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Saturday, February 1st

Join us at The Art of Manifesting and learn what your heart desires.

Did you know that you are constantly manifesting things into your life? Through your thoughts, words, and actions you are creating your own reality.

The question is, are you doing it consciously or unconsciously? Are you creating what your heart desires, or more of what you do not want?


Join Ragan Thomson on February 1st to learn how to master the art of manifesting and consciously create what your heart desires, whether that is: relationships, abundance, success, or vitality.


During this 3 hours long workshop, Ragan Thomson will guide you to:


  • Understand how manifestation works.
  • Learn the steps and techniques of manifestation.
  • Visualize what you want and make your intentions clear.
  • Recognize the beliefs, behaviors, and mental barriers that are blocking you.
  • Work on getting rid of sabotaging thoughts.
  • Accept that, whatever you want, it can be yours.
  • Consciously create your own reality.


Hosted By Ragan Thomson:

Ragan Thomson is a spiritual coach, healer, and divine facilitator. Through her events, podcast, and meditations she invites you on a transformational journey to find authenticity, love, and awakening your soul.

Ragan’s Intention:

To raise consciousness, bring forth light to humanity and heal one soul at a time so that planet Earth can fully awaken.

She is a seeker of truth both within and without. Her life long commitment to her own inner transformation has allowed her to deeply and powerfully connect to her gifts as a healer, intuitive and teacher.

Through her gifts, she brings love, healing and support to all who are ready to heal, awaken and liberate themselves from the illusions of the Ego.

Learn more about Ragan:


“The Art of Manifesting” takes place at the stunning Thomson Sanctuary in Montecito, California.

See below slide show to see more about the venue.


Saturday, February 1st, 2020

4:00-7:00 PM

Other Special Instructions

  • Feel free to bring a friend, business partner, or anyone you’re interested in deepening your relationship with to share the evening and experience a meaningful connection. ​
  • You can bring your favorite journal and pen. Paper and pen will be provided as well.
  • Wear something comfortable and loose.


$55 per person


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