What do you choose and intend for 2022? What is your highest spiritual aspiration and focus? 

Allow 2022 be a time of great internal focus and concentration on the Light of your Soul! We have immense opportunity to rapidly shift into greater consciousness this year as it is being supported by exceptional divine support! The time is NOW. If we allow some unresolved part of ourself to take the wheel in our systems, we can become distracted. Focus is required, possible and so worth it! It leads to deep internal peace, profound love, and joy flooding internally and externally.. every moment is an opportunity to choose the light, to choose love, and to choose to embody your soul!

I invite you to tune in, sit back and relax and join me to learn more about Connecting with your Soul in 2022 on this Steps on the Journey Message.

Also, in case you are new, a few times a month, I share meditations, divine guidance, and inspiration to aid you on your path. The best way to keep up is through email and my social media channels.




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