Let’s be honest with ourselves here- how much fear do you have currently?

Are you aware of your fears? Did you know that when we confront our fears and embrace them we begin to heal them?

It is then that the veil of illusion presented by your fears can lift. So let’s move into courage and choose to see them so that they can be updated to the truth!

We have the power to heal our life! After all healing oneself is an inside job.

See Through The Veil of Illusion

by Ragan Thomson | Weekly Message #29

Audio Transcript

Below is an edited transcript for all of our bibliophiles and hearing impaired community members. We hope you enjoy!

See Through The Veil of Illusion

Good day everyone. Blessings to you, hope you’re having a wonderful day so far.  

If you are feeling any energy in your body that is coming up that is uncomfortable, stress or feared like us to take some deep breaths to work with that energy right now.

Please if you would take a seat somewhere. Place your hands over your heart. Uncross your legs, plant your feet on the floor on the ground. I would like you to take your first deep cleansing breath moving it in through your nose out through your mouth. I’m gonna do five of these breaths. Please on each breath as we go through the breaths I’d like you to increase the capacity sound of the out breath. Really let it go.

Good, thank you so much. Moving into a normal, deeper rhythmic breath right now seeing if you can get in touch with your breath. So now just getting in touch with this energy inside you that was stirred up today whenever you’re listening to this audio. See if you can just get in touch with what that was really about for you. Sometimes the best way to do that is by really accessing a gateway through the body. One of those access points could be your throat so you can just check in with your throat right now. If you feel any tight or tense energy in your throat or your chest what’s happening there? Now your stomach- what’s happening there?

Where might you find some tight or tense energy? If you find somewhere else in the body like the neck or the shoulders that’s good too. Just noticing that the area of the body that might feel tight or tense right now. There’s no right or wrong answer or no right or wrong way to feel or be here. If you have no tight or tense energy then just let this discussion and this process that we’re gonna go through as far as this prayer we’re gonna do today just move you and help you come to a greater state of grounded-ness and a greater state of energized feeling and vitality in your body because of this time.

So what is this energy saying to you right now? If it could speak to you this energy that was stuck what is it saying out loud? I want you to take a moment and feel into that energy and let the energy know that you see it. I see you, I feel you, and I hear you.  I’m right here with you and I’m not going anywhere. I’m gonna be here with you right here with you. Meaning through the entirety of this audio I’d like for you just to be with that energy, just hold it, and letting it know that you’re bringing it into this prayer today.

What I’d like to discuss today is something very important and just so impactful once we get a good handle on it. It is our relationship with fear and examining how it affects our lives. This topic could be discussed more than it is. It’s so important to understand it and get a handle on it. Fear is very debilitating. Some people who are living in chronic fear have all kinds of illnesses. They turn it into diseases sometimes, cancer. That’s what fear can do. What it really does as we fear things it also can work to lower our immune system so that’s why it can lead to these more serious illnesses, disorders, and diseases. Someone who has a level of fear they work with every day that’s not so debilitating can lead to stress. That can lead to feeling anxiety, anxiousness and just an overall sense of beingness that’s just not very settling. I know this from my life firsthand. I used to have so much more fear than I do now. I lived in fear. I felt like I was afraid of walking down the hallway. It was dark.  I needed to turn on the lights. I’d lock the doors behind me as soon as I came inside. It probably didn’t help very much that my family decided to have me watch these rated R scary movies at a young age, my goodness. I don’t know how many of you had the experience of having a family member say “No big deal just go ahead and watch that movie”.

Everything that we put in our mind becomes a part of us so that’s what is also super important to talk about. What are you putting in your mind? What information are you receiving? What are you choosing to bring inside? What media are you watching? What papers are you reading? What are you bringing into your life as far as energies that your little human-computer inside you is storing? That’s a choice. Someone will say, “Oh I read the paper every morning” and they’re super proud of that. I’m like “Wow, how’s that going for you?”. I’ve seen the difference in someone reading the paper in the morning just recently with a friend in fact. They were really light when I saw them and then they had a 30-minute window before I saw them again. There were a paper reading experience and this woman completely changed. She just went from light almost too dark. If only she could see what I saw.

Wow… her demeanor, her energy changed and I said to her, “What did you read?” And she said, “Oh you know there was this stuff going on in the world. There was this violence that was happening over in Egypt and I just felt so sad.” I said, “Wow was that beneficial for you to bring in that? What is that bringing up for you now?” She’s like, “I’m just afraid for these people.” I said to her, “Don’t you think you have enough fear that you’re already working with from your own past timeline to bring in more fear from around the world?” I understand what it’s like to be informed. You want to be informed to some degree and what we can really do.  The greatest gift that we can really give to self and this planet right now is to not bring in more fear into our consciousness and to work with the fear that we already have. Don’t we have enough fear on the planet already? We don’t need to take on that fear as well as our own. Take a moment and take a breath right here.

Really feel into what I just said. This is really important. I got this many years ago. I stopped reading those articles in the paper and watching those movies. I stopped wanting to bring in more fear inside me so that I’d have to work with that fear too. I already had enough to work with. So what are some of the fears that you have currently that just come from your past? Maybe it’s the fear of not being good enough, the fear of not being worthy, the fear of dying, the fear of abandonment…fear people aren’t going to like you. Are these fears that you might have right now? If they are those are enough to work with. These fears if they’re not addressed, confronted, loved upon, seen and understood just like we were doing at the beginning of this audio today it’s likely that we might end up believing in what we’re fearing and then create it.

We will create people in our life that seem to not care for us or like us the way we want to be cared for or liked. We’ll manifest the experience of having maybe more people in our life that don’t view us as worthy and don’t view us as enough. This is what we bring in when we begin to believe in the fear. The fear manifests itself. This is the truth. What is it that you want to bring more of into your existence? Do you want to bring in more light or more darkness? Fear basically brings in darkness. That’s the bottom line.

Is it easy to stop fearing? No. Is it possible to stop fearing? Yes. How do we do that? Again, starting to get real with what your fear is number one. What are they? List them. Put them down on a piece of paper and then start stating the truth. Let’s say your fear is saying you’re never gonna be worthy. You’re always gonna have to try to earn people’s love. The truth is… wow, is that true? I’m never gonna be worthy? Who’s saying that? Your soul or your ego? The ego’s saying that. The ego’s gonna say all kinds of stuff to you to stop you from growing, evolving and expanding. That’s what it’s always trying to do.

So who are you going to believe? The ego or your soul? What’s your soul say to that comment? You were born worthy. Nothing you’ve ever done has changed that. You are a Divine Expression of God. You have everything you need. Everything you desire is already within you. You don’t need to earn people’s love. The love that you seek is inside. It’s inside you. How powerful is that? Confront the fear by saying this is the fear that I have and this is the truth. My truth is… tap into your soul and just rewire it. You might have to state that as a mantra around certain fears a few times a day. Write down the truth. State the truth. I promise you this is gonna do a rewire and it’s more simple than you think.

We do need to get brave. We do need to be real with what our fears are so I’m gonna move us into a prayer to help us work with fear. I’m gonna help you become more empowered through this prayer around your relationship with fear and your courage to address it to confront it. So I’d like you to sit down in your chair again if you’re not already seated. Place your hands over your heart. Begin to take some deep breaths. Please repeat these words until I tell you differently. Thank you, thank you, thank you Mother, Father, God, Goddess. Thank you for this beautiful, divine blessed day. I am so grateful because I am alive. I am here and I know that with this breath that I have today I get to choose to be here to be alive. My breath is a gift and I know sometimes I forget this. I ask you Mother, Father, God, Goddess, help me remember this more today than ever before. Take a deep breath. Letting it go. And now please just listen.

Mother, Father, God, Goddess, I notice one of the reasons why I sometimes forget the gift of life, the gift of me being here is because I have had so much fear…fearing this way of being that I have stepped into like I have learned to fear life to motivate myself, fearing if I’m good enough, fearing if I’m worthy, fearing if people are gonna like me, fearing if I can be loved fully in this life, fear if I’ll find love fully in this life that is genuine. I see that these fears have really been holding me back from me stepping into the truth of who I am. I also see that these fears are an illusion created by the ego, not by my soul. I get to choose today to do things differently around fear to feel it, to see it, to embrace it and to transform it. I no longer get to be overpowered by my fear because here’s the thing, I realize that the fears haven’t been overpowering me. I’ve been giving power to the fear and that’s just not working for me anymore.

I take my power back today. I deserve that. I see through the veil of illusion around every fear of my life. I state the truth of who I am and what’s the truth around that fear. The truth is I am worthy. The truth is I am good enough. The truth is I am a Divine Expression of God in everything I seek, in everything I desire it is within me and it has never been anywhere else but there. I have forgotten it sometimes. I know with me accessing these energies, ready to access these energies I tap into a divine well of spirit, of God, the universe. I am limitless in this spot in my body in this beautiful sacred spot the space behind my heart- this divine space behind my heart where the truth resides, where my soul resides…sacred spot where I can access all of me, the real me that does not have fear that sees life as a gift. Thank you so much Mother, Father, God. I ask you for your help, your assistance, as I move through and heal all fear in my life over the course of time. I ask you for courage, support, and assistance. I am so grateful. Thank you so much. And with these words I say and so it is. Taking a deep breath, letting it go. Good. Excellent. Thank you so much for joining me today. Truly it’s always a gift to be here with you. Have a beautiful rest of your day.


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