Are you aware of the immense change and auspicious timing of this change that is happening on the planet?


 Have you been feeling deeply sad or fearful lately because of COVID-19? Would you like to become more present and prioritize your Soul and your connection to source above all else at this time?

We have entered into a period where businesses have closed, and employment has lessened. Our ego personalities are indeed even more activated than usual. The ego-personality within you and within me is the same, and its two major fears right now are death and abandonment. These fears often fall under the radar, and we are unaware of how much they are affecting our lives, and how our choices are being influenced by these fears.

I am here to tell you that the ego does what it does and it is up to us to choose to not let it rule our life. More than ever you are being challenged to not let it take over your being and rather listen to the message of the light of your Soul within your heart, and rise above these detrimental forces and energies.

Right now is time for greater spiritual discipline and inner development. I highly recommend at least 20 to 60 minutes for yourself and inner reflection through prayer, meditation, yoga, breathing… simply find ways to go inward that can be healthy and help you connect deeply with yourself and with God.

I have entered into a more intensive period of inner spiritual development and because of this, I have chosen to do things differently within my business. This sabbatical will provide me with time for more internal focus and the attention required to go inward and achieve deeper purification.

I choose to be of service to humanity in a God-aligned, pure and genuine way consistently and through this time period of greater inner spiritual development, I pray for that to be even more so when I begin to work once again with those who are also ready.

I offer both individual and couples spiritual healing sessions, as well as half-day and full-day spiritual retreats. At this time, where finances could be a bit tighter for you, I am open to discussing payment plans. So please, if finances are in some way an issue, do reach out regardless and we can set something up. I also offer one-hour consultation so you can experience my work, which is also at a lesser cost at this time.

Thank you, I wish for you all to enter into a time where you get to look more deeply at your 2020 prioritization and see what is truly in your highest and greater good to be focusing on right now.

For myself, it is number one my relationship with God, my beloved and my children. I know that if God is not at the center of my life, there is no way I can show up for my family, my children and my clients as I wish to. I am feeling greatly in alignment with this choice, and I thank you very much for hearing me.

I wish you all well and please reach out if you are looking for further assistance.

You can email me directly at:

[email protected]