Accept yourself as you are & know your true divine self

The beginning of the year is always the time to prioritize our lives. It is common to set goals and intentions like going to the gym, losing weight, or learning a new skill. I would like to propose a new resolution: to accept yourself as you are and get to know your true divine self.

When you increase your consciousness, you step into your divine power and become the greatest gift of your life. A gift to yourself, to the world, and others. Isn’t this a beautiful goal for the new year and decade?

Get Rid of Distractions

To step into action and reach our goal, we need to get rid of distractions. There’s conscious distractions and unconscious distractions. How many of you get distracted by waking up and getting worried about what you are gonna do for the day? The need to be successful, or have other people tell you how good you look.

The ego is constantly trying to make you look externally for what you need, makes you think that you can make your life better through external needs. But the secret is inside yourself: you are getting distracted from getting to know your true divine self.

Quiet Your Inner Critic


How much time do you spend looking at the mirror having shameful thoughts about your body, or thinking of something you did or said that you regret, or how often do you have body-shaming conversations with other people where you talk about what you consider your “physical imperfections”?.

The truth is that all the time we spend shaming ourselves, we are taking precious time away from our purpose, we are not doing the work that we came to do in this world that currently needs us so much. That’s why it is so important to set an intention to be more conscious about your thoughts, to quiet your inner critic enough so you can see what makes you who you are, and recognize your worth. It is imperative to quiet your inner critic.

Stop Avoidance

Hopefully what’s most important to you is your soul. Who are you as a soul? You need to get to know your soul, so you can embody it. But to do so, first, you have to start paying attention to what is going on inside you.

Some parts of us need our attention, and if we don’t get in touch with ourselves to bring light to our inner shadows, we will always keep that struggle inside. We can heal from everything but to do so we need to stop avoiding our pain and stop avoidance in general. We need to confront it and embrace it.

Practice Meditation

Pour compassion upon yourself, and do meditations that allow your soul to rise. Even if it is just a quick mental exercise, it is important to do a scan of the mind, body, and spirit to help you re-center and configure yourself so you are more awake and conscious for the day.

Some days you might feel as if your day is not flowing, and you are struggling to go through it. It is often that we are not centered, we are not balanced, we are in a sleeping stage. To wake ourselves up, we need to check-in and connect with ourselves and the best way to do this through practicing meditation.


Recognize your Worth

Being conscious of your thoughts is the first step to start healing. Recognize your thoughts, feelings, and pain, welcome them, and separate yourself from them. Then set the intention that you’re willing to accept yourself in all aspects. Here are three exercises that will help you celebrate your strengths and accept your weaknesses:

1. Celebrate your strengths:

Worksheet from

List what you honor and appreciate about yourself—your gifts, talents, skills, and abilities. Here are some questions to consider while making your list:

  1. What do I appreciate about who I am?
  2. What are my strengths?
  3. What do my friends appreciate about me?
  4. What do I like about others? Which of these characteristics do I have?
  5. How would people who love me describe me?

When you have completed your list, read it aloud while looking in a mirror.

  • Begin each statement with the words, “[Your name], I love your…” (e.g., “Joan, I love your sense of humor! Joan, I love your willingness to help others!”).
  • Begin each statement with the words, “I love my…” (e.g., “I love my commitment to feeling good about myself! I love my openness to learn new things!”).

2. Accept Your Weaknesses

Worksheet from

  1. Make two columns on a sheet of paper; call the first column “Negative Beliefs about Myself” and the second column “Affirmations.”
  2. Come up with somewhere between five and ten negative beliefs that you hold about yourself (e.g., I’m fat and unattractive, I am not lovable, I can’t do anything right).
  3. In the Affirmations column, create a positive belief that you can use to confront the negative belief and implement as an affirmation in your life (e.g., I am okay just the way that I am, I am worthy of love, I accept myself exactly as I am).
  4. Once you have an affirmation for each negative thought, say your affirmations out loud at least once per day to help them stick.

Be Your Best Friend

In this process of self-acceptance, you need to always remember to be kind and gentle. Would you say to a friend the things you say to yourself?

I found this beautiful reflection and statement by Rosie Molinary on her book Beautiful You: A Daily Guide to Radical Self-Acceptance:

What if you could only hang out with one friend for the rest of your life? One friend is all you get to see you through the birth cries and the death cries, the celebrations and the losses, the laughter and the tears. One friend. Choose carefully.

Now, what if I tell you that this is not just a reflection question. There will be just one person that walks alongside you throughout your whole life. There is going to be one person there for everything. She’s already been chosen. She is you. Do you treat yourself as well as that friend you chose? Do you give yourself as much self-respect and patience and care as that friend gives you, as you give that friend? In the end, you will be all that you’ve got.

But way before that even, you are the only one who is always with you. You are the most immediate person you’ve got, and you should have your own back. You should believe in you, respect you, care for you, and treat you well. You should matter to you. What could be worse than spending the rest of your life with a bully, a mean girl, an insensitive disrespectful drag? I really can’t think of anything.”

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