In the past, there has been a lack of bringing forward truly conscious and empowering higher teachings into humanity for some time now.

In schools, we are taught various subjects and some of the most profound and important teachings have been left out. It would be most optimal to have a class such as Learning to Manage our Energy System which could help us destress our lives and learn to live in peace. This has led to many people attempting to manage their energy systems without a knowingness of how to do so which has resulted in a great deal of subconscious decision making, immense fear, doubt, insecurity, projections, and limiting patterns that have been playing out within our systems and creating our lives. We hold the master key to our own energies.

It is time to learn to manage our energy system in a healthy constructive way and stand in what’s called sovereignty. We can become empowered by doing this and we hold the key to our inner peace. The form-based reality and the materialistic world will not ever give this to us no matter how we try. We get to learn how to work with our energy system in a loving, caring, kind, compassionate, and forgiveness-oriented way which leads to a calm, centered, and balanced soul connection that is aligned with constructive, heart-centered, and inspiring presence.

We invite you to tune in, sit back and relax and join us to learn more about the truth of who you are on this Steps on the Journey Message.

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