We live in an abundant and glorious universe, full of limitlessness and great potential. Although this is a very beautiful gift to realize this, it is true.

For the many they have not yet dissolved what’s called the ego or purified their energy systems enough to not get swept up by what’s called the form-based reality within this dimension.

Many have forgotten who they really are as a soul in a body and they have forgotten that they are One with everyone and everything and there simply is no separation at any point.

The illusion of separation is, perhaps the greatest contagion that exists on this planet at this time, and we ask you with this meditation to remember the truth and wake up, and begin to see your neighbor, your friends, and your family, as one with you rather than separate.

This creates an end to all the pain and rather you begin to live in compassion and understanding that trumps all egoic fear, worry, doubt and pain.

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