We desire to have deeper connections with others, but often we turn outside for the answer to why this isn’t happening as we wished.

Did you know the answer is within you?


It’s an inside job to create how your life looks and feels. Becoming aware of what’s going on inside you is how you will start cultivating sacred and deep relationships with those you love.

They don’t hold the key to this changing, you do!

Deep Connection Starts With You

by Ragan Thomson | Weekly Message #39

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Audio Transcript

Below is an edited transcript for all of our bibliophiles and hearing impaired community members. We hope you enjoy!

RAGAN: Hello everyone. Good day. Good day to you. I hope you’re having a beautiful day today. How are you doing? How are you feeling? How are you being? What’s going on with you today? Really take a moment and check in.

RAGAN: I am feeling light in my spirit. I slept well last night. I had a deep sleep. I had some really sweet snugly time with my beloved, and I felt really at ease with a dream that I had. Things are good. I also had some really sweet time last night with a dear friend of mine. Lots of giggling and laughter. How important is friendship in our life? That’s something I wanted to explore today, friendship. Those different levels to friendship too. There’s those that are close to you, not your closest friends, your dearest friends maybe just those more of acquaintance time friends. And then there’s friends beyond that circle. I imagine us like we’re standing inside of this multiple circles. The circle just outside of you is the one that are the people that are closest to you. And the circle outside of that circle are more people that you’re close to but you don’t hang out as much with but you care about.

RAGAN: And outside of that circle is another circle and those are more of those your acquaintances. For us to get really okay with how that circle and that type of just connection with each circle really is the truth of how it works, and to be okay with it and be secure with that. So often there’s so many people out there that are trying to have all kinds of people like them and love them, and they’re trying to make every part of all those circles close people to them, and they feel guilty and perhaps even not great about themselves when they’re not connecting with all those people. Oh gosh, I haven’t talked to so and so in so long and they are hard on themselves about it.

RAGAN: I used to be one of those people. I remember I was really trying to keep up with a large group of people. And I’m here to tell you today that if you could just count on one hand, some people in your life friends or beloved’s, or a beloved or perhaps a couple family members that you feel extremely close to and you have a close, personal, raw, real authentic conversation and connection with at any point, you can just be yourself. This is a gift. Less than five, one, two extraordinary, and if you don’t feel like you found that yet, let’s create that for you in your life. What might be blocking you from creating a relationship in your life that feels very soulful, and you can just be real and be you and that is enough.

RAGAN: What do you think is holding you back from that? Before I dig a little deeper into this topic, I’d like us to take some slow and deep breaths starting right now. One, two and three. In through your nose, out through your mouth. In through your nose out through your mouth. Please close your eyes, breathe. On this next breath, please connect your hands to your heart. Breathe in through your nose, out through your mouth, make a sound on the out breath. In through your nose, out through your mouth. In through your nose, out through your mouth. Returning just to a normal breath. Just a little deeper breath here. Just noticing your breath. Where are you out with your breath today? By me even just simply bringing up the topic that we’re exploring today you might already feel yourself moving into some resistance, what is resistance?

RAGAN: Any fear or concern, or worry, or doubt that can cause resistance right? It’s not us moving into a place of soulful soul expression and leading with their soul, it’s more of leading within the ego. That’s why we wouldn’t even have resistance. By me just talking about do you have these type of relationships in your life, that could have already brought up something for you. It’s like wait a minute, do I have those type of relationships in my life? Or the relationships in my life right now are relationships that I am consistently trying to be something, or I’m trying to live up to some sort of expectation, or any type of real raw connection is fleeting. It comes and it goes.

RAGAN: I remember with my own partner throughout our lives together, I said lives because we’ve had many lives. Throughout this life together, man has it been just this tremendous amount of growth that’s been transpiring because of our relationship. It hasn’t always been easy I can promise you that. And some of what I experienced with him would be this in and out connection, where I’d feel this deep profound connection and then it would go out again. It was just in and out, in and out. And so whenever one of us was in it, dealing with something internally, our connection would just, it would just be out, just be done. It’s like, “Wow, I felt so close to you and now I don’t.” To have that beautiful, consistent, soulful, unified connection with like I said, just count on one hand, wow, what a gift, and it is totally possible for all of us to have. If you feel like you got that, you don’t quite have it completely, again exploring what are the reasons for that disconnection to happen between you and that person? Or what might be some of the reasons that you feel disconnected number one with yourself?

RAGAN: What disconnects you from you? Disconnects you from your relationship with source, with the universe, with spirit, however you want to call it. This divine greater power that is you, within you, all around you. Yet we sometimes forget it’s there and we feel alone, and we’re pushing, and we’re trying, and we’re wishing to be something that we’re not. And we’re hoping that if we get there at some point to that certain place in our life then we can truly finally be happy and feel seen, and heard, and acknowledged, and just at ease in our spirits. It’s like it’s outside of ourselves. Whereas what I’m talking about to stay connected with oneself, it’s inside you, it’s a connection to you, consistently through some work. Through some inner work to keep that connection.

RAGAN: With all that’s going on and in this world today, with the media, with the issues that are going on in the planet, through the … just the volatility, the religious confusion and confrontations across the globe, the pollution. Some of the issues on the planet, right? There are some. We sometimes get wrapped up in those. We think about those, we get distracted by that. That’s exactly what’s called the ego that you have and I have until we don’t have the ego edging your God, God is self out E-G-O. Wants you to think about, wants you to be distracted by, wants you to focus on the negativity of the world of the globe. What’s happening here? And that’s exactly what we’re supposed to get a handle on, and start to realize, “Okay, yeah some of that might be happening. But what can I do to serve this planet right now that would be of service to me to the planet right now today immediately?” And I’ll tell you what that is.

RAGAN: It is not worrying about the planet. Did you know that any worry and energy sends worry energy to the planet, it sends that energy. Knowing that the globe, this planet, this beautiful Mother Earth that we live on, is going to rise up, and you can do your part and take a positive direction to help. That is the best thing you can do for this planet. That is the best thing you can do for your connection with yourself. It’s going to feel so good. And did you know the more that you connect with yourself, the more you want to connect with others? Have you ever noticed when you’re down and not feeling good, you don’t really want to connect with anybody. You don’t maybe want to answer your phone, the phone rings you’re like, “Why are they calling me? Shoot.” It’s like, wait a minute. They’re calling you because they want to chat with you.

RAGAN: At that moment you feel like, “I don’t really feel like answering the phone. I cannot tell you how many times in this life when I was down and I felt disconnected myself I didn’t want to answer the phone. That was the last thing I wanted to do. And the times when I was feeling alive and well and connected, I was like, “Yeah, answer that phone, I want to talk to somebody.” This is because of our connection with ourselves. It’s so powerful. It’s so important, it’s so real. And it can be absolutely improved over time with good inner work. And the way I’m going to help you with the inner work today is moving us into a prayer. I don’t know a better way to work with energy that’s disruptive, or unsettling, or old material that’s within that’s ready to be moving out through prayer.

RAGAN: Prayer is powerful, it’s important and it works. I ask you for this prayer, please, we’re going to remove any blocks or obstacles that are within you that are ready to be removed around your relationship with yourself, this connection to yourself, so you can truly have those soulful, real powerful, beautiful connections with people in your life. And that one hand or perhaps more than one hand of people that you can really turn to and enjoy those relationships, grow and learn in those relationships, and just fly in those relationships, because that’s what they do. That’s what they do for you when you have them. I just did that with a friend of mine last night, my soul sister. I left nurtured and fed, and I feel nurtured and fed today. It didn’t just end there. I’m still feeling it today. Okay? It’s powerful, it’s real.

RAGAN: All right. So I’d like you to close your eyes and place your hands over your heart. Take some slow and deep breaths. Once more. Good. Excellent. Moving into prayer together. First I’d like you just to repeat what I’m saying out loud. Really let these words move through your heart. We’re going to speak slowly. And then the latter part of the prayer I’ll ask you just to listen, and just once again let all the words just divinely channeled for you today, move through your heart really feel what’s been said here. Okay?

RAGAN: I thank you, I thank you I thank you so much mother, father, God, Goddess for this beautiful divine blessed day. It is extraordinary today. The sun is shining and it’s shining in my spirit, it’s shining on my body. I feel the warmth of the sun. I feel the warmth of this day. I feel the blessings of this day. The blessings of knowing that I am already a unique and divine expression of God. It is true that everything that I’ve ever seek, whatever I’ve looked for, whatever door I’ve tried to push through defined what I’m looking for. It has already and it has always been inside me. There literally is no lack, no limitation, nothing standing in my way other than myself and some of my possible ego attachments that I still have going on.

RAGAN: So I ask you Mother, Father, God, Goddess help me remove anything that has been disconnecting me from myself, my true self, my true divine self, my higher self. I call her or him forward right now. Is my higher self here with me? I want you to really take a moment here, saying that question, is my higher self with me? Take a deep breath. Now just seeing is your higher self with you? Your true divine self. If that’s a yes, wonderful. Saying to your higher self-right now, “Dear higher self-please help me to remove anything and everything that’s inside me, that still holds me back from knowing who I truly am. I need your help. I ask you for assistance. Help me be brave. Help me be diligent. Help me know that there’s nothing that I’ve ever done that is not worthy of forgiveness, because it’s supposedly so bad and wrong, therefore I judge myself. Please, dear higher self, help me forgive myself right now for anything and everything that might be standing in the way again of me knowing all the beautiful bright colors of myself, the shadow and the light, to love all parts of me.”

RAGAN: Take a deep breath and slow breathe. Just for a moment thinking about what it is specifically that you want from your higher self to help you connect more deeply with you on a consistent basis. What might that be? Perhaps it’s love, encouragement, bravery care. Now and ask your higher self, please dear higher self, please offer me more of this on a daily basis, especially when I’m having trouble connecting with myself, because I want to be more connected to myself. I want to have deeper soulful connection with others. I can feel how that’s going to feed me and nurture me, and feed my soul in such ways that maybe I don’t even know about yet, how profound and deep these connections could be. Thank you so much dear herself.

RAGAN: Whatever you asked for can you just receive that right now, from your higher self. Receive it. Perhaps it’s love. Just imagine love just pouring over you from your higher self. Perhaps it’s just an energy just wrapping around you. If it’s care just feel so cared for, feel a big hug coming from your higher self. If its support, would you be willing to say yes to the support going forward from your higher self as you walk forward. Good. Thanking your higher self so much here, and moving back into prayer together.

RAGAN: Dear Mother, Father, God, Goddess I am so grateful for this connection I’ve had here with my higher self. I know that this connection is the connection that teaches me about how to connect with myself, my true self. When I don’t feel connected, perhaps I’m just not connecting in this way, in this deep soulful way with my higher self, and that’s what I see is the true divine powerful way to fully resolve any of these in and outs feelings of connection to me. Where sometimes I feel on, and I feel inspired, and I feel excited about life, and wanting to connect with people and sometimes I just don’t. Which is okay, and I’m just ready for more consistency of feeling on, feeling alive, feeling just inspired in my body.

RAGAN: I’m just really, really excited about consistency with that. I am so, so grateful. Thank you so much for your assistance, your love your guidance, your care. Dear Mother, Father, God, Goddess I am so, so grateful. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. All right, take a deep breath. Let it go on the out breath, make a sound. Excellent. Thank you. And with these words I say and so it is, and so it is. Beautiful. Thank you so much for joining me today. What an honor to be with you, to assist you in this way. I send you love and have a beautiful rest of your day. All right, bye-bye.