Conscious Relationships: Looking inwards to heal and harmonize oneself

Our relationship to ourselves and the choice to explore our inner world is the essence of all the work we do in a conscious relationship with others. As long as we disregard our internal world, we will always see our relationship challenges and irritations as outside of us. Thus, healing in a relationship will feel nearly impossible because the self-accountability piece has yet to be integrated.

Going deep into Conscious Relationship work doesn’t require us to be in a romantic partnership. As long as we have a commitment to know ourselves, we can begin a deep journey of inner self-discovery, learning, and growth.

“To know thyself is to love thyself.”

This is wonderful news for many of us! It means that we hold the key to healing our internal limiting patterns, fears, insecurities, and how our relationships look and feel without having to seek someone externally to change or fix in order to become conscious, free, and at peace.

As we go inward, it is then we can begin to see the immense value and magnificence in the sacred mirror that does exist within all relationships. We begin to see ourselves in another, and we can become grateful for the clear vision of ourselves no matter what is presented. Here lies the gift of healing all parts of ourself leading ultimately to wholeness and divine soul union.

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