Did you know that in order to move forward in your life you need to have the will to do so?


Some of us have a great amount of will within, and some of us struggle with finding the will to make choices that are for our higher good.

Claiming your will takes practice but it will help you gain control of your life and emotions, as well as make the right decisions in your life.

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Audio Transcript

Below is an edited transcript for all of our bibliophiles and hearing impaired community members. We hope you enjoy!

RAGAN: Hello, hello, hello everyone. Good day. Good day. Good day. Good day to you. How are you today? How are you feeling? How are you feeling? Are you feeling light in your spirit? Are you feeling vibrant? Are you feeling ready for this day? Have you already had your day going for a while and it’s been going well, or have you been feeling maybe stressed or tired? Where have you been with your day today? Just do a little check-in. Take a moment to check-in. As well, before we move on after this check-in, I’d like to do a little breath work with you to help you relax in your spirit. You don’t need to sit down. You can walk around by doing this, or sit down. Please, if you can sit down, do.

RAGAN: Please close your eyes, and place your hands over your heart space. If not one hand, both hands. Please. Thank you. Once again, just feeling into your day, feeling what you’re feeling right now. Are you feeling light? Are you feeling easy in your spirit, or are you feeling some stress? Okay, just relax into whatever you’re feeling, just letting it rise. Now taking these breaths, I want us to breathe in. As you breathe in the breath basically of life, of spirit, of God, of your soul, right? That’s how amazing the breath is. I want you to say to yourself internally, “Breathe God in. Breathe God in.” “Breathe God out,” on the external, on the out breath. Okay, one, two and three.

RAGAN: Your first breath. On the out breath, breathe God out. Two more, breathe God in, breathe God out. Once more, breathe God in, breathe God out. Once more, we’re just going to do a deep in-breath, and on the out-breath please make a sound. Ahhhhhhh. Good. Just returning to a normal breath. A light, easy, normal breath right here. Good job. Thank you. Just now noticing your day, your moment in this day, this very present moment, you felt what you felt before the breath work. Now what do you feel after the breath work? Just notice if there’s a change.

RAGAN: If you do notice a change that’s helped you become more at ease or lighter, can you imagine doing this simple breath work practice simply a few times a day, how much better or lighter or greater your day would be? It’s true. It’s that easy. I highly encourage a few breaths throughout the day. I’m always wanting to encourage that as a teacher in the world. Thank you for joining me. I want to dive right in to a topic that I find to be, gosh, it’s so important. It’s so important, and I think you’re going to really resonate with this today.

RAGAN: If you don’t, maybe it feels new to you, then congratulations. It’s something that you really want to have a good handle on and understand better, which is this idea of having a great deal of human will spiritually. Do you know how important that is? Oh yes. This is important, especially if you’re one of those lovely souls out there that is attempting to heal and reveal the truth of who you are. I mean, we’re all really doing that, whether we know it or not. And whether or not you complete that mission in this life or not, it doesn’t matter. The truth is, we all have what’s called will, some of us more than others.

RAGAN: I’m here to tell you that your will can increase, and it is a requirement to have a great deal of will to move forward on this path. Let’s be honest, it’s not always easy doing this work internally, right? Sometimes you feel that you might hit something within yourself, like a part of yourself in the depths of your being that is uncomfortable or it could be scary to face. Or you might be noticing a fear that’s been inside you that it’s really been debilitating. You’re just realizing, wow, I’ve had this for a very long time. There’s so much that we can confront at some point along the path energetically healing wise.

RAGAN: When I say the word confront, that’s a positive word. That’s not a word of confrontation. That’s you confronting the energy, standing up to it and saying, “Okay, what’s going on here? What is this energy?” I want to not only confront it, but then I want to embrace it. Right? That’s the next step. How can we confront energy that we’re afraid of, or embrace energy that we’re afraid of, if we don’t have a great deal of will? The will is our intention or our desire to move forward. It gives us strength to want to do the work. The way that I’ve seen it to increase will, is to keep having victories around saying, “This is what I intend to do. This is my wish of what I want. This is what I desire.”

RAGAN: And to follow through with it, and to notice it, not just to kind of run past it and go, “Oh yeah, I did that. I said I was going to do that, and I did that.” To celebrate yourself upon those victories, that helps to increase your will. There’s a part of you that starts to grow and trust of oneself. You start to feel more trusting of yourself and your ability to move forward. Your ability to confront energy, your ability to embrace energy. This deep intention of your soul to become the walking embodiment of itself in human form, which is really what we’re all up to, whether you knew that or not today. If that is the truth, and it is the truth, then we’re going to have days where it’s easier than others.

RAGAN: This is not a feat that you accomplish overnight. Every day is a different day. Every day you have perhaps the overall intention. Let’s call that the umbrella intention. It just kind of wraps around the entire mission of your soul, which is this intention to heal and reveal the truth of who you are. Let’s say that’s your overall intention. Your desire and your intent is to accomplish that. You know that just from the bottom of your soul to the tip top of your heart, to the sky, to the moon and the stars. I just made some stuff up there, super silly. You just know that’s what you’re here for. Maybe today because of this audio, you’re starting to feel like, you know what, maybe that is what I’m here for.

RAGAN: I want us all to take a moment and just be still and quiet for a moment. First off, you want to figure out what are you willing to happen in your life? Why do you want this will in your life? What is it for? Could it be that you are here to heal and reveal the truth of your being, your soul’s values, your soul’s lessons? You came here, you came here to learn and to grow. That’s why you’re here, no other reason. Which means, this is another truth, you may not like it. Some of you already know it, so it won’t be a big deal for you. Some of you may not have heard this before.

RAGAN: When you transition, when you drop this body that you’re in and move on to the next phase of your journey as a soul, perhaps a new body or perhaps you did reach a phase of completion onto maybe being, I don’t know, a spirit guide, working on the council, moving onto a different realm. Who knows, right? But you as a soul, you came here with this ability to learn and grow. When you transition, you chose that learning and growth, and that’s what you take with you. That’s the only thing that you take with you is the learning and the growth that you accomplished as a soul in this life. You don’t take the money, you don’t take the cars, you don’t take the businesses, you don’t take the relationships.

RAGAN: Although relationships are wonderful to help you learn and grow. Although businesses are helpful to help you learn and grow, as well as having more abundance, it helps you to learn and grow. There’s things that we learned through these external circumstances, but it’s all about the learning and growth. If that’s true, what do you will today? Do you will to learn your soul’s lessons and values and complete, or do you will something else? What do you intend? What do you desire to have happen for you in this life? If this audio is making you uneasy, or your feelings of energy rise up just by what I’m saying, then again, congratulations. We want to know what is going on inside of us.

RAGAN: If you’re feeling uneasy or there’s stress from what I’m saying, most likely it has something to do with either judgment, blaming, shaming, or fear. Which one does that energy have to do with right now? For example, if it’s fear, could it be the fear that I don’t know how to do that? I don’t know how to will myself to waking up and healing and revealing the truth of my being. I don’t know how to do that. I’m afraid I’ll never do that. What if I fail? Good to know that you have that fear, right? Shine the flashlight on it. That is like a huge part of the journey to heal this stuff. So shine the flashlight on your fears. Let the ego be seen. It dissipates it so much more rapidly. More than you can imagine.

RAGAN: What do you will to happen for you in this life? Claim your will right now. Speak out loud. “I claim my will to do what?” State your intention right now. I want you to repeat after me this full sentence now. “I claim my will, and I intend to,” finish that sentence. “Please, I ask you,” repeating after me, and “Please I ask you,” take a deep breath, “Mother, father, God, Goddess, help assist me to remove any obstacles, any limitations that might be standing in the way of this happening right now. I am grateful for this assistance.” Take a deep breath. Excellent. Now I want you to, if you can either on your phone or on a piece of paper, write down what you just spoke out loud.

RAGAN: I claim my will today. Basically, “I claim my will and I intend to.” This is what you’re writing. “I claim my will and I intend to,” whatever that is, “in this lifetime. I ask you, mother, father, God, Goddess, please help me remove any obstacles, any limitations that might be standing in the way of this happening right now.” Take a deep breath. Remember, this is recorded on an audio. If you don’t have a pen or you can’t write it down, please come to it later and re-listen to it. What I’d like you to do is hang on to that piece of paper or look in your phone. I want you for the next seven days, this is a practice, I want you to read it seven times. You can read it seven times all at once, or seven times at different points of the day.

RAGAN: Reading that, this is a reclaiming of your will practice, and it feels super good to you. Let me tell you, you can keep going. Start with the seven days. Okay? Aw, thank you so much. We’re going to move out of this audio today with a closing prayer. I’m just very grateful to be here with you. You want to take a slow and deep breath, moving into prayer. I thank you. I thank you. I thank you so very much, mother, father, God, Goddess, for this beautiful divine blessed day. I am so very grateful, for I know right now in this moment for myself and for all the listeners here, we are reclaiming our will to a higher degree than ever before.

RAGAN: What we intend to have in this life that is in our highest and greatest good, it’s happening. It’s happening right now. I ask you, mother, father, God, Goddess, to help all of us to remove any kind of fears, doubts, worries, insecurities, any needy energy, any limiting beliefs, any control strategies, any safety strategies, anything of a lower dense nature that is attempting to stop our will from coming in to do just that. Which is to intend to become the walking embodiment of our true soul selves in this life.

RAGAN: I ask you for this assistance. I am grateful for this assistance. Thank you. Thank you so very much for this clearing that’s happening right now, reclaiming our will so that we can move forward in our life and find even more joy, even more peace, more light, more expansion of consciousness. These are the gifts. Thank you so much. With these words I say, and so it is. Take a slow and deep breath. Once more. Excellent. Thank you so much for joining me. Many blessings. Have a wonderful rest of your day. Okay. Talk to you soon. Bye-bye.