In this Podcast episode of  From My Heart To Yours, Forrest Leichtberg and Ragan Thomson share their personal awakening experience and discuss how we all have a choice to become more conscious and spiritual, and the way this decision can change our lives for the best.

Forrest Leichtberg is the founder and president of The Consciousness Network, a growing networking and event organization in Santa Barbara that helps people share their knowledge, power, and growth potential for the betterment of humanity.

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Audio Transcript

Below is an edited transcript for all of our bibliophiles and hearing impaired community members. We hope you enjoy!

Ragan Thomson: Hello. Hello. Hello. My name is Ragan Thomson. Today we are going to explore the topic of the awakening experience. We are going to take a deep dive into this topic with our guests, Forrest Leichtberg, the founder of The Consciousness Network, a network designed to provide authentic ways to help connect people for the purpose of elevating their lives through health, business, and conscious relationships. Before we begin, let’s start with some questions for our listeners.

Ragan Thomson: What is spiritual awakening? How do you know when you are truly beginning to wake up? Is there very stages to the awakening process? What’s some of the symptoms of the awakening process? Is awakening a process that takes time, effort, and discipline? How worthy is it to fully awaken and what are some of the benefits of doing so?

Ragan Thomson: At the tender age of 17, Forrest, barely out of high school found himself fighting for his life in a surgical suite, and if he survived facing an arduous multi-year recovery process. Flash forward to 2018, and we find that 26-year-old Forrest not only survived, he is now living out his dream of giving back to the world and gave him a second chance.

Ragan Thomson: He found his purpose as a Santa Barbara-based entrepreneur running The Consciousness Network, a growing networking and event organization with a mission to help people share their knowledge and power and growth potential for the betterment of humanity.

Ragan Thomson: Thank you so much. This is so great to be with you, Forrest. Thank you so much, Forrest, for coming today for this podcast with me. I’m so happy to be here with you.

Forrest L.: I feel the same way. Thank you, Ragan.

Ragan Thomson: I was really looking forward to it.

Forrest L.: Mm-hmm (affirmative). Likewise.

Ragan Thomson: Forrest and I have been in each other’s lives for… I’m wondering how many-

Forrest L.: Gosh, three years,

Ragan Thomson: Three years now?

Forrest L.: Three or four years.

Ragan Thomson: Yeah, three or four years.

Forrest L.: Somewhere around that?

Ragan Thomson: Yeah. I’ve already… I love this topic because first off, my own experience with the awakening experience has been profound and I’ve known you for these years and I’ve watched you go through quite an experience of awakening. I think just even being in your life as your friend, and here we are in Santa Barbara doing our best to bring forth as much light as we can through the ways that we do, and bringing forth growth and the ability to get into whatever kind of workshops or get connected whatever people that they would like to have in their lives to help them move forward in their lives, in a conscious, more healthy way.

Ragan Thomson: I think we both have that in common. So this has been really fun to be a part of each other’s lives in this way, and just watch our own being changed through the experience, I think of bringing that… the work that we bring to the community. I’ve watched us both change and grow. It’s exciting for me to bring this topic, the awakening experience today to us.

Ragan Thomson: For me, I wanted to bring it forward because I think there’s so many people on the planet that are going through an awakening experience right now, more than ever before. Right? I think that before… I know for sure, before I’ve been doing this work for almost 20 years, and I still remember the first conscious company I started, I guess now it’s been about a decade ago and this company is called “In The Loving”.

Ragan Thomson: I remember the receptivity that was there was so much different than it is now. I think it’s a lot of fun as a teacher and a healer now to just be on the world sharing about this work because now there’s those out there saying, “Wow, I’ve heard about that,” or, “I’m a part of something like that,” or, “I want to be a part of something like that. What’s available?” There’s so much more available for their growth and evolution as a soul on this planet.

Ragan Thomson: That being said, we’re talking today about the awakening process. For me, watching myself wake up before was not as easy as it is now, is what I’m trying to say. Right? I remember when I was a child, there was so little understanding of who I was because there was this really bright light child that came into their environment and they were, I think just overstimulated in some way by me. I really think that I came in to rock the boat inside that family, and I sure did because I think that my energy and my really truly coming and so awake, and like I said, with just the high level of energy, was a little intense for everyone.

Ragan Thomson: There was like, “Wow, you’re so emotional, you’re so intense. You’re so sensitive. You have just way too much energy. We need to do something with this energy.” Therefore, I led into my career of sports, which led into what I would say going asleep again. Therefore, after that, moving into this kind of masculine environment, I began to fall asleep. Right? I think we all have our story in that regard. I want to hear a little bit more about your story of what you feel the awakening processes has been about for you in your life and your history. I just gave you a short glimpse of mine. I’m so curious about your story in regard to the topic.

Forrest L.: My story… Thank you for asking.

Ragan Thomson: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Forrest L.: My story, really my spiritual journey began about 10 years ago, maybe 11 years ago, and I was just a teenager and in high school, ninth or 10th grade. I found myself being fascinated with meditation and psychic phenomena, and different books by… There was a book called “Ishmael”. I forgot the author’s name, but people like Deepak Chopra and Marianne Williams, I used to read their books. It was fascinating to me.

Forrest L.: Then I found Eckhart Tolle. It was first… For the first time, my world opened up to these ideas. Then what happened is, I was struck with an illness and this illness was so painful for four to five years that I felt that it was either I was going to discover a way to navigate through that and come out the other end stronger than before and healed, or I just felt like I didn’t have a choice other than that.

Forrest L.: What I didn’t realize at the time that I was in so much pain, was the incredibly beautiful value that was contained in that experience. To me, the spiritual awakening process has a lot to do with the values that we awaken to. It seems like those values across all the major world’s spiritual traditions, you find some of the same values. Compassion, awareness, and growth, serve this community, these more spiritual values.

Forrest L.: I think that the awakening process, at least in my own worldview and the way that I’ve experienced it, has been the awakening to these values into the way that I conduct my life, into the way that I conduct my daily life. Am I being kind? Am I being compassionate? Am I being thoughtful? Am I growing in awareness? Am I pursuing my own personal growth? Am I keeping in mind, not just my own needs but extending my care and my love and care to those around me?

Forrest L.: To me, that experience of having that illness, what it did, was it forced me to face the reality of mortality at an age that most people in our culture don’t face or think about much. Facing mortality brought forth the questions of, “What’s really going to make my life most meaningful?” Because it’s like, “How long do I really have? How long does my family have? How long do the people I love really have?” The greatest awakening that I experienced in my life, at least one of them was rooted in that experience of facing mortality from this illness.

Forrest L.: Although one might look at an experience like that and say, “That’s so bad, that’s so horrible,” I don’t look at it like that anymore. It’s looking back in hindsight, hindsight 2020, I only see it as a gift. But see, I think each person has a choice to make, whether experiences like that and others, whether they’ll use that to fuel their own awakening, to fuel their own deepening process, or if they’re going to fall into a victim mindset and let it reduce their experience of life to something that doesn’t feel very joyful. I think we all face that choice. For me, becoming more conscious, becoming more spiritual, is about infusing our daily decision making and choice making with these values.

Ragan Thomson: Mm-hmm (affirmative). Powerful. What a courageous choice that you made to decide to move, is what I’m also hearing, right? You said there really wasn’t any other choice. Actually there was, as far as I can see, there was another choice, which was to probably be sick and possibly die.

Forrest L.: That was the other choice. I didn’t say it.

Ragan Thomson: I know you didn’t say it and I heard it. So it takes great courage and I have felt the same way at that young age of 15, when I was very sick as well and was sick with an eating disorder, right? That level of self-deprecation, self-abuse, self-persecution, self-doubt, which so many humans on this planet are dealing with can lead to whatever it leads with. That might happen to manifest into a very serious eating disorder with Anorexia and Bulimia. Other disorders exist, right? Other addictions exist, other habits exist that are unswerving. Let’s just put it in a mild positive way. Right?

Ragan Thomson: And they’re so prominent on the planet right now. I guess where I’m leading to is this, to our listeners, to let them know, just as you, just as I, decided one day to say, “I want to live,” I think that’s just is will, right, it’s the human will, and everyone has human will, everyone has that choice to make.

Ragan Thomson: When we talk about awakening, I think a lot of people are like, “What does that even mean? What does it mean to spiritually awaken?” Here we are giving our stories and I’d like to just dive in a little bit more of what that really means, right? What does… Because I really think there’s a lot of these terminology is being thrown around on the planet and some people really just don’t know what you’re talking about, right?

Ragan Thomson: We might be having listeners today that have experienced a high level awakening already, or are just getting started or haven’t even begun the process. In regards to spiritual awakening, what I saw is just like you’re explaining, it was this being who we truly are and knowing who we are and feeling that light this, that brightness, perhaps, that is who we are, right, God in the body. It’s amazing, right? Our true soul self, right?

Ragan Thomson: In that place we are unique, we’re divine, we’re an emanation of God, but there’s nothing lacking. Then you enter into this plane of existence on the human plane and you’re dealing with the environment, you’re dealing with stress, you’re dealing with people and their issues and their unresolved karma, and the media, and magazines, and TV, and whatever. Strife, challenges that you experience with other people. I believe those are on a spiritual path, typically have some higher level abilities and they may not even be aware of. One of them could be to be extremely sensitive and empathic.

Ragan Thomson: I don’t know about you, I just absorb my environment. It wasn’t just my own unresolved material I brought into this life that helped me fall asleep again, which I didn’t know how to work with because I didn’t have a teacher. That goes into one of our questions today, right? Like how do we wake up anyways? If we want to wake up, how do I do that? I’m so lost right now. I’m so stuck in my stuff. I think for… I don’t know, I didn’t get into this with you yet and I’ll ask this question next, but I believe every illness doesn’t just start at the illness. There’s something that happened before that brought you there. Right?

Ragan Thomson: When someone says, “Well, I have this addiction or I have this problem,” right, or, “I’m feeling really depressed,” or, “Now I’m on these antidepressants,” which is taking over the planet, there’s energetic issues within themselves that they were dealing with that maybe way before that disorder, that illness, before that addiction took hold.

Ragan Thomson: For me, there was just a lot of missed basic needs that were to be met as a child, right, just being heard, being seen, being listened to, being emotionally connected with, being understood. Very essential wonderful basic needs of a child. I certainly did not feel like I got all those met. There was… My parents did the best they could. So this is another very important note of this podcast today, is we are not judging our parents here. It’s just the truth is, there was just some missed marks, if you will.

Ragan Thomson: As a child being extremely empathic and sensitive, which most of the children I’m thinking of that have now become adults that are also struggling with an awakening process, most likely, were like us in some way. With that sensitivity and that emotional need for more than they got. Right? I think with that, that being met, I know my primary specialty right now is inner child work because so many adults are walking around with a trapped, traumatized child inside them that has never grown up.

Ragan Thomson: Therefore, there’s this kind of not understanding oneself, “Why am I still doing the same things? Why am I still acting the same way as I used to as a child? Here I am, wanting to move forward and be an adult and be strong and be wise, and thrive in my money, and thrive in my business, why do I look around and other people are doing that, but I’m struggling with this? What’s going on here?”

Ragan Thomson: There are flies that there could have been a time just like again, myself and yourself, that there was some sort of emotional trauma or build up of this energy that caused the kind of going to sleep again. Forgetting who we are, forgetting about our gifts, our skills, our amazingness, our uniqueness. And that I believe is what gets to come back our line as we wake up. Right? Here you’re talking about these beautiful values that you’ve started to step into and realize, what another incredible gift of waking up that we start to learn about our soul. We start to learn about our souls’ lessons, our souls’ values.

Ragan Thomson: These are some of the benefits, right, to waking up and which I don’t think we talk about that very much. And that how common it is for those to fall asleep in this planet because it’s not designed to keep us awake. As a parent, I have really been trying my very best. Number one, I said this just the other day to a teacher that I work with, a spiritual teacher, and I said, “My greatest goal is to keep my children awake.” That’s it.

Ragan Thomson: Literally, if they leave my house and go on to their next part of their journey, that if I could keep them awake, that would be the greatest gift I could give to my soul, to myself, to them. And that’s it.

Forrest L.: I think that’s an amazing gift that you’re giving your children. Certainly, I know so many of us would have loved to experience that kind of childhood and these values and being awake is a part of the arranging process. Thank you for doing your part in raising part of the next generation-

Ragan Thomson: Thank you.

Forrest L.: … to take the light that you’ve brought into the world in your own unique way and to pass it on to them.

Ragan Thomson: Thank you. It’s an undertaking and I’m doing my best.

Forrest L.: I commend you, although I do not know what that’s like quite yet.

Ragan Thomson: Thank you. Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Ragan Thomson: Yeah, and that being said, kind of reversing in that question, which is, do you feel like… What I’m attempting to do is help our listeners to connect with, were they awake? Did they fall asleep? Are they waking up again? Do they not ever fall asleep or have they just been awake the whole time? I don’t know. It’s individual, unique experience that we’re dealing with here.

Ragan Thomson: Do you feel like there was some energetics that were going on in your house or do you remember what might have led to the illness, anything emotional or that could have led to that illness?

Forrest L.: Well, I feel that one of my closest mentors for almost 10 years was a medical intuitive, and she was an attorney before she found her abilities as a medical intuitive. Her teachings and the fundamental core of her teachings are that, behind physical symptoms, she teaches about the messages behind your physical symptoms. That your physical symptoms have messages for you. For example, if you have some disorder happening, physical disorder happening, that chances are, for most people, it would be rooted in some kind of emotional, mental, energetic imbalance.

Forrest L.: Even in the eastern healing traditions, Chinese medicine, they view the beginning of illness as when it begins in this subtle body, they view the physical manifestation of that imbalance as a later stage in the manifestation of the imbalance. Let’s say you have something show up in your physical body. According to eastern healing traditions, that would be part of a later stage of the problem.

Forrest L.: They’re really viewing this in a more holistic sense that, “What’s the source and the root of these physical problems and how can we address them before they become physical problems?” It’s a fascinating area.

Forrest L.: I felt on the other hand though, that I do believe that our spirits, God, our spirits, our soul, will give us certain experiences that we need to have for the evolution of our consciousness, for the evolution of our character, of our… really to meet our life’s purpose.

Forrest L.: For me, I do strongly… I hold the belief that my own unique physical challenges that occurred back when I was a teen were more related to my spirit saying, “Hey Forrest, it’s time to wake up to certain things,” rather than being a direct result of an energetic imbalance.

Forrest L.: Now, I’m certain that I have experienced physical disorder, I have resulted in an inner imbalance, but I think that particular one when I was young, I think that was meant to be there. I think it was set up. For people listening to this, the one thing that kept me going was the awareness that there was something greater or something beyond the current present circumstance, and even though it wasn’t an intellectual awareness, it was more of an intuitive awareness.

Forrest L.: If people can just… Again, if you’re listening to this and you feel like your unhappy about your life in some way, if you can tap into some awareness that there’s a possibility of transcending whatever area of your life that there’s a possibility there, I think that, that could be a first step for people. Just knowing, or believing, having faith, and feeling into the light that’s both beyond the present circumstance but in some mysterious way also within it.

Ragan Thomson: Mm-hmm (affirmative). Yeah, that’s super. I connect with that very much because I do remember a part of my experience of coming out of my specific illness, there was something that I latched onto. I remember specifically throughout the entirety of that many years of being sick, was that I just felt like there was so much to be hopeful for in my future.

Ragan Thomson: There was this like regardless of what I was dealing with, there was something inside me that could see outside of the illness and say, “No, there’s a lot to be hopeful for. There is a lot to be excited about. I have a lovely family.” I just kept latching on to what was out here just to give me that inspiration to keep going, even when there were days where I didn’t want to keep going, and I think that’s a really profound important piece of this today. Because I think that all humans are consistently seeking hope and meaning in life, right, and more than we know.

Ragan Thomson: I read this book and it’s another wonderful self help book. I’m not going to give the title today. It’s a lovely book. It was all about that. It was all about how humans are consistently trying to seek hope and find a meaning in life through interesting ways. Sometimes… An example was a man had lost his grandfather. He never met him. He lived somewhere clear across the world. Although he didn’t know him, all of a sudden his grandfather, before he passed, was sick and he said, “You know what, I don’t know why I’m doing this. I’m going to travel across the globe and I’m going to start taking care of this grandfather I’ve never even met.”

Ragan Thomson: His dad was a strange from his father and he said, “I’m going to do it.” He ended up spending his next five years taking care of this grandfather he’d never met. It became this powerful experience of trying to figure why he even ended up here, who is this man, and he helped his grandfather very much for those years. It’s just an example. He felt a lot of… he had so much meaning in that experience. Right?

Ragan Thomson: He didn’t even know why he was there or what he was doing there, yet he found so much meaning in this experience and it taught him a lot about himself. I think what I’m hearing you say is for we as humans to… Again, I think with will, finding that will within yourself to say, “You know what, enough is enough. There is so much out there beyond what I’m feeling right now.” Because the ego, let’s just be honest, is extremely self centered. We’re just, “Me, me, me. My, my, my. I, I, I,” right?

Ragan Thomson: It’s like all day long, if you could just, “I want this, I need this, I have this,” right? It’s just constantly saying these messages and, “Acquire more and I need more and I want people to like me,” and we all have an ego till we don’t. Right? I believe that the ego was consistent until we transcend it, is trying to get us to be very self-centered. Right?

Ragan Thomson: I think with enough self-centeredness, as we know, or as we see on the planet, someone eventually can go to sleep. It’s not a light place to be in to not see outside yourself and think globally or think about other people or… Clearly, from your awakening process as you’ve shared, that became so primary for you. You could feel it. You wanted to serve humanity. That is something I love about you, I know that about you and I believe that is a part of the waking process. You become very selfless.

Ragan Thomson: I remember another… something I said once I started to get well, as I just was so excited to live life to the fullest. I was like, “I need to have experiences.” I felt like all of those years were a little bit lost, which is not true, but at the moment that I did, I felt that there was a waste of time.

Ragan Thomson: I was like, “Wow, there was so many years where I was just depressed and supposedly light,” right, out there, “I’m good, I’m fine.” How many of us try to put on a happy face when we’re actually internally struggling? I said, “Enough. No, I can’t even pretend like I’m not struggling now. I am obviously struggling.”

Ragan Thomson: Coming out of that struggle with myself really more than anything, and for you, I understand you’re saying that you were presented perhaps the illness to help you wake up more. That does happen. That absolutely can happen. For me it was it led into the illness. Right? There was a lot of missed markers and I believe there’s a lot of karma I was working through and different facets.

Ragan Thomson: Then there was this getting well period. I just remember I was just like, “Wow, I want to help the world. I want to go do things. I want to be a…” What another cool, wonderful part of waking up unto oneself again? Whatever you are unique to you as a soul, that will come online again. I’m curious if you want to provide to our listeners today, any kind of ideas or possibly strategies or anything that’s helped you or perhaps you’d like to present today to our listeners as ways to help them move into a state of awakening.

Forrest L.: Sure. Well, first, I want to acknowledge something you said earlier about the ego, “Me, me, me.” In Tibetan Buddhism, I’ve done a fair amount of studying of Tibetan Buddhism. One of the core premises in Tibetan Buddhism that I learned is that the cause of suffering is that part of the mind that human beings have to say, “What’s me, me, me, what’s in it for me?” The secret that they teach is to turn that inside out, right? To flip it around and start asking, “Well, what’s in it for them?” Or, “What’s in it for us?” Right?

Forrest L.: I think just the practice of that is very helpful. I spent some time last year in New York City. Having grown up in southern California, I knew my life here well, but sometimes it takes an experience of contrast to appreciate something more or to wake up to the reality of something in our world that you’d never would have before.

Forrest L.: Going there, I saw, of course, there’s magnificence and there’s affluence and then there’s also the people on the subways begging for one penny at a time. When I saw that during my time there, I spent a few months there, I realized, “Wow, people can really use my help. People can use your help, people can use the help of any of us.” The need was more apparent.

Forrest L.: Here in southern California, which is where we live, most people have to look for that kind of suffering. But in places like New York City, it’s common to see it almost everywhere you go. It was very valuable because it was like, “Wow, there are other people who will actually benefit from what I have to give.” I didn’t quite recognize that I have something to give until I went there and saw the need clearly.

Forrest L.: I think that it can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking that, “Hey, what can I give? What do I have? What gifts do I have to share?” I think… The fact is that there’s room for everybody’s gifts to come into service in this world. That’s one way. I think is just service, a commitment to service, and realizing that there is a need that you can fill and help fill in a beautiful way, and in a meaningful way, and in a way that the person on the receiving end will find value in or even a miracle in.

Forrest L.: That’s one way, I think, is to serve. Then of course there’s practices. Self-discipline is one of those core values that’s found across spiritual traditions. Self-discipline, applying it to this practice of being of service, but also practices like meditation and mindfulness and volunteering your time for the homeless shelter, or for a non-profit charity, giving money, being charitable.

Forrest L.: These practices can… Any practice that helps us become more well, that helps us thrive. Whether it’s your diet, your exercise routines, meditation, service to others, getting some sunlight. The more we can thrive, the more we can serve. I think the more capacity we have to serve is the more capacity we have to find a meaningful experience of life. Self care, really self- love, self-care through practices and self-discipline is really important.

Ragan Thomson: In regards to what you said, Forrest, I just really feel this kind of full circle for where we began, which is this idea that the awakening process from what I’m getting from our conversation is so much about finding what it is in this life that brings meaning to your life and lights you up. Right? It feels really good to give. It really does. It also feels really good to receive and it really is meant to be a reciprocal experience.

Ragan Thomson: I do believe though, as we give and as we receive and we continue to do that beautiful dance, that it’s like we’re filling up our tank, is that there’s this internal vessel, right, that we have and it’s like a tank. It just gets more and more full. That being said, it’s almost like, “Oh, I don’t know where to begin. Where do I… What teacher, what structure, what strategy, what holistic program, what meditation should I do?” Just start somewhere. Just start adding in a discipline that works for you. I think that’s something really important for our listeners because I think there is now a lot of options.

Ragan Thomson: I remember back in the day, I wanted to explore getting into a charity and serving. It was one of the best things I’ve ever done. I’m still working with this charity in LA and it’s been so life-changing. All I did was, listen and look and I found it, and here I am 10 years later still working on the board of the charity and volunteering, one of the most amazing things I’ve done in this life.

Ragan Thomson: I completely agree with you. Just my last point here is to our listeners, is just to research. We have an incredible amount of information at our fingertips, and obviously on Google. That’s one way. Then just start something. Start something and try something and watch yourself begin to shine and wake up and feel better and better. It’s quite possible for all of us.

Ragan Thomson: Thank you so much, Forrest.

Forrest L.: Thank you very much.

Ragan Thomson: What a pleasure being with you here today.

Forrest L.: It’s an absolute pleasure to be with you.

Ragan Thomson: Yeah, this was awesome. I really care about you and love you and I’m just so happy that you’re doing the work that you’re doing and look forward to hearing about it more. I would like to offer you an opportunity right now to share anything about what you’re up to, what’s going on in your life, what you want to share with the listeners right now so they know more about what’s happening in the world of Forrest Leichtberg.

Forrest L.: Sure. Well, my main focus… Thank you. My main focus right now is this nonprofit organization that I’m running called The Consciousness Network, which it’s premise is that, for a way more awakened world, the constituency of the world, it has to awaken, the more awake the constituency of the world is, the more healthy the world will be.

Forrest L.: It’s a consciousness network based in Santa Barbara. If you want to learn more about ongoing programming, speakers, like… we did a collaboration with Deva Premal in May, Jack Canfield in July, Katie Hendricks, Gay Hendricks, Dr. Dan Siegel, and a lot of other luminaries and authors and speakers.

Forrest L.: When you go to these events, you not only receive information and inspiration from the speakers, but it’s really about connecting with a community of others who are in their awakening process. These values that you’re learning about are being reinforced by a whole community of hundreds of people. Feel free to learn more at You can sign up for mailing lists and get all sorts of updates.

Ragan Thomson: Nice.

Forrest L.: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Ragan Thomson: Yeah. Another wonderful way to wake up, right, joining in community.

Forrest L.: Absolutely.

Ragan Thomson: You feel that support and that synergy and just feel, yeah, just know that you’re not doing it alone.

Forrest L.: Absolutely.

Ragan Thomson: So powerful.

Forrest L.: Absolutely.

Ragan Thomson: Yeah. Thank you.

Forrest L.: Thank you.

Ragan Thomson: Thank you for the work that you’re doing. Wonderful. Thank you.

Forrest L.: Thank you for your work.

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Ragan Thomson: I have been hearing repeatedly from people not only in locally and around the world, that they’re getting a lot of benefit out of hearing the adios, which are offering wonderful healing techniques for you to bring into your life. I hope that you also join me and partake in these free offerings. If you can follow me on social media at Ragan_Thomson, that would be so wonderful.

Ragan Thomson: Thank you so much to all my listeners today. I am truly grateful to have gotten to spend this time with you. It really is such a pleasure and a privilege. It’s an honor to serve in this way. Hopefully this conversation has helped you in ways that are going to be extremely beneficial for you and your life, to help you further in deepening your awakening process. Perhaps it’s the beginning of your awakening process. If that is to be so, I am so excited for you because what’s in store for you is a much more peaceful, joyful, loving, and authentic life.

Ragan Thomson: That’s what’s available for you just as it is for me, as it is for Forrest, this is what’s available for all of us. The more that we do this, the more that we choose to wake up. We’re not only giving this as a gift unto ourselves, our soul, we’re gifting all of humanity. That is what I believe to be true is why we are here. Thank you. Thank you. I am grateful. Have a beautiful rest of your day. Blessings.