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Saturday, June 1st

12:00-6:30 PM





A spiritual retreat for your soul to celebrate and experience your inner Goddess.

At this day-long retreat, women join to take a deep dive into the subconscious, do transformational healing work together, and experience a full feminine connection.

Goddess Retreat is hosted by Ragan Thomson, who invites you to join her on a journey of inner transformation, where you will reconnect with your true essence and embrace the Goddess within you.

During this gathering, you will be held in the experience of sacred sisterhood that provides you with the safety, love, and support you need to openly express yourself, explore and connect with your divine feminine, and live through the best version of yourself.

Benefits from Goddess Retreat

  • Open up to your divine feminine energy
  • Work with Ragan on what’s blocking you: behaviors, beliefs, and fears
  • Redefine who you truly are and release your old story
  • Find a real connection with other women
  • Learn to manage what’s going on inside you
  • Participate in a walking meditation through the beautiful gardens at the sanctuary
  • Acknowledge the deep feeling that everything can be healed
  • Awake and experience your Goddess during the Glorifying the Goddess Ceremony
  • Get the tools to keep working on your transformational journey

The Thomson Sanctuary

This Retreat takes place in the Thomson Sanctuary in Montecito, California. The sanctuary was created with the intention of supporting and enhancing your journey to inner transformation. You will enjoy a breathtaking rose garden, walk paths through a reflective hedge maze, and connect with your inner self at a deeply soothing meditation garden.



12:00 PM – 12:30 PM

Goddess arrival- seating and light refreshments. A chance to shed the day and become fully present.

12:30 PM

Welcome and opening prayer- Ragan will open with singing bowls, a blessing, and intention setting. Breathe Great Goddess.

12:45 PM

Ceremony work begins through visioning, music, movement, and sharing.

15 minute: Silent break and reflection.

1:30 PM

Visioning and walking meditation through the beautiful goddess gardens and labyrinth.

2:45 PM

Supportive circle sharing, reflection, and coaching by Ragan.

-Dinner and free time-half hour-

4:30 PM

Glorifying the Goddess Ceremony.

6:00 PM

Movement and goddess gifts.

6:30 PM

Closing prayer and gratitude.

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  • Bring a goddess friend to share the evening and experience meaningful connection.
  • Goddess Potluck- feel free to bring a favorite healthy snack or treat to share. Salad, tea, and water will be provided.
  • Please feel free to bring your favorite journal and pen. Paper and pen will be provided as well.
  • Embrace the goddess within and adorn yourself with goddess attire.



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Retreat Ticket $125


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