We live in a beautiful and evolving world that is filled with all types of energies..both light and dark.

Until we have fully dissolved our ego and claimed sovereignty we are at times vulnerable to external energies that can be negative in influence.

We can pick these energies up from the outer world and from people we barely know to those we know and love. This is not a problem, this is a process.

Good to know and thank you God for purifying prayer and mantra that can help cleanse our systems and help remove all negative and gloomy energy.

We will work with Om Vaijra Phat in this message to help drive away all negative energies and Influences.

Also, in case you are new, a few times a month, we share meditations, divine guidance, and inspiration to aid you on your path. The best way to keep up is through email and our social media channels on the right of the page.



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