Did you know that we have the power to resist change in our lives or we can embrace it?

When we embrace it we are saying yes to transforming ourselves into who we really are!

If we resist change, we deny ourselves the growth required by our soul to obtain wisdom, experiences, and love.

Embrace change today and you will find a great deal of inner freedom within.

No more restrictive energy, flow easily with life!

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Audio Transcript

Below is an edited transcript for all of our bibliophiles and hearing impaired community members. We hope you enjoy!

RAGAN: Hello, hello, hello everyone. Good day. Good day to you. Hi. How’s it going? How are you feeling? What’s going on with you today? How are you feeling? That’s my first question. Truly, check-in with how you’re feeling right now. Light, easygoing, stressed, happy, angry. Okay, take a deep breath. Allow yourself just to feel that, relaxing into that feeling. Where are you at mentally? So we just did feelings, right?

RAGAN: Now we’re mental. Where are you at with your mind? What’s been going on with your mind right now? Not even just today, recently. Has it been just moving and going or have you been kind of finding some space in there and just more quiet in your spirit within the mind? Where has it been for you? Yeah, there’s been kind of obsessive thought, which by the way is very common. Kind of mentally obsessing around something, right? Oh God, I have to think about this over and over. What’s that thought? What have you been thinking about? Just notice. Taking another deep breath.

RAGAN: Can you just relax into whatever that thought is or whatever’s been going on, you and your mental capacity, just letting it be okay. Perhaps you have been mentally moving your mind quite a bit. So can you just take a moment right now and just allow yourself to see it, relax into it, not resist that you’ve been doing that.

RAGAN: Now, where have you been at physically? What’s your body been feeling like? All right. So have you been feeling a lot of tension in your body? Have you been feeling weak, energized? What you’ve been feeling? Let me know now or let yourself know really. You could state it out loud to me. I can hear you energetically. Again, can you just relax into whatever the sensations are that have been going on in your body? Maybe even take a deep breath right now into that place in your body that might be having some physical pain or energy right now. It’s like if you’re breathing through that place in your body?

RAGAN: The body has a lot to share usually when there’s tension or pain. So if you will right now, give the body a chance to speak to you from that place in your body. That’s right. You can absolutely give it a voice. So let it speak to you now. Just letting your body know: “I hear you. I feel you. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for holding this energy for me”. Basically, that’s what the body does, right? It holds the energy for us until we get to it to process it. It just wants to be heard. It just wants to be seen. It just wants to move. It just wants to change. The energy wants to change. It wants to move.

RAGAN: That’s what I want to launch into us next with this topic today, the whole topic I want to really kind of have a good time looking more deeply with, right? A positive, good time, looking more deeply at is this idea of our relationship with change. Wow. What an incredibly powerful, important topic. Right now I gave you three ways to kind of look at yourself and be with yourself, right? Which is kind of connecting with yourself more than anything is through the physical body, through your mental capacity, through your feelings, your emotional body. That being said, all of that as you can see, if you haven’t already, it’s constantly changing.

RAGAN: Maybe someone will say to me, “Well no, I’ve had this ailment in my body for 10 years. It hasn’t changed at all.” Well before that it wasn’t like that, right? It changed. It changed to becoming in alignment. We do not ever stay the same. The most consistent, constant thing in life is change. It’s the only constant in life is change. Isn’t that amazing to think about. If we’re over here all day long trying to resist change and be afraid of change and fear change and wonder what’s going to happen when we change, and meanwhile that’s exactly what we’re here to do is change and transform. Our feelings change. Our physical body changes. Our mental body changes. It’s constantly changing.

RAGAN: One day to the next you will feel different most likely. Your body will be different in fact. You may wake up with a little sore neck one day and the next day your neck is completely not sore. It’s just this relationship we have with change. What I’m trying to say is that what is your relationship with change? Do you resist it? How do you respond to change in your life? I want you to just take a moment and really notice that. Resistance means you kind of tried to push it away or not really want it to be there or fear it, most likely fear is getting in the way of change. Pretty often that’s the case.

RAGAN: So if there was a relationship that you had to change right now, what is it? Is it a positive healthy relationship or is it one that might need some work? So if you could come up with right now the specific fear that you have around change if you had one, what would that be? So I’m just hearing right now as an example, if I change, people won’t like me. If I change, I’ll be alone. If I change spiritually, for instance, people around me won’t understand me. I’ll be on my own. Right? These are just ideas of examples of fears. How about this one, change is difficult and hard and it causes me pain. That’s my fear. I’ll feel more pain, right?

RAGAN: So perhaps you have one predominant fear right now. Maybe you’re hearing a couple of different ones. So let’s just shine the flashlight on those fears, right? This is how we heal something. This is how we transform. We choose to see it. We choose to feel it. We choose to just say, “Okay, that’s what’s going on inside me. Okay, I’m not going to run from it anymore.” That’s what you’re doing right now. That takes bravery. In this, what’s so powerful about bravery is that once we get brave and just go for it and shine that flashlight, it’s a very large percentage of the journey to healing it, right? It’s like, oh, the ego is kind of like your ego, my ego, the ego is kind of like, “Ooh, shoot. She figured this out. I got to try something new.”

RAGAN: Sometimes that’s a layered process, right? You might shine the flashlight in a few times. It still kind of comes back a couple more. So you want to not only shine the flashlight on the fear, but you want to update it to the truth. So for instance, for example, perhaps the fear is if I change, it’s going to be hard and people aren’t going to like me and you want to shine the flashlight and say, “Okay, that’s not real. That’s not true.” The truth is, and state the truth, the truth is when I change, I become more like my true self and that means I resonate from that place and the people that I have in my life are the ones that resonate from that place as well. So not only do I made me let go of the ones that don’t resonate with my frequency anymore, but I find those that do, and that makes life even more joyful, more exciting, more peaceful, more lovely. This is an example, right?

RAGAN: So take a moment, just let’s work with your predominant fear about change. What is it? My fear is, state it out loud, around change. Yeah, I’m sure you got one in there. Do your best here. Be brave. Now I want you to go ahead and state out loud, this is not true. This fear is an illusion created by past recordings that maybe you’ve learned who knows where. So maybe I learned it from my family or maybe I learned it from the media. State that out loud. The truth is, what’s your truth? Announce it unto the universe. Let it be heard. Good job. What’s the truth? Good work.

RAGAN: It’s important to note this fear and to update it repeatedly, sometimes. So whatever it is, if you can listen to this audio or write it down right now either in your phone or on a piece of paper so you have it available to you, and I want you to reread it as many times as you feel like it’s necessary until you feel like it’s really grounded inside you. Like it’s rewired inside your consciousness. This is the truth. So that way you can move on. You can change. You can evolve. How can become the true walking embodiments of our true self, our soul self, and this life if we’re not allowing change? Change is a requirement. You are going to grow, expand, come up with new ideas, new thoughts, new endeavors, new relationships because your soul is growing, because your soul is evolving.

RAGAN: It’s all about learning and growth, right? So your soul is hungry for that learning and growth. So some of these things I’m talking about are required. It needs these things to evolve and grow. It can’t stay stagnant in the same place at the same time all the time doing the same things. No, probably not going to work for the soul, right? The soul is almost like I said, it’s hungry. It’s hungry for wisdom. It’s hungry for experiences. That requires change. So thank you so much for hearing me today. Hopefully, this was helpful. I’m going to move us out of this audio today with a closing prayer. I’d like for you to take a slow and deep breath with me. Once more. Very good. Moving into prayer.

RAGAN: I thank you. I thank you so much mother, father, God, goddess for this beautiful, blessed moment, this present moment right in this space and place with myself here with all the listeners that came on for this audio today. I send forth love, compassion and strength and bravery to all of us as we move forward in learning how to be better with our relationship with change and close and more healthy relationship with change. Anything I ask you that’s standing in the way of us moving forward in our lives and embracing change in our life, please, mother, father, God, Goddess, I ask you for the assistance to remove these obstacles or these limitations that might be in the way right now. Thank you so much for this clearing that leads to more healing and more revealing of who we truly are, who we came here to me, transforming into the divine, beautiful, bright beings that we truly are through embracing change. I am so grateful for this assistance and for these words. I say and so it is.

RAGAN: Take a slow and deep breath. Excellent. Thank you so much for joining me today. Hope this was helpful and you enjoyed yourself today on the audio and I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day. Many, many blessings to you. All right. Bye-bye.