Are you afraid of the unknown?

Do you ever wish you could travel to the future and see what’s next?

The ego has trapped you into forward-thinking, but your real authentic power is in the moment, that’s where the truth and your soul resides. If you choose to be here now, you open yourself up to unlimited possibilities.

Embrace the present, shine the flashlight on all your fears, and claim your power!

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Audio Transcript

Below is an edited transcript for all of our bibliophiles and hearing impaired community members. We hope you enjoy!

RAGAN: Hello, hello, hello everyone. Good day, good day, good day, good day. How are you today? How are you feeling? How are you feeling inside your body today? Are you feeling light, free, got a hip hop in your step, I love saying that. Are you feeling heavy and perhaps a little stressed or maybe really stressed and already pushing yourself today to get things done? You’ve already got 10 things on your list, and you’re thinking about your list and you’re like “I got to get all these done, I got this done today” Why would we need to rush and get those things done? really, what happens when we get all those things on our list done? Is that when we finally say to ourselves “good job, now you’re worthy, now you’re successful, now you’re valuable, look at you, look at you you’re being productive.”

RAGAN: Or can we just say that to ourselves before we get the list done, right? I just want you to notice how many times you’ve made a list and how many times when you didn’t get it done how you were hard on yourself. That’s something that I definitely want to become better and better with over the course of this life for myself. I think I’ve come a long, long way.

RAGAN: So how are you doing with all that? So take a couple deep breaths here with me, we’re actually going to take a few deep breaths, on the out breath I’d like you to make a sound. Please take a seat if you will. If you cannot, that’s fine, but I’d like you to close your eyes at least, placing your hands on your heart space. Taking some deep breaths with me, moving the breath in through your nose and out of your mouth and on the out breath, please make a sound. One, two and three (deep breath). One, two and three (deep breath). One, two and three, (deep breath). One, two and three, (deep breath). Excellent, good. Just moving into a deeper breath here, just a quiet breath though, no out breath sounds. I’d like you take all your attention or your awareness to your breath. Just observing it. Is it flowing? Is it free? Or is it restricted and perhaps a little not flowing. Just where you are with your breath right now?

RAGAN: If you feel it restricted in some way. Can you take another breath as if you’re breathing into the breath. Ahhh. Relaxing it to my intention here is to relax into my breath. Good, good, good. Now like you to take all your attention and all your awareness into your sacred heart, feel your heart. Perhaps see your heart, just be in your heart right now. Enjoy being there. Good, you’re doing great. Perhaps being in your heart is something you thought you were already doing and now you realize you’re actually in your mind and your personality. So allow yourself just to be inside your heart. Your heart will share the truth with you always, the truth of what you really feel the truth what’s really going on for you. It will clear up any perceptions, any ideas it sees through the veil of illusion within the heart the mind and will not see the veil of illusion. In fact it will create more for you to work with, in fact. Okay, excellent.

RAGAN: You’re doing great. All right. Thank you. Great. So now you’re feeling a little more centered hopefully a little more calm inside your heart. I’d really like to encourage you to do your best to stay in your heart right now to the entire of these next few minutes together, if not through the entirety of the next few hours if you can. This is a practice, it is the way you can ask yourself repeatedly through the day if you’d like; am I in my heart? Close your eyes, take a couple deep breaths. Am I in my heart? Just by saying that you’re going to know if you are or not and you can just drop in. My intention is to drop into my heart right now to live in it, to lead from it so powerful, so important.

RAGAN: Great so I’d like to talk to you today about something that is so important and it’s a very prominent fear that’s going on the planet right now. Right? I’ve got to say that one of the reasons why we make lists, we try to make things you know full of stuff to do during the day right to fill up the space in our day. Is we’re afraid what would happen if we don’t do that. We’re afraid if we don’t, if we have the space to just be with ourselves we have to feel some of the things that we might feel, maybe we have feelings of sadness or anger or lack of forgiveness going on inside. Maybe there’s a deep bitterness or rage even inside you that you’ve been avoiding. From some past residual unresolved material from this life or another. Just kind of afraid of facing yourself and the primary fear that I want to focus on right now because there is a few prominent fears that many, many, many individuals on this planet are dealing with currently. Is this fear of the unknown. Yeah right. Taking a deep breath.

RAGAN: The fear of the unknown. How many times have you felt afraid of what’s next. Afraid of what’s coming. If we could just be psychic and know what’s coming then we could just, we could work with it. I just had a beautiful session with a wonderful client of mine who said that out loud, he said: “if I could just know what’s coming in relation to my business. I knew what was coming and what was going to happen with all the characters and all the people that are affected by my choices and I knew what was coming that I would know how to work with my life better, I know how to work with the situation better” and I have to say this is not correct. Because let me tell you something, who do you think, who do you think is working from the place of needing to know the neediness of knowing the soul or the ego?

RAGAN: That’s right. It’s definitely not the soul. The ego needs to know, the ego wants to keep you safe. Right? So the ego knows they can create those choices for you, it can create the direction for you and that would not be coming from your soul, making those choices would it? It would be your ego saying you need to do this, you should do this, you need to do this right now, this is how it has to look. Do it right now. This is how you’re going to find out and you’re gonna know what’s going to happen next because you’re going to create the next. Right? No. You have just now cut yourself off to anything of anything around the nature of surrendering to the outcome, allowing unlimited possibility to come in to serve you. I believe that this life is happening for my greatest and highs as always no matter how it looks. That is a practice that is a way of thinking, that is the way of being. I set my intention to live from my highest and greatest every day in every moment and I’m open to receive whatever is to come into my life that promotes that, that contributes to this practice to this, this way of being right, this way of thinking.

RAGAN: Then when we say, oh I need to know, I need to know, I’ve got to figure this out. You know maybe there’s some pushing that happens and trying that happens, some maybe you make a phone call to someone and say no this is how it needs to look. You know it’s something for your business and it’s rushed, it’s a rushed decision and it causes you to actually possibly make a mistake that’s very costly or it pushes on someone or something, it pushes something away that you care about. You know it’s like, oh well, that was you know I needed to do that. It’s like really? Did you need to do that or is it possible that the ego got a hold of you and you got a little frayed and you began to step into this fear of the unknown, the fear that I got to know what’s happening next. That’s going to help keep me what? Safe, supposedly. This is not true.

RAGAN: The ego wants to constantly say to you “I’m trying to keep you safe. I’m trying to keep you safe. This is what this is all about, I care about you, I care about you so deeply”. I tell you right now the truth is the ego does not care about you, the ego is not your amigo. E-G-O edging your God, God itself out. E-G-O, ego, no. The ego is not coming into your life to help you and serve you and keep you safe and protected and powerful. Quite the opposite. The ego is there to keep you safe and small, supposedly if you stay small you’ll stay safe. Well, where is the ability to expand? Where is the ability to become who you truly are? Because that takes expansion, that takes growth, that takes learning to become who you truly are. You cannot change as you’re in your highest and greatest if you are listening to the ego.

RAGAN: Where does the ego like to play itself out constantly it’s within the mind. The mind is not to be our master, we are to be the master of our mind. At any point your mind will tell you what to do, how to do it, do it now and fear that, listen to that. Don’t do that and all that’s coming out of the mind, thinking of the mind. 99.9% of everything that comes from the mind is false, false thinking. It is our job to say no more, no more.

RAGAN: I open myself up to unlimited possibility. I open myself to unlimited power and potential. I am a unique and divine expression of God and if that is true, which it is, that I have these powers, I have these abilities and only the ego is saying “no, that’s not possible”. It’s scary not to know. You need to know what’s happening next. You can drive yourself crazy with this, couldn’t you? Fear in the unknown, I cannot tell you how many times that’s been one of those moments where I just want a time machine to send me forward. Let me see. So I know what’s going to happen. So I can just what start the healing process already or make a choice that would prevent me from that pain, or just get me there so I can just get over it and not feel it or just feel it. Just get this show on the road kind of thing. Right. Let’s take that deep breath.

RAGAN: Because I’m here to tell you that your fear, all fear is an illusion created by the ego. It’s not real. The way to heal and transcend all fears within us, is to for first shine a flashlight on it. If you have the fear of the unknown inside you, say yes I do right now and shine the flashlight on it and say I am ready to let it go. Okay, I’m going to help you with that through a prayer that we’re gonna do together right now. I thought this would be helpful for you to help move towards the letting go of all this fear around the unknown. So before we move into prayer please sit down if you’re not seated placing your hands of your heart. Taking a couple deep breaths. Once more. Very good. Excellent.

RAGAN: Moving into prayer together, I’d like you to repeat after me. I thank you. I thank you so much Mother, Father, God, Goddess for this beautiful divine blessed day. I am so grateful for every moment of it, every moment of it. I know that I get to be here. I get to be on this beautiful planet. Mother Earth learning and growing, becoming who I truly am. More and more every day. I know that there is more colors of me, more facets of me I haven’t even discovered yet. Perhaps I’ve even just only touched the tip of the iceberg of who I am and I know sometimes I let fear get in the way of this process. One of the greater fears that I’ve recognized in this life is the fear of the unknown. I ask you Mother, Father, God, goddess, help me see through this veil of illusion that fearing the unknown isn’t at all beneficial, helpful or motivating in any way in my life. The truth is it demotivates me. It stifles my flow. It lends to what’s called just trying and pushing and wanting and desiring, perhaps something that is not even what’s best and highest for me and my greatest and highest good. Take a deep breath.

RAGAN: Now just listening letting your heart hear these words and just let them move through. So Mother, Father, God, I see that I am completely capable of allowing life to happen. Surrendering to life. Opening myself up to unlimited possibility potential and power opening myself up to the divine assistance that was divinely appointed to me in this life. I am not alone. I am not alone, no matter what happens to me today or tomorrow. I am not alone. Whatever happens to me, whatever happens in this life, I now surrender myself unto it. I say please Mother, Father, God, goddess assist me on this journey. Help me to awaken to who I really am. Discover all facets and colors of me without needing to know what it’s going to look like tomorrow in relationship to this journey.

RAGAN: I claim that my safety is within me, not outside me. It doesn’t come from knowing the future. It doesn’t come from knowing what’s next. It comes from surrendering to spirit and knowing that I am taking care of. I am good, I am okay no matter what. Because I’ve got me and I’ve got God, and if that’s true, I have everything I need inside me to make this life the life of my greatest dreams. I am the master artist of this canvas of this life. Help me truly step into these shoes in a greater way of full empowerment in this life. I’m ready for it, I deserve it, I’m ready for it and I deserve it. I surrender to this fear of the unknown now and I move into the light. I surrender to unlimited possibility, the opportunity to let doors open that I least expected to open because I said, okay show me the way. There’s the door and I know I can trust that when that door opens I know I am the one to walk through. That brings me into a place of more ease and more grace and more productivity and efficiency and abundance in this life. I say yes to this. Thank you so much. With these words I say and so it is. Take a deep breath.

RAGAN: Once more. Thank you so much for joining me today on this audio. Such a pleasure to work with you and to be with you and just pray with you. I wish you a great rest of your day. Many many blessings. Thank you so much. Okay. Bye bye.