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Wednesday, December 8th

Ragan Thomson Conscious Relationships Heal and Harmonize

Conscious Realationship: Heal & Harmonize is a spiritual and healing gathering.

The Benefits

  • Experience deep connection. 
  • Enjoy communication that flows and you can share who you are as you  are 
  • Continued inner growth and evolution of the soul as a result 
  • Experience  profound love that is unconditional  for another and for oneself at the same time 
  • Increase your compassion and vulnerability within and without 
  • Be inspired to be the best  version of yourself
  • Enjoy affection that is kind, caring, and empathetic 
  • Practice self-accountability that helps you heal more rapidly 
  • Discover and learn what wounds still exist within so they can be healed

What to Expect

During this retreat, Ragan will guide you through the process of connecting with your inner essence and letting go of your old story. We will explore what it is to be in a relationship where you can be your authentic self while experiencing union where radical self-accountability, compassion, and vulnerability is being practiced by all involved which means no more blaming, shaming, and no more judgment of others.

We can learn to be in a relationship that we get to be who we really are. All while experiencing radical self-accountability, compassion, and vulnerability. This is practiced by all involved which means no more blaming, shaming, and no more judgment of others. 

A conscious relationship is one in which there is a conscious awareness of oneness.  This awareness allows two people to be honoring and generous with each other and mitigates the inevitable moments when the illusion of separateness arises, and the other is seen as an enemy.  In a conscious relationship, when this happens, there is intentional effort and often practices to create a bridge back to the other person.

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Wednesday, December 8th, 2021

5:30-8:00 PM PST


La Ladera Sanctuary, Montecito, California


Join me in person or on Zoom (a link will be sent out a few days before to those who RSVP). Be sure to RSVP in advance. Limited seating available in person.

Call: 805-453-7281

Email: [email protected] 



Venmo and Paypal are accepted and also cash or check at door. Please RSVP for Venmo or Paypal Instructions.

La Ladera Sanctuary

This Conscious Realtionship event takes place at La Ladera Sanctuary in Montecito, California. The sanctuary was created with the intention of supporting and enhancing your journey to inner transformation. You will enjoy a breathtaking rose garden, walk paths through a reflective hedge maze, and connect with your inner self at a deeply soothing meditation garden.

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