The truth is we are a soul in a Body. Awakening occurs- in one incarnation or another- when the individual soul becomes satiated with material living and feels compelled, by a deep inner urge, to discover the truth that lies behind the outer world of appearances.

For many, it’s a shift away from focusing the majority of our attention and energy on fulfilling our many roles that meet the needs of other people, and moving towards growth, self-love, spirituality, greater fulfillment, and living in alignment with our authentic selves.

I invite you to tune in, sit back and relax and join me to learn more about the truth of who you are on this Steps on the Journey Message.

Also, in case you are new, a few times a month, I share meditations, divine guidance, and inspiration to aid you on your path. The best way to keep up is through email and my social media channels on the right of the page.



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