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Audio Transcript

Below is an edited transcript for all of our bibliophiles and hearing impaired community members. We hope you enjoy!

Ragan: Hello. Hello. Hello, everyone. Good day. Good day. Good day to you. Hi, everyone. Hi. Hello to all my beautiful, loving listeners. I’m so happy that you’re here with me today, and thank you for honoring yourself, and joining me on this audio so, hi. Let’s get into it. Okay. You know what? The first thing I want us to do, if you would please… You don’t need to be seated for this, but just take some deep breaths with me, okay? Just to help us get more centered in space together, and just to let go of whatever might be on our minds already today. Maybe you’re listening to this in the morning. You’ve already got something going on. You can feel it. It’s trying to push you. You’ve got a little anxiety coming up, trying to do something, needing to do something, and where does that come from? From the soul, or from the ego. From the soul or from the ego.

Ragan: Take a moment. Think about that. That’s right. The ego. The soul does not rush, does not push, does not try to figure things out. The soul is divinely at peace, and calm, and intuitive, and trust, trusting the divine process of life and the flow of life. I’d like us to do that right now and help us get into the divine flow with life through these breaths. Okay? All right, let’s do it. I’m going to count to three. We’re gonna take one deep, slow breath, and on this breath I’d like you to make a sound on the out breath, and then I’m going to lead us through a series of a few more breaths. I’m going to lead you through this series of breaths in a little bit of a different way, okay, so this first breath, take it into your nose and out through your mouth. On the out breath, make a sound (deep breath).

Ragan: Now we’re going to do five more deep breaths. And on these breaths, taking in through your nose, and out through your mouth and on the outbreath, I’d like you to hold it just for a couple seconds and then take that deep breath back in again, so one, two, three (deep breath). Hold it, hold it, and now breathe back in. One, two, and three (deep breath). Again. Hold it. Breathe it back in. One more time. One, two and three (deep breath). Hold it. Breathe it back in. One more time. One, two, and three (deep breath). Hold it. Breathe it back in. Yeah. One, two, and three (deep breath). One more time (deep breath). Hold it right there. Breathe it back in. This is where I’m returning to a normal, deeper breath right here. Just breathing normal, deeper. Just get into a rhythm with your breath. Good. Through the breath, just notice. Where are you at with your breath today? Are you restricted in your breath, or is it flowing easily and peacefully? Just noticing your breath. That breath exercise should have helped you to kind of try to get more relaxed in your body. More centered, more calm, more in touch with your feelings, possibly.

Ragan: If you do have any feelings that are starting to rise, please let them rise. Don’t try to push them down. Just to let them be what they are. Let them come up. Hm, good. Today I want to talk to you about manifestation of love in your life. What an amazing topic, right? What is love? What is genuine love? Have you ever really stopped to think about what is genuine love? Perhaps your definition of genuine love has shifted and changed over time, and I have had such a journey around love, and you know why? Most importantly is because I’ve had to come to a point where I’ve decided that the love that I seek and I desire most importantly is going to come from me to me. No matter how much I want to get this love outside of me, no matter much, however much I want to manifest this love outside of me, if I don’t love myself… Let’s just say I love myself some of the time, not all the time. That’s exactly what I’m going to manifest.

Ragan: I’m going to manifest love outside of me, the exact percentage of how much I truly love myself. Did you know that’s how it works? Have you loved yourself 50% of the time, you’re going to manifest love from people that love themselves 50% of the time. How about we increase that number and then decide to manifest from there? Someone will ask me, how do you do that? I want to call in the one, I want to call him that new soul friendship, or partnership, or beloved, and I’m having such a struggle with that. I just don’t know what it is. I’m ready for it. I’m excited for it. And then we get deep down inside the depths, what’s really going on inside them, and there’s a lot of energy that’s blocking them from finding this person. First off, their definition of love is in some way false, right? Maybe their definition of love is this love that is in some way egoic, not from the soul. The love from oneself is just as pure, genuine, raw, real love for you.

Ragan: Just as you are. Loving someone else just as they are, right, and to love someone or yourself just as you are, as they are, that is such a gift, and it is not easy to do because constantly the ego’s trying to sabotage that experience, and say that you need to do something, be something, become something to receive this love. In fact, you can’t be proud of yourself, or like yourself, or even love yourself even remotely until you’ve achieved a certain level of status, or amount of money, or the way you look, or your weight. This is not true, genuine love, not at all. Take a deep breath right here. This is the love that exists on this planet so widespread, and it’s causing such problems for so many people. It’s causing, in fact, war across this globe. People think that they’re trying to obtain power, and control, and success as a way to finally feel some sort of happiness or love for themselves, or that’s them showing love to themselves, or to their country, or to their children.

Ragan: Like, look at me, honey. Look at me, sweetie, I’m conquering this world for you. This is love. Look, I’m protecting you. No, no. Become an earth keeper, not an earth conqueror. I learned that from a dear friend of mine. I guess I could quote his name. Adam Hall. What a beautiful man. If you haven’t read his book called Earth Keeper, it’s absolutely beautiful. Earth keepers, not earth conquerors, right? He’s found a way. This beautiful man came from this place of wanting to conquer the world, conquer through obtaining more, right? This need for more, this need for power, this need for control, and woke up and went “Wow, I have been completely off kilter here. I want to be an earth keeper, to love this earth, to love myself genuinely, completely, let the rawness and realness of every bit of me and the earth just as I am, just as it is”.

Ragan: What gets in the way, right? Like I was saying, this egoic stuff, ego attachments, fears, doubts, worries, insecurities, judgments, limiting patterns, needy energy, irrational beliefs, this stuff that gets in the way ,and causes us to be stuck in the mind. Thinking about what’s the next thing we can do, or save, even, or be a part of, or to receive this love? If you want to manifest love, it’s time to do some clearing around all that I just shared about, so really do a deep soul dive into the depths of your being, into the depths of your subconscious. What’s going on in there? What fears do you have? What doubts do you have? What insecurities do you have? What do you believe about love? Perhaps you’re someone who still believes love is hard to find. This is a rational belief. The love that you seek is not available. That the partner that you seek will not be available there. They’re never available. There’s an irrational limiting belief or beliefs, right?

Ragan: How about love is cruel, or love is unkind. Love causes stress. There’s judgments right there and there’s also an irrational belief, so what I highly encourage is to find out what you believe about love. Take some time tonight and journal your definition of genuine love. Just write it down. Just let yourself be free with it, and then write down as well. What are your fears about love? What is your irrational beliefs about love? What are your limiting beliefs about love? Just write them down. We cannot change what we cannot see. All right? Then once you see those, perhaps you might have a new definition of love, so write that down. What’s your new definition of love? How can you manifest genuine love in your life? If you are not being clear with the universe about what it is, what it is that you’re looking for. Don’t you want to be clear with the universe about what you’re looking for and what it is?

Ragan: First and foremost, perhaps the reason why you’ve been manifesting love in a way that’s not what you want or desire because you haven’t been clear about it yourself, and what makes us unclear is all this icky, sticky stuff that’s inside, that we just choose sometimes not to see. I promise you, the moment you do is the moment you shine that flashlight on the ego. It is a large chunk of the journey of releasing it and letting go of it. You can do this. It does take bravery. It does take courage to say “no more”. I see where I picked the stuff up. Maybe you picked it up from movies, or from your family, or from a friend, or from a romantic partnership that ended poorly. Whatever it is, dive deep into yourself. What’s going on there? Okay, cause I want you, just as I want to genuinely, authentically, number one, love all parts of yourself, all parts of you, right? All parts, every part of you.

Ragan: Another very important way to begin to manifest love is to heal what’s called your inner child, if you have one still. Some of you might think right now, you’ve already healed this child. Our child is this part of yourself that is very much a real part of us, that’s this kind of stuck younger part of yourself that is still feeling stuck, still feeling some basic needs were never met, and we need to start getting in touch with this child. I’d like you to take a deep breath right now. I want you to think about a voice that you might hear inside your head often in regards to love. What is that voice? Is it the part of you that is new today, the adult version of you, or is it possibly a younger part of you? If it is a younger part of you, about how old is this part of you? Good.

Ragan: Check and see, what is the message, what is the irrational belief? Perhaps even, what is the fear that your child has been telling you, maybe since a very long, long time ago that has literally been attempting to sabotage your life, and maybe still is. Often when we don’t meet the needs of these children within us, sometimes we have more than one child inside of us, right? At different ages, different aspects, I say, of yourself. Just checking in. What do you feel has been this overriding message about love in regards to your child? Perhaps your child pick this up a very long time ago, like I was saying, maybe from your parents, maybe from something that happened with a young relationship with a friend, or a boyfriend, or a girlfriend. What is the message?

Ragan: Once you have it, I want you to take a deep breath, and I want you to see if you can see your child in front of you. Bring your child up into this visioning process with me right now, and just see your child in front of you, and just look at your child and say, “I see you. I feel you, and I hear you, and I thank you for coming forward to share this message to me, this, this fear or this belief that you’ve been holding, so I can work with it, and I can help you with it, so that we together can heal,” because this is the truth. You need your child to heal completely. You need all parts of you to come into wholeness. You need your child and your child needs you. Just see what your child says to you now, and again, just saying, “I hear you. I’m right here with you”, and I want you to take whatever your child’s been saying and bring it into the truth.

Ragan: Meaning, if it’s a belief that love is hard, or I can’t find love, it doesn’t love me, love doesn’t love me, or something, right, to say to your child, “The truth is, I love you. I’m here for you. I want to help. The truth is that this fear or this illusion of whatever’s come forward from the past, we can update this together.” Whatever feels appropriate. I just gave you some words. Save your child, to help update whatever this overriding message of fear or belief that’s been going on for a very long time. What’s the truth? Let’s bring it into the truth. Very good. Take a deep breath, and ask your child if there’s anything that your child might need to further assist your child, going forward with this experience of healing around love, manifestation of love, what might that be?

Ragan: Very good. Can you just give that to your child now, or make a commitment to do more of that in the future? Whatever that looks like. Just get out of your own way here. Just have an experience with your child. Very good. Thanking your child, blessing your child for coming forward. If this is the first time you’ve ever connected with your child in this way, I hope that you can a commitment to do more of this, cause I bet you feel pretty darn good from doing it today. If you work with this child many times, and just continue to do the work… As you know, it’s profound, powerful, beneficial, and it’s life changing. This is some of the way to manifest the love that you seek, for you to come into true, divine, soulful love with yourself by taking any and all parts of you into heart, into the loving. This is what you’re doing. You’re being self loving right now by loving on these parts of you, this part of you that came forward.

Ragan: Good work. I’m going to close this out in prayer. Take a deep breath, so thank you. I thank you, I thank you so much, mother, father god, goddess for this beautiful, divine, blessed day. I am grateful for all the words that I spoke today, as I know these are words of truth and love, and I ask you, mother, father god, goddess, for any and all support, and genuine connection, and guidance, and care, and compassion to come forward as much as possible for all of us, so that we all can step into this deeper love, genuine love for ourselves, free of any ego attachments. I ask you for courage, for blessings, for compassion, as anything and everything that is unserving or limiting in any one of our bodies is ready to be moved from our bodies. I’m so grateful for this support, assistance, calling for the divine assistance of all angels, guides, and matchers of mind, and of all those who are with us today. Thank you so much for your assistance, guidance, direction if needed.

Ragan: Going forward with this process of healing anything and everything that’s needs to be healed, to step into a place of greater love for oneself, and further leading to the manifestation of love in our lives. That is more of which we wish to have genuine love. Thank you so much. I’m so grateful for your assistance, and with these words I say, and so it is. Take a deep and slow breath (deep breath). Once more (deep breath). Very good. Thank you so much. Thank you for joining me. Have a beautiful rest of your day, and blessings.