How often do you find yourself giving unto others and in turn your authentic needs are put to the side?

Is it possible your ego has you tricked into thinking that if you give enough then finally you will be safe and loved?

This is so common and it’s a trap!

There is no amount of giving that will ever make you feel safe and loved. It’s within you and being self-loving as well as self-caring is the way to true inner liberation and genuine love.

This weeks audio message we address this and much more!

Care For You as You Wish To Be Cared For

by Ragan Thomson | Weekly Message #28

Audio Transcript

Below is an edited transcript for all of our bibliophiles and hearing impaired community members. We hope you enjoy!

Hello, hello, hello.

Good day to you all.

Blessings to you all.

Thank you so much for joining me today.

Can you see a connection between possibly any of the energy that might feel unsettling at this moment with the way you’ve been being with yourself today? This is what I want to help people with on this planet, to start really getting in touch with what they’re really feeling, how they’re treating themselves, what you’re doing to create some of the stress possibly that’s going inside you right now currently. And then tracing it back to the root of when it all began and why it began. Then we can start to do the real work there, to kind of start to update and rewire the system, the subconscious that created most of its egoic personality at that time, at a young age. This is the work that we get to do together. And before we do that, I want to invite us all to do a little bit of grounding work.

We’re going to take five slow, deep cleansing breaths and I’m going to have you move your breath in through your nose, out through your mouth. On the out breath please make a sound and please let that out breath be a sense of letting go of what’s going on inside that might be unserving. We’re helping us by doing this grounding work, doing this breath work to get more centered, more calm, more in connection to oneself, which is very self-nurturing, self-loving, self-caring. Where are you at with your breath today? Is it restricted or is it flowing easily and freely? Just being with the breath for this moment, trying your best to let go of any thoughts, any ideas, any perceptions you might have at this time right now on this audio. We’re going to be talking about self-care.

So on the planet, there is this misperception that is extraordinary and I cannot tell you how many people now I’ve worked with as clients, including me as a client through the years with my coach, that saw being self-caring, self-nurturing, as being selfish. Let me tell you, there could not be a greater difference between self-care and selfishness. That does not come from your soul because your soul is literally cheering you on like yes, he or she is being self-caring. Fill yourself up from within. Let Your cup overflow rather than deplete your cup. So I’m not asking you to step into this practice of taking two hours a day to meditate and pray and get massages. I am asking for us to start the practice of being a little more self-caring in our lives every day, which could be five minutes in the morning with a short meditation or a short walk around your yard. A little stop off on the side of the road. Go out to the beach, sit down on the sand, look out to the water. Go on a short hike for 20 minutes, drive up the road. Get out, sit in the grass at a park. Take a moment of reflection within and just rest your spirit.

We’re living on a planet that is very much run by the ego, which means it’s constantly trying to get us to do something, be something, become something so that we finally can feel what? Safe. We can finally feel liked, loved. It all comes from doing energy. What about just being as you are and choosing to take care of yourself rather than take care of everybody else? How many of you out there take care of everybody and everything and you’re last on the list for self-care? The kids are good. My husband’s good. My wife’s good. My mom’s good. My dad’s good. My friends are good. Okay. Now I’m good. That needs to be completely changed. You look into your day, you look in the morning, how am I feeling?  Do I have time, energy, do all that. Maybe this list that I wrote needs to be completely modified. Today I work a half day. Tomorrow I work a full day. Today I take an hour off for lunch for myself. I don’t go out to lunch with six friends. I don’t have the energy for it. I have the energy for taking a bath, putting some salts in there and just taking some time for me. How many of you take time for your beautiful soul?

Sometimes the blockage to this is like I said, there’s this old energy inside of us, our
modeling. There are so many people on the planet that their parental modeling was not of
self-care. Most of us had supermoms at this point and the feminine was very masculine still just years ago. I need to do everything. I need to show the world that I’m worth something. And now the feminine’s changing and it’s becoming more receptive and graceful and loving and just as effective and more at ease in herself. And now it’s the embodiment of the feminine, the masculine together in this receptive harmonization for both of those and this more ease as well within the masculine of getting things done and being effective.

So there’s this really cool thing happening within the planet, at this harmonization of the
masculine feminine energies on the planet.  And that’s starting to come into balance, which is really exciting. I know a couple of people right now that their intentions for the new year were more balance. And balance and self-care, it’s a daily practice that can shift. Now what you do is you’re filling yourself up with this loving, self-loving energy which does energize you, does make you feel more vibrant. And then you do have more of this loving energy to give to your children or to the people in your life that you care about. It’s such a beautiful topic and it’s a journey to get to a place where we’re doing it daily. So I highly encourage a practice of just beginning to do a little bit of this each day, even if it’s for five to 10 minutes. If you miss a day, get to it the next day.

So when we work today on helping bring this into your life more, the way I want to do that is through this really beautiful, divinely channeled prayer just for you to help you remove any blockages, obstacles around self-care and your life. So let’s begin by taking, again, a couple slow and deep breaths. I’d like you to repeat after me everything I speak to you right now and then I’ll let you know when it’s time to listen. And please do your best right now to move all your attention and all your awareness into your heart. Place your hands over your heart. Sit down, relax. Close your eyes, connect with your heart, feel your heart, be there for your heart. And as much as you can, stay in your heart the entirety of the prayer. Moving into prayer, repeat after me.

Dear mother, father, God, goddess. I ask you please to be with me here right now and
hear my words. I am ready. I am ready to become who I truly am. I am open to discovering all the many beautiful facets of me. And some of these I know of and some
of these, I feel I do not know of yet. Take a deep breath. And I ask for your assistance
now. I ask you to help me. Take a deep breath. Thank you. Thank you mother, father,

And now please just listen to what I have to say and feel these words move through
your heart. I am seeing in my past that there were times when I thought that I needed
to just try really hard to be loved and I needed to give back to others consistently to
receive that love. In fact, the only way I felt like I could get love was by giving love. The love that I truly seek, it’s within me. And the person that I want to love on the most is me because I know that the more that I do that, the more self-love that I have for myself and I gave to myself, which is not selfishness.

Blessings and thank you!

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