Balance and Heal Your Chakras by Aligning with the Light

An Online Course about Embodying Peace in Your life through the Body, Mind, Heart and Soul Conscious Connection, energy and chakra healing.



There are seven chakras that are the main energy centers for your body.

For energy to run freely through your body all of your chakras need to be open, which creates harmony between the physical body, mind, heart and soul.

During this course, you will learn about each one of the seven chakras in your system and how healing and balancing them can help you navigate your life with more peace, balance, joy and sovereignty.

Chakra means wheel and the wheel spins.

To know who one truly is, one cannot disrupt the connection between the body, mind, heart and soul.

Often we try to focus on one part of ourselves, which can lead to a feeling that something is off and not in alignment energetically. As a result, we might feel drained, depleted and even depressed.

The body, mind, heart and soul connection exists energetically through all the chakras as an integral part of our being.

Chakra means wheel and the wheel spins. The wheels are internal energies in your body which supply energy and health to your whole body on many different levels.


“To know who one truly is, it is true that one cannot disconnect between the body, mind, heart and soul.”

– Ragan.

“To know who one truly is, it is true that one cannot disconnect between the body, mind, heart and soul.”

– Ragan.

How can you benefit from this course?

During this course, you are going to do clearing and healing work combining ancient Sanskrit mantras, meditation, breathwork and prayer. All these combined will help you:

  • Experience healthy well-being.
  • Feel grounded, secure, confident and in touch with your own body.
  • Be in touch with your emotions, and not become overwhelmed by them.
  • Become comfortable with your own sexuality.
  • Be compassionate and loving, within healthy and conscious relationships.
  • Be able to express your own truth, to listen as well as speak consciously.
  • Get in touch with intuition.
  • Connect with the divine and feel guided rather than led.
  • Obtain and maintain sovereignty.
  • Experience consistent equanimity in the face of our own internal blockages and also within the external world.

To know thyself is to love thyself.

We have a direct contact to spirit to guide and assist always and if our chakras, our internal energy system, is blocked and not in flowing connectivity we may feel unable to connect to spirit. We are here to be guided by spirit, not to have a part of yourself that is possibly driven by ego make subconscious decisions for us which can lead to increased unnecessary pain, drama, fear and a feeling that the world is against you.

It is true “To know thyself is to love thyself”, and so many do not really understand that they are an energetic, luminous being as the soul in a body.

There is great depth and meaning that is found in life through knowing this and living as a soul embodied rather than a human driven by ego.

When we know and understand our energy and chakras and how they function and operate in the world we can stop worrying, doubting, fearing the world or ourselves and rather clear and cleanse our system daily. We work from the inside out, not outside in.


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