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During the June 21st Strawberry full moon in Capricorn 2024, a sacred dance unfolds between the celestial energies of the moon and the earthly wisdom of Capricorn. This cosmic alignment invites us to dive deep into the depths of our souls and connect with our higher selves in a profound way.

Capricorn’s disciplined and structured energy merges with the nurturing and intuitive forces of the full moon, creating a potent opportunity for spiritual growth and esoteric awareness. This is a time to honor our soul’s journey, listen to the whispers of our intuition, and align with the unseen realms that guide us on our path.

In the mystical embrace of the full moon in Capricorn, we are called to surrender to the wisdom of the universe, release what no longer serves our spiritual evolution, and step into our power as co-creators of our destinies. By delving into the depths of our being, we can uncover hidden truths, transmute shadows into light, and embrace the transformative energies that propel us towards our highest selves.

Embrace the magic of this sacred juncture to commune with spirit, awaken your soul’s purpose, and plant the seeds of intention that will blossom into divine manifestations. Allow the mystical energies of the full moon in Capricorn to illuminate your path, elevate your consciousness, and guide you towards a deeper connection with the sacred mysteries of existence.



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