Awaken the Goddess Within Gathering is a retreat for the soul hosted by Transformational and Spiritual Life Coach Ragan Thomson. This seasonal event will commence at the Thomson Sanctuary, a stunning venue nestled in the Montecito mountains.

As women, we inherently know it’s time to return to connection and the support that sacred sisterhood provides. By awakening and continuing to deepen the Divine Feminine power we will experience more of the life of our greatest dreams!

Unlock the gifts that self-care provides Experience the magic of sisterhood
Clear what is presently no longer serving your Highest Self Rest your spirit to manifest at an accelerated rate

All the joy, bliss, and passion is within us waiting to be accessed.
The clarity, processing work, and community received at this gathering ripples value into our lives. The peace, balance, joy, and energy from this work is manifested into your world.

Come as you are! Give yourself permission to unlock more of your Highest Potential

Bring a goddess friend to share the evening and experience meaningful connection. ​

12:30PM Goddess Arrival
1:00PM Welcome and Opening Prayer
1:30PM Ceremony
-15 Silent Break –
2:00PM Visioning and Walking Meditation
3:00PM Supportive Circle Sharing
– Food Break 3:30PM-
4:00PM Glorifying the Goddess
5:30PM Movement Gifts
6:00PM Closing Prayer

Contact Charlyn Joy [email protected] or 818-456-7767 for any questions or to sign-up directly with her.