In this prayer, if you so choose, we will be diving deep into our hearts and our Souls breathing in the light that is there for us, that is so beautiful, purifying and loving.

When light of Spirit meets our Soul as we breathe it in it helps us to connect those two lights which bring for a feeling of joy and tranquility all at the same time.

This recipe of joy and tranquility being bathed in our system equals the divine gift of equanimity and peace.

This joy and tranquility is not a temporary state of being, it is a permanent state, that is who we are. It does not come and go such as feelings of happiness or sadness.

This gift of connecting our breath and seeing and feeling light move into our body, connecting Spirit and Soul together creates a brilliant, protective, caring, kind and exceptional light that grows and grows and gives us life force, vitality, creativity and inspiration all the time.

These are some of the gifts that we receive from connecting these lights together and therefore connecting to the seat of our Souls, the space behind our hearts.

This is a practice and can be a way of life consistency.

We can always live in a joyous and loving connection to Spirit and therefore live a joyous and loving life in service to Spirit.

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