Take a look at your life to see where you can feel you might be settling.

If you discover some settling energy why do you think this is happening?  How long has this been going on?  

Change is needed to begin the journey of letting go of this energy that is holding you back from being who you truly are and living as you truly wish to live!

Claim Your Life and Stop Settling

by Ragan Thomson | Weekly Message #30

Audio Transcript

Below is an edited transcript for all of our bibliophiles and hearing impaired community members. We hope you enjoy!

Good Day Everyone. Blessings, blessings. How are you today? How are you feeling?

Let’s all take some deep breaths together. I know I could use some really deep cleansing breaths for myself right now as I can feel this really intense, powerful emotion moving through my body that’s … it’s uncomfortable, actually. It’s been just a powerful intense wave of this emotion and it’s all about this idea of not settling in my life. Have you ever settled in your life?

Let’s just think about that for a second. What does that even mean? It means settling in your relationships, with the job you chose or settling in life in any way. So on that note let’s start breathing because that’s a big note. It’s already bringing up a lot for me for sure. Let’s start by taking some slow and deep breaths. I’m going to count to three and I’d like you to move your breath in through your nose, out through your mouth and on the out breath please make a sound. Please take a seat, uncross your legs and please place your hands over your heart. So let’s begin by starting our first breath. Thank you. Now just moving into a normal breath, just a deeper breath here, a cleansing breath, and becoming an observer of your breath. Feel your breath. See your breath. Observe yourself breathing.  That’s what I mean by seeing yourself breathe. All your focus, all your awareness, and all your distraction just only goes towards the breath with no other distraction other than the breath. Your breath becomes your major distraction right now. What a great distraction to have! If only all of our distractions were around breath.

Now, just taking a moment to take all your attention and all your awareness into your heart’s space and into your heart. Breathe as if you’re breathing through your heart into your heart. Allow yourself just to feel what your heart feels. Perhaps it’s bringing up some emotional energy of sadness, anger, fear, or whatever. Maybe let it rise up and moving it through your heart.

Just notice what you feel now as you connect with your heart and just notice your body. For those of you who have joined me before in audios you know, I love to work with the body. The body gives us so much information about what we’re truly feeling and what kind of possible unconscious resistance we’re already in. This means energy that’s trapped or stuck when it just wants to be and make you aware of it also for you to acknowledge it. See it, hear it, and feel it so it can move and express.

So where might you find some tight or tense energy in your body? Remember to work from this place behind your heart. Behind your heart is this beautiful tranquil space where the soul resides. So if you’d like you can take that step back behind your heart right now. It’s a process. You get better at it. It’s a practice. Just take that step back behind your heart right now. I’m just resting there for a moment. Now examining your body from here. Where might you feel that tight or tense energy?

I want you to think about that tight or tense energy if it’s available to find based on the topic we’re going to be working with today around settling in one’s life. Are you settling in your life in any area of your life? Feel into that question. Where might that bring up energy in your body? Where do you find it in your throat, your chest or your stomach? I feel mine in my stomach right now and as I take that breath into my stomach I hear I’m afraid. I’m afraid to settle and not have what I want in any area of my life that’s not working.

When I look at my life I want you to look at your life and look into yourself where you might feel like you’re settling. I feel some settling energy coming up around my relationship with myself and with a partner. There’s something I’m settling in within myself not being completely myself and that is an act of settling. To not truly exude who you are, to need to shift the way you are to be with someone, to do something for someone to somehow be enough for them or dim your light for them to be worthy of them is settling. These are all ideas or examples of what we might do in reference to what I’m talking about with a person.

You can also settle in your relationship with your money and how you make money. You can settle in your way of how you treat yourself. Maybe you spend money on others but not for you in a self-caring, self-nurturing way. You settle. You say, No, no, I’ll help them not me. Again, just notice any tightness or tension in your body and please breathe into it right now. What does that part of your body say if it can say anything it wants to say. Now just say to that energy- I see you. I feel you. I hear you. I’m right here with you. If there’s anything else you’d like to say please say it out loud right now.

We’re just going to go on this journey, okay? I’d like you to repeat after me to this energy. Is there anything else that you’d like to tell me? Just get out of your own way here. Now, just allow that energy to speak. What does it want to say? Perhaps it’s saying Please help me. I don’t know what to do. How do I become what I’m meant to become? How can I change this thing I need to change so I don’t settle in my life anymore? So please just really feel into that. Feel into what this energy is saying to you. Now, can you respond to the energy?

Just respond. Maybe you say once again I hear you. I know that you’re struggling and I want you to know I’m here for you and this is what I’m gonna do instead. I am gonna stand up for myself. I am gonna make this change and maybe you need to make a time limit for the change. Maybe this energy is saying to you- Right, you said this before and nothing’s changed. Maybe this energy doesn’t believe you. Maybe it’s trying to tell you that you won’t make the change.

So can you commit to yourself in a new way today saying out loud to the universe right now, I am committed to moving forward in my life and making this change, that’s in my highest and greatest so I can be free! Okay. Stating it once more. I am ready to make this change. Stating those words after me I am ready to make this change. And if there’s anything I need to do before I make this change, I’m stepping into those action steps today. Please repeat those words after me. Repeat those words, to the universe to me to who I am. I say yes! I am worthy and I am ready and I want this because I don’t want to settle in my life anymore. So let’s repeat those words. I am ready, I am worthy and I want this. I don’t want to settle in my life anymore. Take a deep and slow breath letting go on the out-breath. Now, check in with that energy and see if you can connect with that bigger greater version of you which is your true higher-self right now.

See if you connect with her bringing all of her or him into your beingness right now meaning around you nearby you. You always have this being this greater version of you. Your higher-self is with you although sometimes we don’t know this. We forget this or maybe we aren’t educated around this. Our higher-self is our true self and acts as like a guardian angel for us until we embody her or him. Please connect with your higher-self right now. See if your higher-self is with you. If you don’t know your higher self yet be that lighter greater version of you which you might feel after a meditation or a great workshop. See if you can tap into your higher-self energy to assist you right now.

Feel the lightness and the brightness of your higher-self. Now bring your higher-self to this energy. Please allow your higher-self to assist this energy further. If there’s something that this energy needed now from your higher-self what might that be to help it feel even more in trust of what you just shared or more supported by you and by your higher-self? What does this energy need? You might hear this energy say I need love. I need to trust you. I need you to help me. I need to build trust. Whatever it might be go ahead and let your higher-self assist right now with this.

Maybe your higher-self is saying I am planning to assist you with this today and every day forward if you’ll let me. Let your higher-self become a part of your life on a much more grand scale than ever before. What is your higher-self doing and saying to help this energy? Can you just receive this loving help and assistance from your higher-self now? Take a deep breath. Just allow yourself. Allow yourself to feel supported, assisted and loved by your higher-self right now.

If you can see your higher-self’s eyes look into her eyes. Feel that love and support that is always available to you. Let this process we just went through be a reminder for you that this is always available. There never is a lack of any kind around support and this is a relationship that we get to cultivate and nurture over the course of time. Thank you.

Now wrapping it up with your higher-self and thanking your higher-self for coming. Just notice where that energy is in your body if it’s shifted or it’s still there. If it’s still there just take your breath and let it know you’ll keep working with it. Again, thanking your higher-self for your own love and support. Perhaps make a new pact with your higher-self to spend more time together. This was extraordinary. Why not do this every day? Take in that deep breath. Thank you so much. With these words, I’m so grateful to be with you today. Have a beautiful rest of your day.


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