go of what does not serve you and I think that that question is yes it’s the ultimate question, it’s the burning question. So many people as soon as I ask it, I just asked it a few times recently, they look at me like, “Can I be with that for a little while.” I understand if you’ve heard this question today.

RAGAN: Please to all my listeners that you are deeply in a state of reflection right now about your life and that is what it certainly takes to really take that deep dive into your own life and just take a look at yourself and be courageous and see where there might be some change that’s needed and to really move forward, like I said, with courage. Because it is required and is so exciting to see yourself transform in a way that is possible. To really lighten and brighten your life. I am so grateful to Dale. This is such a meaningful experience. I’ve been working with him, like I said as my teacher in my life for a few years. To have this experience where I am now sitting here is not done without a great deal of effort, and a great deal of my own courage my to let go what does not serve me. Some of that has been very difficult to let go of and here I am. Here I am sitting with Dale. I’m just really taking a moment to bring that in and feel excited about that, and not let myself feel that.

RAGAN: Because that is such a lesson for us all to truly feel what we feel and to give ourselves that credit and to give ourselves that time to really know the victories that we have in our life. I’m noting that for myself right now. I am truly grateful that he decides to say yes to come on to this podcast with me today. I do want to say before I continue something very important. There is some really beautiful free offerings at the end of this podcast today. Please do not to leave until the end so you can receive this free blessings. They are available to you so please stay on, so you can find out about what they are. Yup, it’s a surprise. I would really love to move into doing some grounding work together before I continue. I find that to be extremely important for whatever work I do. Because I feel it’s important for us to just get into space together and let go of whatever is going on in our day and get more centered, more calm, more relaxed in our spirit before I continue on.

RAGAN: Because I think what we have to say today is very… Can be very life changing for you as well as hopefully very helpful for you in your life. Let’s all take some deep breaths and that’s I’d like to move in to the ground we work together. I’d like for us all to begin by taking some slow and deep breaths. If you’re not seated, please take your seat right now. Thank you. Just reword rest your hands over your heart space. Good. Just taking those deep breaths, slow and deep breaths. In through your nose out through your mouth. Just beginning to get into more of a rhythmic breath with your breath. Breathing in through your nose out through your mouth. Starting to notice your breath, where you’re at with your breath today. Whether it’s flowing or its perhaps a little restricted. No matter what it is today, can you just relax into it. Just allow yourself to have whatever is going on with your breath, rather than trying to make it be something.

RAGAN: Here in a moment I’m going to take us into one, two, three count and we’ll move into a slow and deep breath in through the nose out through the mouth and on the out breath please make a sound. One, two and three. One, two, three. We’re going to do one more. One, two and three. Really let it go. Good. Thank you so much. Returning back just do a normal breath. Letting yourself just. Breathe normally Now just getting in recognition of whatever you might have going on within you. That might even be coming up now because of that breath. Any kind of emotional energy, any feelings that might be rising. Just take note of that. I’m letting it rise. Acknowledging the feelings and then just allowing yourself to be here. Thank you so much.

RAGAN: I have some questions for you all and I would love to ask you these questions and I just want to encourage you to take a moment with each question and really reflect upon each one as best you can just for the moment that we’re moving into for moment to moment here, hopefully this will be helpful for you throughout the podcast to keep in mind as we have our interview together, Dale and I and see how these questions might move you or inspire you or even possibly offer you some more wisdom in your life to help you further transform. I really do hope that these questions can help you as well as they’ve helped me in my life. As I have repeatedly asked them to myself over the years to also find more of myself, more of my true self, more love, more joy, more peace. These are some of the results of repeatedly asking these questions to myself so I hope they are helpful for you as well.

RAGAN: These questions I’m going to move into them now. Do you remember coming into this world feeling awake and knowing who you are? Was there ever a time you remembered who you were but then you somehow forgot. What do you know about you? Who are you? That is that ultimate burning question today. Who are you? Who am I? That’s pretty powerful. Just taking a moment with that question. What makes up the magnificent soul that is you? How do we begin the journey of either remembering for the first time who we are or remembering again who we are? What’s some of the reasons for feeling challenged by knowing who we are? What is the detriment of choosing not to know one’s self? What are the benefits of knowing who you are? What are those benefits. Those are some nice benefits. They does keep on coming. I can tell you it is not always easy to come to the benefits and it is very, very, extremely worth your time to do so. Let’s explore that together today with Dale.

RAGAN: My guest today is founder and director of Dale Hallaway International and Sage teaching. Dale has been influencing the lives and careers of thousands for almost 40 years. He’s one of the world’s leading authorities on personal and business transformation. Entrepreneurial success and real leadership development. Dale is an International speaker, author, master teacher success coach, strategic advisor and transformational authority. Dale is the best selling author of also a wonderful book called Being Called to Change. It’s really about helping you to let go of anything and everything that does not serve you in your life and really come in to your full potential. This is super cool. I’m excited to talk to him today and let him share more about that book with you to as well. Welcome everyone and we are exploring the topic of who am I and really diving, taking a deep soul dive in fact into this ultimate burning question of “who am I?”.

RAGAN: I know for me it’s been a big journey to discover who I am. It’s been a tremendous journey and not always an easy journey and I know I’m still on it and I’m doing my very best to continue to let go of anything that is not me so that I can truly be the me that I came here to be. I’d like to speak with Dale about this today and really let him begin by sharing a little about himself and what it’s been like for you in your life to start to explore that question.

Dale Hallaway: Well that’s a great question. My gosh. We might need a couple of days.

RAGAN: I know.

Dale Hallaway: To answer it. But we’ll do our best here at least in the next few minutes to see if we can get some gold nuggets or assure some gold nuggets that would be helpful for people that are listening here today. Like everybody, I came into this world with certain amount of remembrance of who I am and where I’ve come from and why I’m here and shortly thereafter meaning my arrival here, I began to drop into a state of amnesia. And began the process like pretty much everybody has done where we forget who we are, we forget why we’re here and so on. That then took me on a journey for the next we’ll say 25 years or so and where my life started to become a little on the louder side with regard to health issues and other different issues that were showing up in my life and the problem was back then is at this point I have forgotten who I was. I didn’t know who I was. Which really in a lot of parts of my life at that juncture I was trying to be something that I wasn’t.

Dale Hallaway: I have discovered since that time of having done all the work I’ve done with different people around the world, is that most people struggle with this. Once they forget who they are, once they drop into their own state of amnesia, then it’s about trying to be something that more than likely they’re not to be. Trying to be someone else that they really aren’t. Then at some point when you do that long enough your life just doesn’t work as well as it could be working. The beauty here is our life serves us as a gauge on your dashboard of your automobile. It let us know how well we’re doing with regard to how well do we know ourself. How deep do we know ourself? What kind of a relationship are we in currently with ourselves. All of this becomes very important once that question comes upon your life or comes upon your heart around okay, who am I? Do I know. Who am I is a question that dates back tens of thousands of years ago with the earlier master teachers who found themselves asking the exact same question.

Dale Hallaway: In many cases they would ask this question in some … Like a couple of decades. The reason why is because the question begets an answer and then if you do a little bit of work after you get the answer little, a little bit of inner work that is, and you ask the exact same question, who am I? There’s a likelihood you’re to get a different answer yet again, as you know. In this process just goes. It’s on going. If you turn it into a lifestyle which obviously is something that we recommend you do, you turn this into a lifestyle and this puts you on this path of constant self discovery. Where you’re discovering more of who it is you really are, partly by a coming to realize who it is you’re not. You’re out there in the world and you put on a hat, you put on a mask, you think that’s who you are. You start to convince others that’s who you are.

Dale Hallaway: You even start to convince yourself that’s who you are. When you start to look at your life and the results are manifest in your life at some point you possibly either recognize this in a way where your conscious enough and you say, “Something is not right here, something is missing. There’s a disconnect here.” Because I keep on landing in the same place doesn’t make any sense to me. Or the other thing that happens is pain P-A-I-N. Where something happens in our life that becomes painful and then if we don’t get it there then sometimes it happens again and it becomes even more painful. All designed in a way to help us get to this answer around this question who am I for real. Around that then there’s a couple areas to look at. There’s the practical area, who am I? Then there’s the more spiritual area, the more etheric area, who are you? Who are you beyond just this physical form? Do you know who you really are? And have you dropped into a deeper state of knowledge? As an inner knowledge, inner wisdom and as to who it is that you really are.

Dale Hallaway: Because that’s what produces the confidence as you do. Again another gauge on your dashboard as you become confident and not the type of cocky kind of confidence, the confidence that just sits in yourselves. It’s easy for you to relax into it. Now when you asked the question who am I? And you get the answer back so to speak, there’s this relaxing into your body, there is this becoming very comfortable in your own skin with that answer because now you know you’re no longer trying to be someone. Rather you’re now becoming that someone. It’s a really significant piece along our journey in uncovering who it is we are going through this process of reawakening, coming out of this state of amnesia and waking ourselves up or being woken up. Sometimes as you know we talk about the significance of somebody showing up in our world that becomes very powerful, a powerful force in our world for the good that is. Their significance is such where they literally are there to help wake us up.

Dale Hallaway: Next thing you know we start to wake up to this answer or to these answers that come over time to this same question. This constant question that runs for a consciousness like a thread, who am I? So now who am I today? Who am I a year from now? Who I’m I 5 years from now, when we’re truly growing evolving, being woken up again. This answer is constantly changing until eventually we get to the deepest answer in answering that question, who am I?

RAGAN: You know I just was really hearing also this key point that you were saying from the beginning of when you spoke and shared, you were really diving into how there is some of us going asleep and then waking up again. So many of us have done that and I think that’s a big issue in the planet that don’t realize that even happened. They don’t realize that maybe they came in a little more awake and then they went to sleep and then they woke up again or they’re working to wake up again, at least, right? That’s the goal or maybe they’re not even aware of that being a goal for them yet. I think when it comes to that, it’s so important to educate people around that. Because I know for myself I certainly came in very awake. I came in very bright. My mom mentioned I was smiling as a newborn. The doctors were saying I’ve never seen a newborn smile. I clearly came in, I felt like I wanted to be here, was ready to be here again and I was excited to be with whatever family that I landed in.

RAGAN: I think that is what happens for many children. They come in with this bright eyed, bushy tailed, ready to come in and then they end up maybe in an environment or a family where it doesn’t really cater to them staying awake. I myself being the parent of four children I have a mission to keep them awake, right? I’m just sharing that because in reference to watching them, this has been one of my greater … They’re my greatest teachers in some way. Because I’m watching myself as a parent watching them expand and become who they truly are and what I thought that was or what I wanted it to be I had to take off the table. Most of us as children we didn’t receive that. We received we want you to be this way, this is what I approve of. This is approvable to me as a parent. Not a conscious parenting. I need you to earn my love, I need you to prove yourself. At least that’s the message that we heard. Whether or not they were saying that specifically but it wasn’t this feeling of unconditionally feeling loved.

RAGAN: Therefore it lends to this feeling of I’m not enough, I’m not worthy and I need to prove myself and I need to earn love. Therefore that could be just some of the ways that we start to fall asleep. I share that because it’s such a big deal going on the planet right now. Worth issues and not feeling good enough and there lies this forgetting of who we are and lens to this in authentic life. We’re trying to figure out how can I get loved, how can I get liked? If I have to change myself and become whatever I need to be so that someone will like and love me then I’ll do that. Because I am so desperate. I’m so desperate to feel liked and loved that I’ll literally forget myself completely and begin to fall asleep. As I did age 15 was the age I remember that I turned the lights off per se. Since then I’ve been attempting to fully wake myself up again. To really express to all of you who are listening that you too no matter what has happened to you, no matter how much pain that you’ve experienced just like Dale is describing P-A-I-N, pain.

RAGAN: You too can wake up again and it does take time and it does take work and with good help I think and assistance and a strategy and structure, having a good teacher, I know that that’s what you are to me. This is what Dale is for me. He’s an extraordinary teacher that’s been in my life. Someone that’s gone further ahead of you so that you can begin this journey if not you haven’t already began it but that you are on that journey to accelerate that path and to not try to think that you have to do it on your own. Whereas it in today’s humanity, what’s happening on the planet, there’s so much more assistance, there’s so much more available resources to get the help you need to do exactly that to wake up, to remember who you are. My next question or you then is in reference to this process of awakening. What would you say would be the number one issue that’s going on in the planet right now that is stopping those who are on that journey, they just get stuck. Why are they getting stuck? Because I’m hearing that a lot right now.

Dale Hallaway: Well-

RAGAN: They’re on their way and then there’s that.

Dale Hallaway: Well it’s like anything in life. Until you get momentum you can not achieve critical mass along your path of trajectory to wherever it is you’re going. What happens when you begin that process of being woken up or awakening yourself that you’re not out of the woods yet. You’re just simply in that process, you’re beginning. If you think back even in your own life Ragan where when you said at the age of 15 is when you really took the fall, meaning fell into your own state of amnesia. Then from 15, you didn’t really start to wake up right away, you are now asleep. Not only were you sleep you didn’t know you were asleep. Not only did you not know you were asleep, but there were something else now going on and that is now everything has been set. Everything’s been seeded and now you’re going to start experiencing life in a way that’s going to turn out to be painful. That’s going to go on for … For you, you already know how long that went on for.

Dale Hallaway: For some people it goes on for a long time. Because now they’re in this slumber and because they’re in this state they don’t know that they have fallen asleep and so therefore they stay in there and now they’re struggling. Only they maybe don’t even know they’re struggling trying to be something that they’re not going to be. There’s now a disconnect between how they’re living their life and who they really are. This idea of getting stuck is just … It’s high up on the charts. It’s part of the challenge and that you are … We all are navigating through until such time that you achieve a certain amount of momentum. Momentum means you’ve got energy behind you that’s now supporting you to continue on moving forward on the journey that you’re now on of being woken up. Because the significance of that is because that then leads you to the next step which is achieving a state of critical mass.

Dale Hallaway: Critical mass is you pass that point of no return. There’s no way you can go back to sleep again. No matter how hard you try, no matter what now happens, once you have fallen asleep, once you’ve been reawoken and you’re far enough along your pathway you can no longer fall back asleep. For you have now passed that point of no return. What happens between the time that you’re being woken up and to the time where you pass that point of no return, this is the dynamic or the area, the phase in which people often we all have. I know I sure did way back when. You get stuck and then you maybe sit there for a while. Now when your stuck you’re probably going to notice a couple things. You don’t have a teacher in your life or we could say maybe have a teacher but not the right teacher to really hone in on it. Or maybe don’t have the right program. The program that’s well structured enough to support you in your journey of waking up or transforming yourself. Maybe you’re lacking in that area or maybe you have a program but again it’s not the right program for you in light of what would work best for you.

Dale Hallaway: If you don’t have that going for you and now you’re stuck, well now you’re kind of an island all to your own. To try to figure this thing out when you’re stuck. Now that would be the easiest way of getting unstuck. Is recognized that I either don’t have the teacher I don’t have the programmer or I do have a program but it’s not the right program or the right teacher. Then you go you can correct that. The other part is when you are stuck so to speak, your life begins to reflect that back to you. As it’s reflected back to you you’ll start to feel like you’re either in quicksand you’ll start to feel like doors are closing on you. You’ll start to maybe even feel depressed. You’ll maybe start to feel less motivated to do different things that two years ago you had no problem being motivated to do but all of a sudden now you’re struggling.

Dale Hallaway: These are all signs that are showing that something is off and that you do require some level of support. If you don’t access it that way then there’s that again P-A-I-N that pain somehow someway life will partner up with us and life will co-create some kind of and experience in our life that will become even more painful. Now please understand when this happens that pain, it’s one of the things I say in the book. I talk about pain, pain for most people is their greatest teacher because they haven’t gotten this point yet of having the right teacher in their life that could maybe help to smooth things out a little bit. There’s stuff do their own work, there’s stuff to learn their own lessons, there’s stuff to do all that but it just makes it a little easier when you have somebody that’s going ahead of you a little bit to shine that flashlights so to speak. To let you know maybe go low here, go over here, go up here. That type of thing and also to have that kind of support can make a huge difference as you know.

Dale Hallaway: What happens here is that person say doesn’t have any of that in place, so now life comes in and supports them in a way by helping to teach them. To show them through this act of pain where something happens in their life and all of a sudden they end up in financial pain, they end up in relationship pain, they end up in physical pain, there’s maybe a health issue or business pain, career pain. There’s all different levels of pain that can show up in our life. More than likely if this is how we’re going to learn, it’s going to go into an area that we most value. Whatever that is. If we really value our finances more than anything else, that’s probably where it’s going. If we really value our relationships that’s probably where it’s going. If we really value our physical energy as in our physical health, that’s probably where it’s going.

Dale Hallaway: You get the idea from there. This is a big thing because we’ve been plagued with this on the planet as a humanity for thousands of years and now the good news is we do have more beings on the planet in current time as in right now that are truly doing their inner work. They really have stepped up to the plate and accepted this personal responsibility for their own transformation for their own awakening for their own evolution like no other time in history, it really is something that we could all be excited about. Because of that that brings us back to what I was talking about that momentum. As a humanity now because we have more than ever before on the planet that are now doing this, are finding their way with the help of usually someone else in their corner. Because this is happening we’re starting to strike a place of momentum now. What does that mean for all of humanity, the rest of humanity is going to be able to access this.

Dale Hallaway: They’re going to be able to ride off of this extra energy that’s being created. That’s being accumulated as a result of more of us not just being in our journey but more of us are moving the needle forward when it comes to truly be in woken up to who we really are. All that we already are.

RAGAN: That’s super powerful. I got really excited about what you’re saying because I think at the end of the day many of us are struggling with feeling that we’re not a part of this bigger hole that’s going on. A lot of loneliness going on in the planet really. A lot of people feeling very alone. When I heard you I just really got excited about this … The microcosm versus macrocosm experience, where we’re actually going to move more into this truly feeling unified as one. So that’s happening. I heard that and then I also want to reflect on this, just time period as we were talking about when I had to have the pain that was inflicted upon myself after I fell asleep. I think so many of us have had that time period in this life where once we fell asleep we experience a time period where there was pain that we’re experiencing, all types of ways. Not only inflicted upon ourselves but it appeared other things happened to us.

RAGAN: It’s really interesting when we dive into this topic because it takes us into this deeper reality which is that life wasn’t happening to us. That we were creating our life the entire time. It takes away this a victim mentality. That you know I’m a victim and life is just hard. I think that when we do the work we’re doing right now together I hope this inspires others to feel that if that was not created by the world and the world’s not against them that they can step into this new way of thinking and being. Which is that then they can change it. They have the power to change it. They hold the key to, we all hold the key to changing our reality. Changing and creating what we want to going forward. Again if we were able to create the pain them we certainly can create the healing. We are powerful beings that can do either or. I laugh about my willpower because we’ve been talking about this together and I have so much willpower and I’m very powerful. I have access to a lot of power and I came in with a lot of power.

RAGAN: That can be used in whatever direction I want to take it. For many of us to start accessing the true divine nature of our being which is what’s within us, what’s true, what’s real, what’s God and then to utilize that for the good. Stepping into I say this in my prayers and I will continue to say this in my prayers. Which is everything we wish to have, everything we seek everything we desire it’s already within us. This idea that we have to go searching, we have to try to find it. Yes there is action steps to take to discover who we are. Like you’re saying your results do not lie. You’ll see that through the manifestation, what’s happening outside of you. Before creating those results, started to steepen in this truth. The truth which is that you already are everything that you seek. You already are all that. There is no lack, there is no limitation.

RAGAN: Our story, our old story will tell us, no that’s not true. Look at the pain that’s been inflicted upon you, look at your parents, look at what you went through, look at the trauma, look at the challenges. Life is not serving you. This has been happening to you. You did not create this. That’s the ego, it’s this trap, this trickery that we experience. The truth is we can absolute transcend that any time we want, it’s just easier said than done, so I’m also going to reflect on what you were saying in for reference to having the right teacher or the right program. To help you move through that trickery and those traps that are consistently being laid. As they say the ego who you’ve given an inch they’ll take a mile and so many of us are getting trapped inside the ego. Before we end the podcast today, I’d like for you just to take a short dive into the ego and how it’s causing the havoc that it is in our lives and attempting to stifle us from expanding, from becoming who we truly are.

RAGAN: As this mechanism that’s not to be judged as wrong or bad simply doing its job which I like to say that it’s in place to help us master love like a little game that were playing. That hopefully by the end of his life we’ve moved through all the different facets of that game and mastered it and learned to master love. How do you feel about what I’m sharing?

Dale Hallaway: Well, you said a lot of wonderful things there and very true things. The ego likes to get us to believe if it can, that life is doing something to us. From the egos respective that is true. Life is doing something to us but from the soul’s perspective which is also inside of you and the soul knows that life is doing everything for us. That there’s a pattern of perfection that is encoded in the energy or in the DNA of the soul. In the so called DNA of the ego, the ego operates more with in the lower rung. It does mean to say that it’s bad, it just operates in a lower energy field. In that lower energy field, it attempts to get us to believe in things that are alternately going to limit us because if it can get us to believe that we are limited then we disconnect or shall I say we further disconnect from our source. Our source being who it is we really are. What it is we really are. All that it is that we really are. Once it succeeds in that endeavor, and in light of the conversation here today in a Podcast around this idea of falling asleep, once we fall asleep from that point on, the Eagle pretty much has full reign.

Dale Hallaway: It influences us, it influences our choices. The Ego doesn’t make choices, we make choices under the influence of the ego or the soul. In most cases when you’re falling asleep it’s probably going to need more under the ego. The ego is designed to keep us safe. The ego is designed to make sure we don’t move forward because forward movement is always risky, meaning that you might get hurt. There might be pain there so the ego is always on the lookout to cents if there’s any danger ahead. The type of danger that’s going to cause us pain. It’s clearly one of the reasons as to why why we resist change. Because change is never comfortable. Ever. Change is always uncomfortable. Just think of the last time you moved your house or moved your belongings in your house or your office from one place to another place. There’s nothing really comfortable about it.

Dale Hallaway: It’s uncomfortable and if you can learn how to make peace with that then the move can go a little smoother. If you haven’t made peace with that, your move is probably going to be pretty choppy and pretty rough, because you’re in a fight with this thing called a move. The ego, that’s what the ego does. If the ego can get us to do things like fight with life then it causes a distraction, a distraction from what? A distraction from maybe waking up. A distraction maybe from doing some good equality inner work which then leads to more waking up or reestablishing a connection with that of your soul. Your true self. Again this part of you that is real. Then lastly I would say there’s so much we could say about the ego office late as well as we can say a lot about the soul or the true self. The ego what I’ll say here in the context of our time together is that the ego is like a tricky little devil. It’s got so many tricks that it learns along the way and it toughs them up it sleeve. Whenever it’s appropriate to stop the person in their tracks from moving forward, it’ll always be the same thing from moving forward.

Dale Hallaway: Expanding their life, moving into new territory in their life. Choosing to no longer play it small but rather now start to play it larger. Play it bigger. Whatever it is. Anything to do with forward movement. It’ll throw other trick out at sleeve on the table and see if it can trick you. If it can trick you then it can trick you. As I often say. If you can be tricked then get used to it because you’re about to be tricked again. Because you can still be tricked. It could be because you’re under that belief that life is doing things to you versus seeing life from a higher perspective that just maybe life is doing it for you. Life is there maybe that help you, to support you, to empower you, to help awaken you back to your truth in terms of who you are. Who you are is already in play. It’s already here. However what’s happened is a lot of us are disconnected. We are in a wound of separation. Somewhere along the way when we took that fall and fell asleep there was a painful experience that was traumatic.

Dale Hallaway: In that trauma there was a separation that took place. Separation from what? Separation from our true self. Most of us when we are born, we were born in at least with a clear aspect of our true self. Somewhere from the time we were born this includes our parents as well and their parents. This has been going on for thousands of years. Somewhere shortly after they’re born is when they take this fall. As we’ve been talking about here today. When they take this fall and they fall asleep this disconnect, this pain that starts and is the pain of separating from who we are. From that point on then we try to be something based on whatever our beliefs are, based on whatever their opinions are of other people around us, those that are really significant. What others think we should be, that sometimes we take that stuff on but they might be off.

Dale Hallaway: In fact in most cases they are off, because they don’t really know what’s going on inside of us. But we take it on as if its the truth and next thing you know we’re going down a path where we’re trying to be something again that we’re never going to ultimately be. But not only are we going down that path, where we’re never going to be that ultimately but something on a much deeper level is going on. We’re moving further and further away from who we. That’s what causes the unnecessary problems. That’s what causes the muck in life if you will. The mud, the thickness, the heaviness. It’s that separation from who we are. When somebody comes into our lives and says it’s very simple you already know you are and you already have everything you need. Well, that is true but what might not be acknowledged in that moment is there’s a major disconnect going on between where you’re at and how you’re living your life right now and who it is you really are, that’s not lacking anything

Dale Hallaway: If there’s any truth to what I just said in your life that there is that disconnect than that disconnect will costly produce a pain in our life. Somehow someway that pain will get manifested, it must get manifested there’s actually a universal law that governs this until of course we become aware of what that is and we learn how to realign properly with that and begin on that pathway of once again being woken up and then eventually starting to connect again, reestablish that connection again to who we are, by usually establishing a connection to an aspect of who we are and that we bring that in, we start to embody that, then we do it again and we do it again and we do it again. Over time we start to find ourselves, we’re really now connected with ourselves. More importantly we are now becoming ourselves as in our true selves.

Dale Hallaway: We’ll know when we’re there, and we’ll know when we strike that place because at that point the ego will have calmed down, the ego will no longer have the same level of influence over us, as it used to have. Partly because the ego now has been trained. The ego has been taught to come along with you because alternately when we become our full on true self a significant part of what happens with the ego, the ego then is transcended. It doesn’t die. Even though it’s going to feel like a death, but it gets transcended, it gets integrated into who you are. Everything that’s good about the ego, everything that the ego has learned believe it or not it gets transcended. Now you as a true self, not only are you your true self again but your true self has just become wiser.

RAGAN: There lies the next piece and the final piece maybe which is kind of leading into more of what your book is about. Being called to change. Which is when I’m hearing is in order to become who we truly are there is this inevitable process if we did what we have said today that maybe we did move into a state of amnesia and fall asleep. That there was a lot of things along our journey that we possibly picked up that is not us. Right? Ways of being even possibly going to school for something that we don’t even want to be doing. Getting a masters in psychology meanwhile you might be an actress. It’s just like, “My God I’m an artist. Wait a minute. Now ima doctor, how did this happen?” I know this well, I was [inaudible 00:42:49] traveling the country, thought I was supposed to be an athlete. That turned out to be a part of who I am that taught me some really amazing lessons about life, not who I am. Although my identity was wrapped up in this idea that I’m a tennis player. I am a female, I am that. I’m these things.

RAGAN: My identity is this. This is who I am. In fact, now I’m going to make everyone love me for that. Letting go of that led to many … Many athletes in fact, this experience of letting go of this sport. It’s just an ultimate crisis of not knowing who they are and feeling extremely lost because their entire identity has been based on something that is not really who they are. It’s something they did and not to be their whole identity. This letting go of what does not serve us is what I’m leading into. That in order to do that, to be fearless about change. I don’t believe that you start fearlessly, you start making these changes incrementally and going, “Yeah I made that change, I did that with courage and look what it did for my life.” It’s kind of this process of making that first change or making that next change and just saying, “wow, look how my life is transforming.

RAGAN: I love your book for that reason because it really dives into change and how to do that and the traps and the trickery that can lead to you being stifled and moving forward and changing your life and moving towards letting go of things that you might quite possibly be really, really wanting to hang on to. Because supposedly it’s offering you peace or safety or really I think this idea of embracing what’s uncomfortable is scary, so we just rather live in the uncomfortable rather than be courageous and let go. The book really dives into that and it’s huge because as much as I thought earlier in my life that I was really really great a changing and transforming. Because I talk about it, I am that. I love transformation, there have been certain things that I’ve had a very challenging time changing because there is this part of myself that’s like, “No, you are that. Don’t let go of that. That means that you let go of you.” I was like, “No, that’s not true.”

RAGAN: That’s what the message is. That’s the message that the ego is sharing with you. In reference to that, my final question for you is if there was something you could offer to the listeners today in reference to change. A beautiful, maybe inspiring message moving forward around change and how that is effective and helpful in people’s lives, what would that be?

Dale Hallaway: A great question Ragan. When it comes to change it’s really important to have a reason as to why we’re changing. It’s like when you’re moving again your home from one location to another location you have a reason for doing so. If you didn’t have a reason, you were just doing it all for him you might do it once or twice but after a while they get really old because it doesn’t really result in anything that would be new. We move because of a change. In whatever part of our life. We live in a society that for the most part up until most recently has resisted change like the plague. Like somehow change is the most awful scariest most challenging thing on planet earth. Yet when you really look at it, there’s actually a group of universal laws. One of them is the law of change or the law of transformation change. It’s very specific where it says change is a constant. In our natural state of being, we are all to be changing. Our evolution is completely dependent upon our ability both individually and collectively to actually embrace change.

Dale Hallaway: What we’ve been doing as a race for the most part up until most recently is resisting it. Resisting it with a lot of our energy. In fact with people that as you said you’ve been to a lot of different seminars. You see this from seminar to seminar. Some people are just so exhausted, they’re only 35 years of age. Then we come to find out that they’ve been resisting their own changes and as I often say, is resistance is tiring business. When you’re in a state of resistance whether you’re consciously aware of it or not it is tiring because it takes energy to resist something that you’re really to be stepping in to. It really comes down to are you resisting change in your life from happening because of whatever your reason is. Which usually traces to all the way to fear or down into the root of fear. Then you got to be specific with what kind of fear is that. As in the fear of you’re afraid you’re going to be rejected, you’re afraid you’re going to be betrayed.

Dale Hallaway: You’re afraid you’re going to be taken advantage of, you’re afraid you’re going to succeed and what’s everybody going to think of you if you start to succeed. You might surpass them. I just goes on and on and on. What happens here is when we are resisting change, then whatever it is we’re resisting it gets louder in our life. That’s where that pain comes into play. If we reverse that and we actually learn and choose courageously to start embracing change. To literally recognize when it’s knocking on your door and your life for your soul or the universe or God is saying time to change, knock, knock, knock here’s change. To be able to recognize it and obviously in recognizing it, it’s probably not going to feel very comfortable, might be a little scary, you might catch yourself trying to create a distraction under the influence of your ego to stop yourself from really stepping into the embracing of this change, therefore to be met by resistance.

Dale Hallaway: What we want to learn how to do is recognize when we’re resisting, learn how to let go of that resistance and replace it with a conscious intentional act to embrace the very thing we’ve been resisting. To embrace it. To step into it and really embrace it. Take a deep and yet slow breath and just go into it. The moment you do this, whatever that energy is that’s been kind of locked up or sometimes where you might even be stuck in it, it starts to move. It just starts to move. Think of anything in your life. Think of something you’ve been resisting. You’ve been resisting making this move to whatever. Resisting, resisting, you’re getting more tired, you’re feeling heavier about whatever that is. Then at some point you make the decision, however you get there, I’m just going to do it. Then once you decide and you start with that first action step, all of a sudden it starts still lift. That’s the energy, is starting to lift because now you’re honoring that change. Lastly I would say to this, again coming back to there’s a reason for everything.

Dale Hallaway: When it comes time for us to change, there’s always a reason behind the change. In this case when it comes to our life, the reason is we are to be growing into our full potential. Our full potential in light of the theme of today’s show. Talking about amnesia, being woken up from it. Really waking up, really embracing that process. That ongoing process over time. This is all about stepping into your potential. You as in your true self has a rich pocket a potential just waiting to be realized. It’s waiting to be embraced, it’s waiting to be embodied, but it can’t be embodied if you’re still resisting. You see. But how do you do that? How do you grow in your full potential? How do you start to realize your full potential? You’ve got to be able to identified the very thing that you’re hanging on to, the very thing that you’ve been resisting the most and choose to show up differently around whatever that thing is. The difference would be is I recognize I’ve been resisting this, why have I been resisting this?

Dale Hallaway: I’m afraid. Afraid of what? Narrow it down, break it down a little further. Then say you know what, I’ve been resisting as for X number of months, X number of years. This day I’m going to change. I’m going to change by embracing whatever this is and more specifically no matter what I’m going to learn and I’m going to choose how to let this go. However long it takes. Because it’s through letting that go that’s the doorway into stepping more into your unrealized potential.

RAGAN: Thank you. Thank you very much. I love you, I’m so grateful. You are a divine beautiful radiant being. I’m just, I feel very honored and blessed to have you in my life and for having you here today with me.

Dale Hallaway: Ragan, this is such a pleasure to be here with you today. I am so proud of you. We’ve traveled quite a journey together to this point in time and in these as you said a few years or a lot of years I would maybe even say, because we’ve been together for quite a while now and to see even just this as a manifestation. Your own show. I am just delighted, so delighted and so happy for you. I know I say this often to you but it turns out that I love you more.

RAGAN: I’m not going to dive into this one. I’ve decided he wins. Because his capacity to love himself is enormous so I’ll just let him win on that one.

Dale Hallaway: Yes, thank you.

RAGAN: Thank you so much.

Dale Hallaway: My pleasure, my pleasure.

RAGAN: Thank you. Now we’re at that place we’re going to be talking about the free offering we spoke of at the beginning. It is a phenomenal offering from Dale, he has a wonderful book as we are speaking of called Being Called to Change and the offering is he’s going to be giving a free sample of the book as well as the audio version of the book. Here in a moment he’s going to tell you more about that and where to get it. I will let you know where to get it. Here we are. Dale is going to speak about that.

Dale Hallaway: Yeah, I’d be happy to. The book is adjust … It’s done so well since it’s first release a little more than a year ago. It became a best seller in less than 48 hours. Since then has sold out three different times. It’s just done really well and we constantly get letters and responses and emails and people for the most part find the book very beneficial in their life or it’s supported them somehow, some way. In fact, probably the most common comment we’ve gotten is the book, the message of the book has come at the perfect time for them. In terms of supporting them along their journey wherever they’re at. What we’ve chosen to do since the book release more than a year ago is a have a free offering around the book. So that people that are new to this or people that are new to the book period. Can come in and just check it out and benefit from it.

Dale Hallaway: What we’ve done is we’ve got a real nice sample of a book that we put together. We’ve also got the audio book. The audio book went live just last month on Amazon and it’s doing really well. We’ve also got a sample of the audio book for those of you that like to listen to audio in your car while you’re driving around town. Leaving your home, going to your office in the morning and turning your car into a university on wheels if you will. You can listen to a part of the book via the audio book in your car if you like. We also went ahead and put together another package in there and this is all free by the way. This as all our gift to you. Once you go to the website that Reagan you can talk about, where to access this and you get signed up. It’s very simple. All you do is you go get signed up. Your name, your email address. I think that’s all we ask for. Maybe there’s one more thing in there. I don’t even remember exactly what it is but it’s very simple.

Dale Hallaway: Right away you get access to what I just mentioned. Then over the next couple of days you get some more free stuff. Of different lessons are teachings that we share via an audio program to anybody that takes us up on our invite to take advantage of this for absolute free. Then at that point if you decide that you know what, I do like this book or I like this audiobook or I want to go even deeper into it then we will point you in the right direction on where to go to do all of that as well.

RAGAN: Wow, thank you for that generous offer. Take it up.

Dale Hallaway: Yes, take it up. Exactly.

RAGAN: Wow, it’s so beautiful. Well, this is so exciting. Now to get that free offering please go to raganthompson.com. On my website you’ll find up menu bar, please go to the menu and go to Podcast. Click it and go to the link. The link will be there, it’ll be easy to find and you can put your information and receive these phenomenal free offerings. We all love free stuff, I say yes to that. Great, thank you so much Dale. This is awesome. This is so nice. This has been fun. We’d also like to thank our sponsor for this episode. The Impact Hub in Santa Barbara. Impact Hub is a co-working space for change makers and entrepreneurs to collaborate, be inspired and make an impact. Located in beautiful downtown Santa Barbara with spaces on state street Chapala and in the funk zone, members have a multitude of resources at their fingertips. Making easy for them to focus on their purpose. Use the code Ragan, which is R-A-G-A-N 10, to get a 10% discount on your first month of flex. Part time or full time membership.

RAGAN: Offer valid through May of 2019. Please if you will, I would love if you would go to raganthompson.com and just check out my website. On my website you will find some really lovely effective healing, actually audios that I offer you that are free and they’re available to you right now. I’ve done quite a few and I’ve heard some really great feedback about how they’re helping people in their lives tremendously in fact. Some really wonderful feedback, so please go to the website to enjoy those. They are free to you as well as my Podcast are also there including this one will be there. You can listen to the ones that I have already offered to you which are also free to listen to. Please follow me on social media at ragan_thompson. Thank you so much. All right blessings.

RAGAN: All right. We’re going to move into closing prayer together. I’d like us all to close our eyes please. Just take a couple slow and deep breaths. One more. Please if you don’t already have your hands placed over you heart, of that feels good to you do so. Please sit down if you’re not already seated. Thank you so much. Moving into prayer. I thank you, I thank you, I thank you so very much. Mother, father, God, goddess. For this beautiful divine last day. This beautiful experience right now in this space and place that I’m having here with Dale Hallaway. Dale Hallaway. I am so grateful for the many, many blessings that has come into my life because of the work that has occurred within myself. Within my being of coming into a greater place of transforming and letting go of what does not serve me. This is what. This is what I ask for every human being on this planet.

RAGAN: That we all begin this journey of awakening, to remember who we truly are. To know thyself as to love thyself. I ask you mother, father, God, Goddess, please I ask you to give courage and strength to all those who are also on this path of awakening. That they know like I have come to know more of the truth of who they are and letting go of all that they are not. Please I ask you to send forth courage and light and strength and bravery as we move forward. Not only within our own individual consciousness but within the entire consciousness of the collective on this planet. I ask you mother, father, God, Goddess please help us to know more of the many beautiful facets of ourselves and to see what is not us and have the courage to just simply say goodbye to it. So that we can move into a greater space of more energy, more vitality, more peace, more love, more joy, more beauty, more bliss, more faith, more compassion, more gratitude, more abundance, more prosperity.

RAGAN: Everything and anything that is available to all of us. That in some way along the way we forgot this. There is no lack, there is no limitation, other than ourselves. That we remember this, so as we walk forward we know that life is not happening to us. We are creating our lives. I ask you please for divine assistance of all angels, guides and masters of mind. Right now to not only assist myself but anyone who is also on this podcast today hearing this prayer. To assist them as well, as well as their angels and guides and masters to come forward to help and assist them. Calling for this divine party of beings to help us move forward, to help us let go, to become our true divine soul selves. So that we can be not only of great service to yourself, to truly awaken yourself as this gift that gives us. This gift of awakening that is contagious to others.

RAGAN: They feel us, they see us, they’re inspired by us. We help them by helping ourselves. We become who we are which inspires them to know that they too can become who they truly are. We are not only a gift to ourselves, we are a gift to all those around us. Let this be the inspiration to do this work. Those that we care about, those that we love they also received this gift. I call forward the greatest and highest amount of love and compassion to be available for each one of us right now in this moment. So that if there is anything that is already ready to be moving in your life, changing your life that is ready to come up and out, that this love and compassion act as the two grand vehicles to move out the energy with as much ease grace and love as possible. Thank you so much for this assistance. Taking a deep breath.

RAGAN: Calling for that because of this time together during this podcast that only, only the greatest and highest good occurs for each one of us. In all those concerned in our lives that we care about. Let this work. This information, this knowledge, this wisdom. It seeps into every cell of our bodies. It permeates to all those that we deeply love. That is the gift of this time and this prayer. Thank you so much and with these words I say and so it is. Thank you so much.


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