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Audio Transcript

Below is an edited transcript for all of our bibliophiles and hearing impaired community members. We hope you enjoy!

RAGAN: Hello, hello, hello, everyone. Good day, good day, good day to you. Good day. Yeah, how is it? Is it a good day today? How are you doing today? How are you feeling? How is your spirit? How is your mind? How is your body? What’s going on in there? I don’t know if you can hear the background of where I’m at right now, I’m taking a little time for myself, a little bit of retreat here and the ocean’s in the background, so if you hear any ocean waves, that’s what’s going on.

RAGAN: Yeah, just really taking some time to be with me, and that is something I want to really explore today and this relationship to our relationship with ourselves, how that helps to manifest healthy relationships in our life. We are in the middle of Manifest May and I wanted to bring in manifesting healthy relationships, where it begins, first and foremost, is how healthy is your relationship with you? There literally is a point of attraction that brings in these healthy relationships into your life, right? Okay.

RAGAN: We’re going to go a little deeper with that here in a moment. Before we launch into that topic, I’d like to take some slow and deep breaths together. If you would, you don’t need to take a seat. If you can, that’d be great. You can place your hands over your heart, sit quietly in a seat, if that’s possible, if not, just do these breaths with me. We’re going to do a few deep breaths and on the out breath I’d like to make a sound, move the breath in through your nose and out through your mouth, okay?

RAGAN: Really, really let go on that out breath, really do not be afraid to make a loud sound. Let it go. I’m going to count to three, first breath, one, two, and three (deep breath). One, two, and three (deep breath). One, two, and three (deep breath), next breath. One, two, and three (deep breath). Once more, one, two, and three (deep breath). Good. Thank you so much. Returning us to a normal deeper breath right here. Observe your breath right now in this moment. Just noticing it, where is it at? Are you breathing easily, peacefully, it’s flowing, or might it be restricted? There might be some stress that you’re noticing that’s causing that restriction.

RAGAN: Wherever you’re at with your breath, wherever you’re at with your stress, whatever’s going on inside you, can you just give yourself a break and just relax into it? Let it just be what it is. That’s what’s going to help it change. Anything we restrict through resistance creates more of what we resist. That restriction creates the resistance, the resistance creates the restriction, therefore, we hold the key, we have the power to change this anytime we want.

RAGAN: As you can see, the breath is facilitative to help you relax, begin to get more in your body, get a little more calm. Okay? Thank you so much. Remembering to breathe through the entirety of this audio. That being said, manifestation of healthy relationships, one of the ways that you can become in a healthy relationship with yourself is just by doing what we just did: breathing. There’s a healthy way of being with yourself everyday.

RAGAN: Did you know that most people are not breathing? Most people have no idea, but they are shallow breathing if not breathing hardly at all, and therefore, their body, their cells, are not getting oxygenated, causing them really stress in the body, stress for the entire body and being. It’s one way is to start to having a beautiful practice where you begin to do deep breaths right when you wake up in the morning, and remember to breathe throughout the day as well. Just taking those deep breaths and just noticing your breath periodically through the day. That’s a very self-loving, self-nurturing thing to do for yourself.

RAGAN: That being said, that’s the physical component, now let’s get into the mental and emotional component of how can we be more in healthy relationship with ourselves. First off, do you even know what your relationship to yourself is right now? Do you have a communication and conversation with yourself on a daily basis? My mom used to say “am I crazy? I feel like I’m constantly talking to myself. She said: no, that’s actually normal. She’s like: you’re crazy if you’re not talking to yourself”.

RAGAN: Having this conversation: how are you? How are you feeling today? Just getting in touch with your feelings, your true, authentic feelings. This is self-loving and self-nurturing. So often we’re turning outside of ourselves, to others, to say what do they think and feel about us? This is not self-loving and self-nurturing. You are literally giving your power over to people outside of you, to give an internal reading on your value, your worth, how much you like yourself, how much you love yourself, based on your external surroundings, what people think, and it is not a good recipe for feeling at peace with oneself at the end of the day.

RAGAN: Literally, it’s like if they don’t feel good about you, or they say something maybe in judgment, or that day you felt like you didn’t have a good connection with people, then you don’t have a good connection with yourself. Therefore, this idea of manifesting healthy relationships, if your frequency within yourself is low, where do you think you manifest from? What’s the point of attraction? You think you manifest from a high frequency of people that are on the high frequency of self-love and self-care and self-nurturing, or could you possibly be manifesting from that low frequency which might be someone whose more in judgment of themselves, more confrontive, more angry, more resentful?

RAGAN: Literally, we have the power, we hold the key to manifesting these healthy relationships. From there, after we manifest from hopefully a higher frequency, we then hold the power to see how we want to move forward with nurturing that new relationship that we brought into our life, right? There’s a couple different ways you can move forward with the manifestation of this healthy relationship or this relationship that is more aligned, at least with your soul, which is just a wonderful, wonderful gift to yourself, relationship with other is a beautiful gift, not a requirement. Most importantly, it’s within yourself.

RAGAN: From there, the perks of having healthy relationships in your life are many. Okay? The mirror exists with a healthy relationship, do you know what that means? There’s literally someone in front of you at all times that can reflect back to you what’s within you that it might already be there. This mirror reflection, someone who activates you, or pushes that perfect button. There’s no pointing fingers at the person, there’s no shaming them, it’s just pure gratitude and appreciation for having them in your life, to be a blessing, to show you more of who you are, and more of what’s going on inside you that’s still not serving, or up to be let go of.

RAGAN: From the beginning of this healthy relationship, you get to choose how you move forward. This begins the deeper process, the manifestation of the healthy relationship. It’s one thing to manifest it, but then to sustain it and keep it going towards this place of being healthy over time, right? Take a deep breath right here. Just notice your breathing and your body right now, that what I’m talking about. Just notice if any restriction has now come up for you. Perhaps in your throat or your chest or your stomach, just by simply me talking about this.

RAGAN: Just notice it. Can you relax into it right now? Take a deep breath, relaxing into that energy. What I’m talking about here is you can either try to move really quickly in that new relationship, or you can choose to take your time and get to know the person, and let the egos of each other just show themselves rather than try to cover them up, because I guarantee you both have one based on this new relationship, and sometimes people try to move real fast so that doesn’t get seen and then later, like two, three years later, like “Oops. Oh gosh, I had no idea that that was going on inside me, and I had no idea that was going on inside them, and now look how we’re meshed and causing all kinds of trauma for each other that’s unnecessary”.

RAGAN: Just taking it slow, getting to know each other, choosing to let the colors of the ego shine forth, and see if you can work with all that. See if it still feels like a match in that energetic healthy exchange or not. How would you know if it’s a relationship that’s meant to go the distance if you’re moving so quickly? Take it slow. Of course this teaching goes deeper than this, and this a short audio. This idea of taking it slow, it’s so important.

RAGAN: Let me tell you, the ego loves to hide the first few months. Usually it’s said that after around the ninth month the ego is front and center, if there is one that’s prominent. If you move too quickly, then you’re not going to see it, and then you’re going to just maybe see it later. Then at that point, you’re going to feel maybe a little stuck because you’ve been in this relationship for quite a while and now you’re surprised and there’s all kinds of dynamics between you and this person that maybe off kilter, and really actually isn’t in alignment with your soul, and it was really meant to just be a short-term relationship, right?

RAGAN: Going back to the beginning here, we hold the power, we hold the key, as individuals, to manifest healthy relationships, but most importantly, how healthy is your relationship with yourself? How well do you know yourself? How well do you know your ego? Do you know the ways of your ego? Does your ego like to distract or attach to people or avoid? What kind of relationship do you have with yourself on a deeper level? This can be increased if you feel like there’s some sort of low frequency going on within yourself.

RAGAN: A high frequency can be achieved through good, self-inner-work. A deep dive into the subconscious, a deep dive into what’s within you that no longer serves, to truly know yourself is to love thyself. Let’s begin that journey for all of us, more and more, today, and going forward more than ever. I say yes to it. Say yes with me. As you know I do coaching and workshops, is what I’m consistently helping myself and others do, create this healthy relationship with themselves so they can have the life and the relationships of their greatest dreams.

RAGAN: Most importantly, this begins with you. Healing work is an inside job, change comes from within first and foremost. Okay. Thank you so much for listening to me today. I’m going to close this out with a prayer, and I’d love for you to join me. All right, thank you so much. What I’d like for you to do if you can, take a seat. If you’re not able to take a seat, please just let these words move through your heart, take a deep breath here right now. Once more. Once more.

RAGAN: Moving into closing prayer: So I thank you, I thank you, I thank you so very much, mother, father, God, Goddess, for this beautiful, beautiful divine blessed day. I am so very grateful for I know that in this day, in this moment, this place, right now, in this space, there is no greater moment that there could ever be. It is a moment that I’m living in, the moment that I’m breathing in, it is the moment we all get to be who we want to be, as we are, because as we are already, we are unique and divine emanations of God.

RAGAN: It is true that everything that we seek and everything that we desire it is truly already within us, within our soul. All the love, joy, beauty, bliss, faith, compassion, gratitude, abundance, prosperity, clarity, you name it, it’s all there. There is no lack, there is no limitation, and it is true that sometimes we forget this and sometimes we feel there are obstacles or blocks that are standing in the way.

RAGAN: Please, I ask you, Mother, Father, God, Goddess, help us all remember the truth that the only block, the only obstacle that truly stands in our way in this beautiful, profound, planet of earth that has limitless possibility available to us at all times and limitless potential and power of available of all time, because we truly are extensions of God. Help us all remember that if this is true, literally the only thing that could be standing in the way is ourselves.

RAGAN: To become in close relationship with ourselves, I ask you, Mother, Father, God, Goddess, to send forth encouragement for us all, on this planet, to do just that. To get to know ourselves better, to learn more about ourselves, to learn and to love thyself more and more and more over time. I ask you, please, mother, father, God, Goddess, whatever is standing in the way right now for anyone of us within this prayer, please, let it be released right now.

RAGAN: Anything that’s unserving, stuck, limiting energy or beliefs, anything at all that is ready to be moved, thank you so much. Let it be so and let it be done so that we all can experience in this lifetime the manifestation of the life and the relationships of our greatest dreams. I am so very grateful for these words, and with these words, I say, and so it is. Thank you. Take a slow and deep breath. Thank you so much. Thank you so much for joining me today. Truly a blessing to be here with you. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day. Okay? I’ll talk to you soon. Many blessings. Bye-bye.