Do you ever wonder “How did I end up in my birth family when I feel so different from them?”


Why does this happen? Did you know you had a great hand in this happening?

It’s all for your highest and greatest good whether it feels like it or not. It’s up to us to begin to awaken to the true divine lessons we came here to learn and our family both biological and soul helps us to do so. Our biological family and our soul family both are in our lives to help us grow. Both are available to you!

Soul family members are gifts to be cherished.  As we heal our relationship with our biological family we make room for more soul family members.  Bravery and courage is needed and you can do it!

The Sacred Gift of SOUL Family

by Ragan Thomson | Weekly Message #36

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Audio Transcript

Below is an edited transcript for all of our bibliophiles and hearing impaired community members. We hope you enjoy!

RAGAN: Hello, hello, hello everyone. How are you? Blessings. Blessings to you. Good day. Good day, good day, good day. How are you feeling today? Are you feeling light in your spirits? Are you feeling a hip-hop in your step? Are you feeling stressed? Are you feeling anxious? Are you feeling excited? What are you feeling in this moment right now? Take a moment. Take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Letting it go on the out-breath. Once more, take that deep breath. Let it go on the out-breath. That’s right. Make a sound on the next one. Take that deep breath. Breathe in through your nose, out through your mouth. Good, good, good. Excellent.


Please take a seat if you’re not already seated for this audio today. Thank you so much for joining me. Take a seat just so you can be in the moment right now with me. If you can’t sit down, you are moving around. That’s okay too. Just if you can, please sit down and just really take in these words. The first thing I would like to do before we move into the topic and then a beautiful prayer, divinely channeled right for you today. Please, I would like for us to all take all of our attention and all of our awareness into our sacred heart space.


Take all your attention and awareness into your heart, taking those deep breaths as you find your way there, feeling into your heart. Placing your hands over your heart space is very beneficial. Place your hands over your heart, connecting with your heart. Just notice where you’re at with your heart today. Is it open? Is it available to you, to others? Or perhaps is it feeling a little bit closed? If it’s feeling a little bit closed, can you give yourself permission to open it a little bit more, right now, for this time together?

Just opening it a little bit more. Good. Taking that deep breath. Once more, taking that deep breath. Excellent. Thank you so much. Thank you for joining me today. This is so nice.


I want to talk to you today about something that it’s crucially important to get an understanding of. It has been something so important to me in this life to really start to come to peace with. As they say, spiritually, we get to choose our parents, right? There’s this idea we get to choose our parents, this perception, this supposed truth.

For some of us, we don’t know that, right? Some of us think, “Oh no, I didn’t choose my parents. I got chosen. There is no way those parents are mine” That does exist on the planet. Then there is always the one parent, we say, “Oh, I chose that, but I couldn’t have chosen the other one.” Well, here is the thing. Most of us chose our parents, and we choose our parents for a reason, to teach us very specific lessons in this life, but we didn’t choose all of our relatives. We chose our parents, usually.

Sometimes a parent, or under certain circumstances, will end up in your life without you choosing them. This is not as common. There are many reasons why this might happen. Usually, it’s karma, and/or it’s usually kind of like one of the parents got stuck in the draft on the way in, not only to stop you, to stifle you from growing and expanding, but as well to challenge you in ways you may never have been challenged before in another life, so that you finally do learn the specific lessons you came here to learn.


Did you know that? That’s something very important to first understand. Did you know that you as a soul had very specific lessons you came here to learn? Perhaps one of your lessons is to love yourself unconditionally, to love others unconditionally. Perhaps another one is to be compassionate towards yourself and others. Perhaps another one is to learn how to respond to energy rather than react to it, to be humble, to have humility. These are all certain lessons, right? I have been learning what those are over the course of time.

Those who are a little older, ancient souls typically have a lot of lessons to learn. So, don’t be surprised if you’re thinking to yourself everything I just mentioned. That’s you. But it’s like this web you see where everything connects together, and you start to think “Wow, I guess I’m supposed to be learning this thing because it just keeps showing itself in all these different ways and different circumstances, different faces, different names. At the end of the day, I came in, and I chose this family, these parents at least, and sometimes I have been extremely challenged by that choice. In fact, I’m not feeling very close to my mom or my dad right now. I don’t know if I ever will be. We are so incredibly different. In fact, I don’t know if I can forgive them for how they treated me. I can’t forgive them for the pain that I felt throughout my childhood. They weren’t there for me. They weren’t available.” I’m not saying you’re all thinking that. I’m just saying there might be a little bit of that going on. Maybe you didn’t feel heard. You didn’t feel seen, acknowledged, validated for who you were just as you are. This is common on the planet.


Conscious parenting was not as available to us as it is now. There are so many conscious parenting books now and parents that are practicing it. Whereas most of us, especially the ones in our 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and on did not have conscious parents. If we had a conscious parent, if you were one of the lucky ones, you had one conscious parent. What does that mean, you had a conscious parent? You had a parent that heard you, saw you, loved you, just as you checked in with you and really celebrated you as you, not trying to make you be someone perhaps because their dream wasn’t met in some way.


So now, they’re living vicariously through you and hoping that you can fulfill the dream that maybe they never fulfilled. Well, that isn’t conscious. That’s not a conscious parent, and it’s hurtful. Pressure oriented, painful, in fact, can be debilitating to one’s growth and evolution. We might end up trying to be something this whole life that we are not. So, I’m here to say and to celebrate something that is true and is real, and it is amazing, and it’s something I take great pride in figuring out for myself in this life and discovering.

Is this idea of the biological family possibly being not as much in frequency as you’d like? And that can be sad and there’s a mourning process to that. But what is available to all of us is what’s called soul family, our divine soul family members. I, now, have had a soul momma, two soul dads, and … I’d actually call them soul fathers. I have had at least now a few soul sisters, one deeply amazing, deeply connected soul sister in my life.

The other is just wonderful sisters, sisters, though really truly soul sisters. Soul-based, meaning they came into your life later. You chose them. They chose you, and there is this profound, easy, graceful, loving connection that’s authentic and real. You don’t have to try to be anything. You don’t need to push through doors to make it work. It just is what it is. It is working already when you meet them, and it just continues to expand and grow and develop into something greater, better, lighter, and just more beautiful over time. That’s what is available with soul family. Truly profound.


So, when there are those days where you are thinking, “God, I miss this deeper connection with my mom and dad or my family, my sisters, my brothers, my cousins. I just feel like when I’m with them, it’s great, and then it’s not great. Then when I’m away from them, I miss them. Then I get back together with them, and it’s like it is work. I was so excited to see them, but then I got back together with them, and it is work where we are different. It’s hard. I’m fighting to be acknowledged. I’m fighting to be recognized for who I am, and I know they are the same. We just don’t see eye to eye.”

And perhaps you weren’t meant to see eye to eye, and you’re meant to move into a place of acceptance for what is the relationship for what it is. There is no bad. There is no wrong about it. There is no judgment about it. There is no trying to make it be something that it’s never going to be. There are love and acceptance for what it is, and maybe that’s not the kind of love and the kind of genuine affection and attention you deserve or want. So, therefore, you can find your soul family members, and I promise you. I promise you they are available to you just as much as they’ve been available to me.


We all have a soul family that is available to us in this life. It does take you to say, “I’m ready for that,” and to start to open our eyes to seeing them and feeling them and cultivating those relationships. Sometimes, we think, “Oh, that’s going to be challenging. That’s going to be hard to cultivate a relationship now, and maybe they’re not going to love me or like me. Maybe they’ve already got plenty of people in their life that they love and like them, and they’re already full.” Could it be that that’s not true and that these relationships that come into your life are sacred and they’re available to you? Yes, it takes a little courting, right? As they say, the courting period to get to know each other and just watch that relationship grow.


I had a beautiful courting period with my beautiful, dearest soul sister in this life. It was fun. It was full of little messages and dinner dates and walks and laughter and tears and it kept growing and expanding, and I kept seeing, “Wow, this is a union that it just expands. It just keeps growing,” and that is a soul family member, a relationship that grows and expands. You can be yourself in it. You can be real. You can be you. That’s a special, special relationship, and if you’ve only got a handful of those people in this life, that is amazing. You are blessed. You are lucky. That’s a blessing if you just had two.

You’re blessed and lucky that you have those two soul family members that start today until you pass. Yes, those are spectacular relationships, blessings in our life. So, if you’re thinking yourself right now, “I don’t have this yet. I want this,” maybe it’s even bringing up some emotion for you of sadness that you haven’t found it yet. Well, it is not too late. Everyone has the ability to manifest soul family members, okay? All right.


I like to move us into a prayer to not only instill hope for you that you’ll find more, but also excitement and joy about doing so and removal of any obstacles or blocks that might be standing in the way of you doing just that, exploring and discovering soul family members either for the first time or to bring in a couple more, because these are some sacred unions that help us grow and expand and to truly become who we are. That’s how special these relationships are. So, I wanted to talk to you about that today and to a beautiful prayer.


So, I’d like you to close your eyes, take some deep and slow breaths. A couple more, and one more time. Good. Moving into prayer together. I’d like you to repeat after me these words first, and then I’ll move into saying the prayer, and I’ll just have you listen at some point. Thank you. Repeating after me, dear mother, father, god, goddess. I thank you for this magnificent day full of so many blessings. The number one blessing being that I am here, I am alive. I am a soul and a body doing the very best I can to exude my true self in this life to be who I truly am, to know who I am completely, and to love every part of me.


Take a deep breath. I’ve walked through this life at times feeling stressed or sad because I didn’t know who I was. When I looked at my life, I looked at people in my life, my family, in fact, my biological family. And sometimes, I didn’t feel like I fit in. Sometimes, I didn’t feel like I was getting seen or heard or acknowledged. I am ready to see that for what it was and to allow myself to rise up at any of the sadness, any of the resentment, and see what is truly available to me beyond my biological family, which is soul family.

I have the ability to manifest my soul family, and I say yes to that. I say yes to that. Mother, father, god, goddess, please hear my prayer. I now invite you to listen to me please and just allow these words to move through your heart as I say this prayer out loud. Mother, father, god, goddess, as I said before, I am ready to become who I truly am and to allow myself to be given the gift of finding more people in my life, in fact, soul family members, to help me to see more of the truth of who I am, to become more at ease with who I am as I am, not trying to be something for people that perhaps I’m not in full frequency with energetically.

So, in the past, I’ve tried to shift myself or become something for them so that I could finally feel the love that I supposedly have been seeking this whole life. Help me, mother, father, god, goddess, to remember that the love I seek comes from within me first and foremost, as I feel that and as I claim that I have the ability to manifest others who also have that within them, and have claimed that for themselves, my soul family members. We’re seeking, pushing, trying to find those who love me as I deserve to be loved, as I want to be loved. This love is available to me right now.

There is no lack. There is no limitation of anything that I seek because it already is within. It is already without. I am God in a body. Everyone around me that I care about and love is God in a body, and there are those that I am more infrequency frequency with than others, and that is okay. My personality matches better with certain individuals. The love in my heart is an equal frequency to certain individuals more than others. And those I feel like I can go deep with, be real, authentic. These are my soul family members.


I ask you, mother, father, god, whatever obstacles, whatever limiting energy of any kind that is standing in the way of me finding and discovering more of my soul family members or my first soul family member right now, I ask you, please, remove anything and everything that is ready to be removed from my body so that I can stand in the light of God and the light of knowingness that everything I need and everything I desire, it is already within me. By adding in soul family, I’m just adding to my already whole beautiful life.

They’re not filling a void. They’re not feeling needy energy that’s going on inside me. They are authentically helping me grow, to shift, to change, to transform into my highest and greatest good, so that I can fully realize my greatest potential in this life. This is what soul family does for me. This is what I know is true. I’m so, so grateful for this. Thank you so much, mother, father, god, goddess. Give me courage to walk forward and to let go of what does not serve me, including those who do not serve me, and to spend more time with people and energies that do serve me, so that I can truly awaken completely in this life and surround myself with others who are also on the path to awakening, exuding love for each other with reciprocity in mind, always.


I am grateful for these words. Thank you so much and so it is. Good. Take a deep and slow breath. Thank you so much for joining me on this beautiful audio today. I’m so grateful. It was so lovely, and I am honored to share this prayer with you and this message with you today. Many beautiful blessings once again, and have a wonderful rest of your day. All right, thanks so much. Bye-bye.