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We would like to reach out to you on behalf of an extremely timely, beneficial, essential, comprehensive, and grounded organization called World Systems Solutions

World Systems Solutions (WSS) has been a profound and healing experience in so many ways these past many months serving with such beautiful, kind, brilliant, wise and caring new world servers.

WSS offers an opportunity to serve the world during this time of great need for our world.

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WSS Public Workshop:


How Empowered Humanity Will Unite to Solve Climate Change

 This workshop will facilitate the understanding that conscious human collaboration, between recognized equals, in harmony with the ecosystem, is the nature of true empowerment. Necessary solutions cannot be arrived at by any gender, group, religion or nation dominating another via any means or for any reason. We will discuss how all relationships, including between the masculine and the feminine, current generations to future generations, humanity to the earth, and humanity to itself must be redefined and reworked.

 World Systems Solutions is a non-profit organization whose vision is to align, mobilize and unite humanity to resolve climate change. We are building a global transformation platform called the Social Movement Engine to equally represent and empower all beings on this planet. 

 We will offer presentations, breakout group collaborations and an opportunity to support these ongoing efforts with your time, resources and donations. We must now all choose to leave our collective history behind and build something new and sustainable together, born out of love and compassion for each other and the planet. 

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June 11th, 2022 at 10:00-2:30 pm PST/ 1:00-4:30 pm EST

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The world is in crisis, and the stressors of our world are escalating in ways that keep us in reaction, distraction and disunity rather than uniting to fundamentally change the way we live, relate and operate to then sustain all life on this planet. 

The latest IPCC report states we have less than three years to drastically reduce and reverse human carbon emissions globally to avoid the point of no return.  

There is no silver bullet technology or quick fix to this crisis and any realistic solution will require comprehensive global change. We must now work together to understand what optimal and equal human empowerment is, and then move forward together in this new way to solve our collective challenges.  


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Their Vision & Mission

We intend to unite, mobilize, and align humanity in the common purpose of resolving climate change and in the generation of a sustainable global future.