Do you disapprove of yourself at Times?  


It is true we can be our toughest critic. Why do you think this is?  

We have so many feeling as humans and we consistently try to deny them and all that does is build them up into judgment eventually!

Our feelings want to be heard and all the parts of us that have these feelings want to be acknowledged.   

End the cycle of judgment and liberate yourself!

Approve of All Parts of Your at Last!

by Ragan Thomson | Weekly Message #31

Audio Transcript

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Approve of All Parts of You at Last!

Hello, hello, hello everyone. Good day to you. How are you doing today?

Most importantly, the question is how are you being today? Are you letting yourself just be or are you moving super quickly?

Yeah, that rhymed. Are you being free to be you just as you are or are you going, going, going and not stopping? Wow, have I done a lot of that in this life just going, doing, and achieving. And did I catch what the ego tries to do at that time? Boy, I did not catch it. It was trying to stop me from realizing that all I have to do is simply be me just as I am and that is enough.

I was working with a client today and the dominant theme of the session was frustration she could feel of consistently doing talk therapy and all kinds of different therapies over the years trying to get to this place where she finally healed this wound around feeling she was disapproved of as a child. Therefore she disapproves of herself and tries to do more, be more, look pretty at times to show the world that she’s approved of.

How many of you out there have been on this constant journey of trying to achieve something so you can finally be approved of? Because you may not feel like you have been approved of by many you might have a judgment of yourself and that is something we’re going to explore here in a moment. Before we do take some deep breaths to get centered and calm in this space as well as help you connect with your heart space.

We’re going to do five deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. On the out breath please make a sound. On each breath increase the capacity of the out-breath sound so by the fifth breath you’re really letting it go fully and completely. Thank you so much. Now returning to a normal, rhythmic, and quiet breath. Connect with your breath here so you can get to a place of not trying to breathe and just simply breathing. Just notice your breath where it’s at today if it’s restricted or it’s very calm and flowing. Wherever it may be can that be okay? If it’s restricted take another deep breath right here. Breathing in, breathing out, breathing out the breath of life, and your soul breathing through you so beautiful and powerful.

Now, take a moment to feel into this deep connection. Perhaps if you haven’t already done this, take your seat, place your hands over your heart and find that deep connection through your hands to your heart by taking all your attention and awareness into your heart right now. See your heart, feel your heart, and notice your heart as you touch it and do connect within with the electricity of the heart. It is a sacred practice. It is the way to live and lead from the heart. You get better at it as you do it. We want to reside here all the time not just during this grounding work portion of our audio today. That’s really what we’re doing. We’re grounding, calming, and we’re centering.

So if there’s any emotion, energy or feelings that are rising up just let them rise. And if those feelings, energy or emotion wanted to speak out loud saying anything they wanted to say right now let it speak. Maybe it’s saying, oh, I feel so good to be connected with or oh I’m feeling sad. Or oh, it feels so good just to feel this tranquil space with you. Whatever it may be, can you just allow it to rise up? Perhaps you even feel a judgment-you’re so lazy, you’re tired, or where you’re feeling something from your heart some sort of pain around judgment. I’m so sad that you’ve been judging yourself as not worthy or not good enough.

This emotion and energy when we connect with our heart brings up the truth of what’s been going on. It’s also your soul speaking to you because your soul resides in your heart. So allow your soul to speak to you here.

Now, respond to that energy by saying I hear you. I see you. I feel you. Thank you for sharing with me. I want you to just to be with this energy now and through the entirety of the audio. Later, we’re going to move into a prayer and you might be able to work with the energy some more through the prayer.

Before we move into the prayer I want to dive into this disapproving energy that leads to us judging ourselves in certain ways. Sometimes we find ourselves disapproving not only of ourselves but of others, right? We simply cannot approve of them or us. Usually, you find yourself judging someone saying something kind of harsh or just kind of an uncomfortable. You say it and you’re thinking where did that come from? Why am I acting like that? Why am I saying that? And that’s when you’re feeling more conscious, right? If you’re feeling more unconscious you feel righteous in it, right? It’s like, oh yeah, that person’s silly, stupid, not nice or they’re just a mean person.

The only way that we could judge someone and disapprove of them I’m promising you that judgment is already residing within you and that’s the only way that it can be discovered, found and then projected onto another. So I like to say let’s juice the judgment. When you judge someone, notice it, catch it, write it down, put it in your journal because I promise you there’s a lot of forgiveness that’s going to be needed around that judgment of you for yourself. Judging someone as lazy, inconsiderate,  and unkind where there’s really this slight charge behind it like you feel this negative charge is because that judgment in itself was already inside you. Let me explain to you how judgment works.

Really all judgment is just feelings that you had along this journey that was uncomfortable, perhaps even stifling in some way, really intense and heavy. Suddenly, you take it on as the truth of your being. You felt it so many times that you actually started to believe it. And you said you know what? Maybe it’s true. Maybe it’s right. Maybe that that feeling is not just a feeling it’s who I am. And let me tell you it was never who you were. It was just a feeling and feelings are meant to come and to go. They don’t stick around unless we make them stick around and that’s how they stick around. They turn into judgment. They solidify as judgment.

It is painful to have judgment. We don’t want to feel judgment so guess what we do? We distract ourselves and we project onto somebody else so we don’t have to feel our own judgment. Oh, they’re like that. That’s the reason why this energy is inside me because they’re doing this to me. They’re the reason why I feel this way. In fact, they’re the wrong one. They’re the bad one. They’re the disapproved of one. It really is about you. Every judgment is about you. And to heal it is to reveal it and then to forgive it, okay?

So when we move into this prayer today we’re going to move into forgiveness as well as becoming braver to see the judgment and disapproving energy that’s going on in our lives. I find that judgment work really fully resolving through forgiveness has been one of the most liberating practices I could have ever done. I did so much judgment work in this life. It’s so much to do. It was very heavy. I was holding so much judgment of myself. How many of you out there judge others consistently?

Well, then it’s just for you to know that you’ve got a lot of judgment of yourself. I know a lot of people out there are not liking what I’m saying. The way to heal something is to see it. We cannot heal something we cannot see. So please, if you will, go on this journey with me. Connect with God, connect with the Divine. Let’s move forward. Let’s heal the judgment within ourselves. Let’s stop judging others. Let’s liberate ourself. You free yourself when you free yourself of judgment. It is a powerful and important work.  It does require you to forgive yourself anytime you judge yourself in this way because the truth is that’s you being hard on yourself. It’s hurtful. And then because we feel hurt we choose to hurt others, right? Hurt people hurt people. Have you ever heard that before? Let’s turn that hurt into healing integration. Thank you so much.

So right now I’d like you to take a deep breath. Once more moving into prayer together I’d like you to repeat these words with me. Thank you, Mother, Father, God, Goddess. Repeating all these words. I thank you for this very powerful present moment that’s happening right now. For in this space and place, in this present moment, I see the truth of what’s been going on inside me. The truth is I have been judging myself and I have been judging others and I no longer want to do this. Mother, Father, God, Goddess.

I want to free myself. I am ready to free myself. I am ready to see into the depths of my being where there is judgment still that lurks anything and everything within myself that I still disapprove of. These feelings that got trapped inside me as the truth of who I am rather than me just letting them be feelings. I ask you, Mother and Father, God help me see my feelings as an opportunity to integrate the whole of who I am not to resist them and try to push them out or make them go away but to actually feel them. Feel my feelings, be there for my feelings, love my feelings, and let them up and out. Let them move as they wish to because they are temporary. They come and they go. So take a deep breath.

So take a moment now just to listen. Mother, Father, God, Goddess, I ask you for your assistance. I ask you for your help, your support, please send forth courage, bravery, and compassion my direction as I move forward to heal and resolve through forgiveness of myself any and all judgments I’ve had of myself or others. Help me see that my truth is I have always been doing the best I can with the information that I’ve received so far and the circumstances I’ve been given. I picked up this judgment along the way in this journey. The fact that I picked it up is I can also put it back down. I don’t have to live this way anymore. I choose to approve of all parts of me even the parts I used to disapprove of.

I let go of perfectionism. I let go of needing to be right. I let go of needing to be good. I let myself be me now, be the me I came here to be with all my flaws and some of my imperfections that I might seem to think I have, all of this. I love all parts of me even the parts that are standing in the light and all the parts that are still in the shadows of my being. I say yes. I say I approve of you.

To all the shadow of myself come forward. Let me see you. Let me love you even though I haven’t been able to. For so much in the past, I have been scared. I have been afraid. I haven’t known what to do with all these parts and I am ready now to face them to confront them in a loving way in a healthy way. Acknowledge them, hear them, all parts, even the parts in the past that I’ve deemed as not good enough or not worthy. All parts. I’m ready now. Take a deep breath.

Thank you, Mother, Father, God, Goddess for this assistance. I am grateful. I’m asking you for divine intervention to help me move forward to heal and resolve all of these energies all these feelings that have been trapped and locked within. Let them come up. Let them rise. Let myself feel and be there for those feelings as they come and forgive myself for all judgment. I forgive myself for any time that I’ve judged myself.

Please repeat after me. I forgive myself for any time that I’ve judged myself. I forgive myself for any time that I judged myself. Take a deep breath letting it go. Thank you so much, Mother, Father, God, Goddess. I am grateful with these words I say and so it is. Take a deep breath.

Thank you so much for joining me. Blessings to you. Have a wonderful rest of your day. Please listen to this prayer often. Begin the journey of fully resolving any and all judgment you have within yourself. It is beautiful and it leads to freedom. Freedom from within- it’s remarkable. Okay, thanks so much. Bye-bye.


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