Hello folks!

The recent eclipse season acts as a cosmic catalyst, beckoning us into a transformative vortex where the ultimate challenge is to surrender all that we are not.

This celestial phenomenon does not merely signify a change in the heavens but mirrors a profound internal shift awaiting to unfold within us.

As these celestial bodies cast their shadow, they invite us to step into the luminosity of our soul’s true essence, encouraging a gentle letting go of the outdated facets of our identity.

The next six to eight months, therefore, stand as a sacred passage of time, a divine invitation to peel away the layers of our former selves, to allow the essence of who we truly are to shine forth.

This period urges us to embark on a journey of deep introspection, to embrace our vulnerabilities and to release the old narratives that no longer serve our highest purpose.

Amidst this powerful period of release and renewal, we find ourselves cradled by Mercury in direct station retrograde, an auspicious alignment that magnifies our capacity for healing, introspection, and reinvention.

But just know that Mercury retrograde will still be happening but in lesser effect for the next 2 weeks after the 25th of April. This stage is called post-shadow.

Mercury retrograde, often misunderstood, serves not as a harbinger of chaos but as a profound ally, guiding us to slow down, to review our past decisions, and to reassess our paths forward.

It is a time ripe with opportunity to mend the fragmented parts of our being, to revisit unresolved stories, and to reclaim the parts of ourselves lost in the haste of everyday life.

This alignment offers us a unique lens through which to view our lives, encouraging a reevaluation of our direction and intentions.

Together, the aftermath of the eclipse season and the reflective energy of Mercury retrograde weave a potent tapestry, supporting us in our journey toward healing and self-discovery, urging us to reclaim our authenticity and to step boldly into the light of our soul and to live and lead from there.


Please enjoy this Mercury Retrograde Meditation as much as I did making it.



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