Did you know that you have a relationship with your money? 

Would you like to create more abundance in your life? Great news! Your ability to manifest is an inside job. You have to be open to the possibility of money coming into your life in the most unexpected ways. Believe that you deserve money, and be ready for it.

Say no to lack and yes to manifesting an abundant life! Money is here to serve humanity!

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Audio Transcript

Below is an edited transcript for all of our bibliophiles and hearing impaired community members. We hope you enjoy!

Ragan: Hello, hello, hello, everyone. How are you? Good day, good day, good day to you. Hope you’re doing very, very well today. What is going on for you today? How are you feeling? How have you been? What’s going on in your spirit, body, your mind? Most importantly, what is going on in your mind? We are going to talk about something very important today. Your ability to manifest abundance in your life.

Ragan: Did you know that your mind is constantly moving? It can be constantly moving. I’m not saying it has to be moving like that. We don’t want it to be moving like that. We want it to be clear so that whatever we are thinking about, whatever is in our mind is what we intend to happen in our life, what we wish to happen in our life, that is part of our learning and our growth and part of our soul’s mission, right?

Ragan: When I say manifest abundance, what I’m actually saying is what is your relationship right now with money? Yes, let’s take a deep breath on that note (deep breath). Once more (deep breath). On that out breath, please make a sound (deep breath).

Ragan: That’s right. What is your relationship with money? Did you know that your relationship with money is real? It’s a relationship, like having a relationship with yourself or with someone else. Yes, it is. So many people are like, “Oh, I have a great relationship with money.” Really? How’s that going for you? They look at their bank account every month, they’re struggling, they’re living check to check, and it’s stressful. The belief, possibly, that they hold inside and the way they’re thinking, this belief that they’ve created, can you imagine what it might be? Money causes me stress. Money is a problem. Money doesn’t offer me anything but lack and causes problems in my life.

Ragan: These are beliefs. These are really un-serving, limiting beliefs that many people on this planet hold. That belief, those beliefs, are creating their relationship with money. Money is not partial to certain people. Money is pretty much neutral energy. It just comes to whoever is saying yes to it, right? And the one who says, “No, no, you’re causing me stress.” Money’s like, “Oh, oh okay. Stay away, stay away.” It’s not saying, “Oh, I like that person. I don’t like that person.” It’s neutral. It’s just all about this energetic attraction to someone who says yes to it, right?

Ragan: Someone will say, “Well, why does that person over there who’s so greedy and stingy and doesn’t give money to others has so much, and has 20 cars in their garage. Why do they have so much money?”

Ragan: Do you know how much they obsess about thinking about money? They like money, they love money. It might be their best friend. That’s why they have so much money. Just keeps coming to them. More and more and more. Their need for more is probably very high, right?

Ragan: I’m not asking you to move into this place of needing more and wanting more all the time. But did you know that there’s over… I think there’s over $7.5 billion in circulation right now. Don’t you think you deserve to have a chunk of that? Are you ready for that?

Ragan: Yes, say yes to that. And it is true. What is within us, how we’re thinking and feeling about money is creating this relationship, right? If you think and feel that money is stressful and hard to manifest, and it’s hard to create, and the way things are is the way things are. The salary I have is the salary I have. Nothing can change. You have just cut yourself off from unlimited possibilities of ways that money can come into your life.

Ragan: One of the greatest mantras I know about money is, I am open to the possibility of money coming into my life in the most unexpected ways. I’d like you to take a deep breath right here. I want you to repeat after me. I am open to having money manifest in my life in the most unexpected ways. I am open to money manifesting in my life in the most unexpected ways.

Ragan: Right now, you might be thinking, “Why would I want more money? It’s causing problems on this planet.” You know, sometimes the most spiritual ones, right, feel like money is… “I can’t even charge for my services.” You know, “I don’t want to ask for money for what I do.”

Ragan: Are you joking? Claim your worth. Value yourself. This is an energetic exchange. You deserve to get paid for what you do. It is beautiful to get paid for what you do, the beautiful service you’re putting out into the world. That’s you valuing yourself, increasing your worth, right? Money also comes into our life, more abundance comes to our life as our worth increases.

Ragan: Yes? I know you’ve heard this a lot. It’s true, it’s real. It is what it is. Take that deep breath.

Ragan: I want you to take a moment right now and think about a couple of beliefs that you might have around money that are un-serving, limiting beliefs. What might they be? Just think about them right now. Maybe money causes me stress. Money is an issue. Money caused my family issues. Money is the cause of war.

Ragan: I’m just giving you some examples. Take a few moments here quietly. What are your beliefs? Two irrational, limiting beliefs. State them out loud. Money does this, money does that. Money makes me feel this. Whatever it is. Just state them out loud.

Ragan: How long do you think that you’ve had these inside you? How do you feel like it has served you to have these beliefs inside you? How many more beliefs do you think you might have, just like these? This is just two that are inside you that are literally creating a block between you and money and your abundance. Why is abundance important? Why do we want abundance? Abundance, my goodness. It can offer you more freedom, more ability to do things that you might want to do. Maybe get that beautiful silent retreat, going on a sabbatical on a beautiful location around the world you’ve always dreamt of going, going to see a far distant cousin in a far distant place. Traveling, learning, growing through seeing new places and new people. That absolutely does help you grow, right?

Ragan: Money offers opportunities, freedoms, experiences. Don’t you think you deserve that, too? More of that? Is it the end all be all? No. And, how nice would it be to have more money in your bank account? You deserve that. It’s not materialism that I’m talking about. I’m talking about the opportunity for more growth and learning through the vehicle, the energetic exchange of money in your pocket.

Ragan: My relation with money was not always great. Let me tell you folks I felt very stressed by it. I didn’t have a lot of it. It scared me. I didn’t know how to balance it, I didn’t know how to budget it. I was not feeling good about that relationship at all. I certainly had to work on it and expand my container, expand my container, and now I feel like I have a really great relationship with money. I feel good with money.

Ragan: It could improve, and it feels pretty darn good right now. That was with internal work. Not only did I do some journaling and work around my beliefs that were limiting and then updating those beliefs because that’s what we want to do next, right? We want to take those two updated beliefs that you had and update them here in a moment.

Ragan: I also looked at my fears around money, my insecurities around money. I got that all on paper. I went into the internal part of my being that was holding this stuff, and this personality egoic, ickiness that was literally creating havoc in my life around money and putting such stress. Meanwhile, money’s like, “I want to help you. I’m here to serve humanity.”

Ragan: Yes, money is here to serve humanity. Help us, not hinder us. Money has gotten a bad rap. Money is not the problem. Usually, the issue or the problem, if there even is such a thing as called a problem. I think everything is designed for learning and growth, so there really is no problem, just is… is usually the hands of… it’s who the money is hands… it lands in, right? How they’re treating themselves because of the money, what they believe about money in respect to their money being in their life. Maybe sometimes their worth is only wrapped up in money and having more. That’s how they feel more worthy. This is common, right? You want to watch that. See that. Important, like I just stated, to see this.

Ragan: If this is going on inside you, if this is a fear, write it down on some paper. Tonight I’d like you to journal your fears, your beliefs about money. State them. Then on the other side of that, take a deep breath, and state the truth. Money is here to serve me. Money is not here to cause me stress. Money is here to help me. Money is here to bring forth more peace into my life, more joy, more experiences. Right? We want to update each belief, the irrational belief, and the updated belief.

Ragan: When I want to talk about the mind, I want to talk about clearing the mind. That’s not breath, right, that deep breath. You could always take that deep breath before you write down the belief. Writing down that belief that’s irrational. Take a deep breath afterward, move into the updated belief, take another deep breath. Just keep clearing the mind through the breath. The breath takes you back to love, to the truth, right? The breath is so powerful, so important. I can’t impress that more. The breath has been so sacred and important for me in my life.

Ragan: So let’s, on that note, take another deep breath (deep breath). Good. One more. Make a sound (deep breath). That feels so good. I just want to breathe like that all day.

Ragan: What is your updated belief to those two beliefs? We’re going to work with that, and then I’m going to close this out in prayer.

Ragan: What is within you is creating your life. What is within your mind, it is creating your life. How important it is to clear the mind and update our system so that what’s within our mind is what we truly wish to have in our life, what we truly wish and desire to have. Okay?

Ragan: Thank you so much. Update those beliefs. Think of two irrational beliefs and update them. Excellent. Highly encourage a writing exercise tonight. Please have a conversation with money on a piece of paper. I know it sounds funny. See what money says to you. You’re literally like, “Dear money,” and then go into a conversation. See what money has to say. Money might be saying, “I miss you. Where have you been?” You might say, “Money, you’ve caused me stress. I don’t know. I didn’t reject you. I’m so sorry, money. I feel sad even thinking about how much I’ve been rejecting you even though you’ve been trying to help me.”

Ragan: My goodness, right? So this is powerful. Please, alongside that journaling exercise around your relationship with money and having that conversation on paper, do write down your fears, do write down your beliefs. Really, truly, choose to see the truth what’s going on inside you and update it. What’s within you is creating what’s without.

Ragan: Thank you so much. Let’s move into prayer together. Taking a deep breath (deep breath).