About World Systems Solutions

It is time to share with you about a beautiful, extremely timely, beneficial, essential, comprehensive and grounded organization with you, called World Systems Solutions. https://wssnow.org/

World Systems Solutions (WSS) has been a profound and healing experience in so many ways these past many months serving with such beautiful, kind, brilliant, wise, and caring new world servers.

WSS offers an opportunity to serve the world during this time  of great need for our world.

Learn more about to WSS by visiting their website below:

It is time to transform leadership and define, effect and adopt a new paradigm. This requires changing our developmental values, decision-making processes and priorities. It also means fundamentally changing the relationship between leaders and their constituencies and the information that supports constructive change efforts. In this proposed process everybody becomes a leader and collaborative contributor.

The good news is there is hope and we can make this happen. This workshop will present a collaborative opportunity to engage with one another and the WSS on the mechanism for shaping this new future. We will offer education and information along with a breakout session where your voice and ideas can be heard and synthesized with others to co-create our highest potential.

Our goal is to collaboratively redefine and implement a unified global path to sustainability. Current leadership efforts to solve climate change are not working or moving the needle on it, nor do organizations and constituencies optimally support functional leadership capacities and global solutions efforts. We must now fundamentally change our species’ approach and process to climate change as well as our relationship to the planet. We must now inspire, unite, mobilize, engage the youth of the world and collectively choose to change.

Shifting from:

  • Hopelessness and inaction into empowered inspired action

  • Judgmental-ness, blame and finger pointing to functional trust, substantive action and direct accountability for our effects on the world

  • Toxic self-Interest to alignment with the sustainable common good

  • Competition to collaboration

  • Fear, safety and control seeking into authentic world service

  • Society’s toxic divisive competition to unity within diversity

  • Disempowerment of social, racial and gender factions into equal empowerment

  • Non-sustainable divisive global status quo to create a new unified sustainable global process

The pressures in our world are increasing. Climate change, global conflicts, economic pressures and pandemics are threatening all forms of life on our planet. Many are recognizing that an entirely new paradigm, system and process of leadership and empowered intelligent collective action is now required.

We can no longer waste time and resources working within the limitations of current political and bureaucratic systems. There is no way to successfully “profit our way out of the potential apocalypse”, I.e. neither greed nor competition will save us. We must now go beyond prior approaches and systems to effect necessary transformational global change in the time available to act on climate change.

We must now empower, educate and mobilize every nation’s constituencies and organize global collaborative solutions. We must now transcend historical limiting competitive, tribal, nationalist and populist dynamics and agendas. We must build a new set of systems and models to allow humanity to shift our national and international priorities and developmental paths in order to collectively lead ourselves, and co-create a truly sustainable future.

We will step out of everything we thought we knew about leadership and challenge the status quo. By leaving our egos and personal and collective pasts at the door we can come together out of love for this planet, humanity and future generations. Let’s prepare, empower and support our children by not waiting for ecological or economic collapse to motivate us to take action.

Join Us! For the First of Two Workshops

Free Public Workshop

Part 1 August 10th: 10:00-12:30 PST

Part 2 August 24th: 10:00-12:30 PST

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