Did you know nature can help you deepen the relationship with your inner self?


Nature eliminates the frenetic energy of everyday life and brings your spirit into ease, which enables you to get to know yourself more deeply, free of all the distraction. 

Nature is a gift waiting to be discovered.

Enjoy it and incorporate it into your life more consistently!!

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Audio Transcript

Below is an edited transcript for all of our bibliophiles and hearing impaired community members. We hope you enjoy!

RAGAN: Hello, hello, hello, everyone. Good day. Good day. Good day to you. Well, I’m just going to be really honest with everybody right now. I am sitting in a beautiful location by a beautiful ocean, and I am just basking in this moment, this holy now. Gosh. Can you hear the ocean waves in the background? If you can, then good. I hope you do.

RAGAN: Do you feel like you ever just get so caught up in life that you just forget to go out in nature? I’m going to talk about nature today. Do you know that your relationship with nature is your relationship with yourself and God? That’s how important it is. It is so crucial. There’s people in the world right now who have no relationship with nature. Nature is literally you find God, where you find your deeper relationship with yourself. It’s such a gift. It’s so beautiful. I want you to know that I wasn’t always in close connection with nature. I was born in close connection with nature, and then I lost my connection for a short time when I was really struggling with myself. I really just stopped going out there.

RAGAN: Before we get going further with this topic, I do want you to take a moment with me and we’re going to take some slow and deep breaths, okay? I’d like you to start by just, if you can, close your eyes. If you can’t, that’s totally fine. Let’s take some slow and deep breath starting right now. Taking the breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. Ah. once more. Ah. Once again. Ah. Excellent. Good. Thank you so much.

RAGAN: What is the goal of these breaths? This is to help you get more relaxed, more centered, more calm in your spirit. So you’re just here with me, just here right now, just noticing that maybe even with after the breath you’re feeling you’re still kind of stirred up, your energy’s a little stirred up, you want them to get moving, you need to do something. Just see if you can just let it all go. If you can hear the ocean waves, just let those take you away, too, because they’re pretty loud right now.

RAGAN: Ah .So just returning now to a normal, deeper breath, a rhythmic, easy-going, deeper breath. Checking with your emotional state of being right now. Are you calm? Are you relaxed? Or could you be kind of tense or stressed? Now, can you just relax into whatever you’re feeling, whatever your emotional state of being is?

RAGAN: And if you’re feeling stressed, or anxious, or whatever this could be, this uncomfortable energy, just take a moment and just notice where might that be coming from. Is it from just some mind chatter telling you what you need to be doing or should be doing? Or did something happen yesterday that was stressful and it’s still with you this morning, or this afternoon, or evening? Just notice that these deeper feelings that might be uncomfortable. Are they coming from your soul or are they coming from your ego? Just noticing. And if it’s coming from your ego, just ask your ego, “Just for this minutes right now, please take a back seat. Not right now.” I’ve learned to do that now with my ego. Nope, not right now. Stepping into the heart, stepping into the soul. That’s what I want to do with you next before we move forward into the topic.

RAGAN: Please take all your attention and all your awareness into your heart, placing your hands next to your heart if you can, feeling your heart right now, noticing your heart, feeling your heart, living inside your heart in this moment, resting there. Just notice that uncomfortable energy now. Is it still just as uncomfortable or is there a little lightening of that energy? Perhaps it’s even completely dissipated. Isn’t that powerful? That is what this practice has the ability to do. It can literally take any emotional, negative, low vibration egoic feelings that are really not serving you. Maybe they’re just from past recordings. Simulacras, simulation, these past recordings ego clings on to pulls and pulls into the now to get you stuck or stifled in your energy. Literally dropping into the heart has the ability to completely dissipate it. Just watch it dissipate. Very good. See if you can stay here within the heart as much as you possibly can as I speak further. Thank you.

RAGAN: So our relationship with nature. I’ve been in nature quite a bit these last days. The only time I’ve ever stepped out of this experience with nature is when I was struggling or I was moving too quickly, too busy. My mind was busy, just like you were noticing before. Maybe your mind was what created some of that emotional state of being that was uncomfortable, right? The mind saying all kinds of unserving, fearful-type energetic statements, too, doubtful energy. You’re not good enough. This isn’t the right thing you should be doing. What are you doing with your life? Oh, gosh.

RAGAN: We’re always clinging on to trying to figure out what can bring us hope. Hope. It’s a powerful, powerful, well, gosh, way of living, really, to live in hope. I have found that I have found so much immense, good energy, positivity, and hope when I’m in nature. Isn’t that interesting? Why would that be so? Because in nature there is meaningfulness. Connection to nature is a connection to letting go of the stimulus, letting go of the concrete, and the doing energy, and needing energy, and the pushing energy. It’s like you just relaxing into this beautiful land that was created by source, by God, by the universe. It’s like, “Wow! Look at this incredible planet. Thank you so much.” Just resting in something that’s simple, not complex.

RAGAN: Nature has an immense amount of simplicity. The complexity completely goes out the window when you’re in nature. Did you notice that? And when we have less complexity, there’s more hope. Because what does hope really mean? Like I was saying, it’s this belief that there’s meaning in life. So often we’re trying to seek meaning in life. When someone says, “I don’t know my life purpose,” what I hear is they’re saying, “I don’t have meaning in my life. I need more meaning in my life.” And when I feel like I’m having some of these energies come over me that are really kind of tough, or icky, or sticky that are just, gosh, you need to be doing more, or you’re not doing enough, or who likes you, who doesn’t like you, what is this all about, how much more time do I have, whatever this stuff is, if I hear any of that residual stuff, I take a moment. I drop in just like I am right now, and I say, “What is off balance for me right now?” So often, I can tell you it’s our relationship with nature.

RAGAN: Some of you might be saying, “No, no, no. I go into nature every day. I am good to go.” Well, good. How has that affected you? Take a moment and really notice the gift of nature in your life. If it’s already so much a part of your life, then fantastic. Yay! Keep it up. And just, yeah, taking note right now the benefits of nature being in your life the way it has.

RAGAN: And for those of you who are thinking to yourself, “Gosh, I rarely go into nature. Last time I went on a hike was weeks ago,” or, “Last time I walked on the beach, it was months ago,” or, “Last time I just sat in the grass, and just laid in the grass, and looked up to the sunshine, and smelled a flower it was a long time ago. It’s been too long,” and so let’s just check in right now for each one of us why. Why have you not gone into nature? What is your relationship with nature? Perhaps something happened along the way in your relationship with nature. Maybe as a child you were deeply rooted in nature and then you met someone who’d wasn’t, and therefore you tried to kind of follow their coattail, like, “Okay, you’re not into nature, then I won’t be into nature.” Maybe it was a beloved or something. Or maybe your parents never brought you into nature. You never really played as a child. You’re not really sure how to do that.

RAGAN: I’ve had clients that literally do not know how to play in nature. So, how do you start playing in nature? Well, one important way is just start getting in touch with your inner child that still wants to play in nature. Did you know that you have an inner child inside you that still wants to play in nature? All of us do, in fact. If it’s not your inner child that might feel a little stuck or still trying to play out the childhood because it was robbed from your child, because that can happen, there wasn’t enough play time, then it’s the inner child that just has that childlike wonder and spirit that just wants to still play. It doesn’t stop. We’re not supposed to age and then suddenly go, “Oh, yeah, no. I don’t. I don’t play anymore. I am older now.”

RAGAN: Playing in nature is essential to having balance in life. This is not a luxury. I want to invite you and encourage you to start seeing playing in nature. Enjoying nature is not a luxury. It’s a part of a maintenance program to help you keep balance in your life, to help you feel more vital in life, energized in life, more hopeful, more excited for life. Let Mother Earth as you are in nature hold you, embrace you, supports you as she does so beautifully and lovingly.

RAGAN: The moment you go out into nature and saying yes to doing this, I promise you you’re saying yes to yourself, which you’re saying yes to your soul, which means nature is like, “Oh, yes. Totally supporting this beautiful soul that decided choose themselves today.” By you going and playing in nature, that’s you choosing yourself. Choosing yourself, capital S self, not lower self, not personality self, your higher, truer Self, your true Self.

RAGAN: Because let’s just be honest, at the end of the day, what really matters? What did you really come here to do in this life? Did you come here to work all the time, and stress, and try to be the best, and succeed in making tons of money and … No, and I have … Listen, make as much money as you like. I’m just, is that what you came here for, though, specifically? Or is it possible you came here to be of service to humanity, and to yourself, and to the awakening of your true self to learn very specific, soulful, heart-centered lessons? And how can we learn these lessons if we’re depleted, and tired, and we’re just go, go, go, go, go? And if we don’t check ourselves on this, I promise you the ego will have you go, go, go, go, go. Believe me, I know this better than anyone. Sometimes to slow down seems hard to do. But once you do it, feels so good. It feels incredible, actually.

RAGAN: So, what is the next choice you have that you’re going to make around getting into nature? And when is this choice going to be made? Check in with yourself right now. What’s next and when? Just notice. Notice your energy now. Is there a lightness in simply even thinking about doing it and getting out there or is there, “Oh, God. This is just going to be a waste of time,” or whatever? Who knows? Just notice.

RAGAN: Now, also stating out loud your intention of why you want to go into nature. My intention for going into nature is so that I can more deeply connect with myself. My intention for going into nature is to connect more deeply with God and myself. Whatever your intention is, please state it out loud. Then, please, in your phone or on a piece of paper, I want you to write down what you’re going to be doing, when you’re going to do it. Make that commitment to yourself and your intention.

RAGAN: It’s good to write it down, right? You might even put it on the calendar on your phone right now. Just make it happen. Look at your calendar right now. Just scan through it if you can. Don’t want to get off this audio and be focusing on your calendar. Please do it afterwards. Take a deep breath right here. Ah.

RAGAN: The last part of this exercise that’s beyond an exercise, it’s a way of life. Once you’re done with that experience in nature, I want you to do some journaling. Journal about what happened for you based on your intention. Just see what comes up for you, okay? Beautiful. Thank you so much. Sending love.

RAGAN: Closing in a final prayer. Short prayer here. You can close your eyes if you can. If not, no problem. I thank you. I thank you. I thank you so very much, mother, father, God, Goddess, on this beautiful, divine, blessed day, this day full of wonder, and magic, and just beauty, so much beauty in nature. I ask you mother, father, God, Goddess, please help each one of us that joined together in this audio today to come into a deeper realization that their time in nature, our time in nature is crucial to the understanding of who we truly are, to the awakening of who we truly are. It helps bring balance into our life and helps connect more deeply with ourselves. Nature is essential to the awakening of oneself. So much magic and wonder can happen while in nature so that we all remember this in a greater capacity, so that it becomes not a luxury in our life, but a part of a maintenance program of doing just that, a true divine awakening of oneself, letting Mother Earth hold us along that journey. Thank you so much. I am so very grateful, mother, father, God, Goddess for these words. Amen.

RAGAN: Take a deep breath. Ah. Once more. Ah. Very good. Thank you so much. Thank you for joining me today. Have a wonderful rest of your day. And get out into nature at some point, today if you can. All right, blessings. Bye-bye.