Are you aware of how debilitating and devitalizing shame is?

The truth is, there is nothing that you have ever done or will do that is so bad that should make you be ashamed.

You have always been doing the best you could with the information you have received, and the circumstances you have been given.

Therefore, your choices have reflected that, so you can forgive yourself for all today!

No one is holding you back other than yourself. Forgive yourself and live again in peace!

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Audio Transcript

Below is an edited transcript for all of our bibliophiles and hearing impaired community members. We hope you enjoy!

Ragan Thomson: Hello, hello. Hello, hello, hello. This is Ragan Thomson. How are you today? How are you feeling today?

Ragan Thomson: What’s going on in your mind, your body and your spirit? Really check in with that. First, your mind. Is it busy? Is it moving, and if it is, can you just clear the space within it right now?

Ragan Thomson: Just be here. Be here right now with me. Your body, is it aching? Is it comfortable? Is it relaxed? Where are you at?

Ragan Thomson: Do you feel some stress or tension? Just noticing it now, taking a deep breath into it. Can you give yourself just that permission to just relax into this sensation that might be a little uncomfortable so you can once again just be here, be here right now, and your spirit, checking in with your heart space, and your energy field? Where are you at spiritually? Maybe there’s some pain rising.

Ragan Thomson: Maybe you feel a little off-kilter, out of balance. Maybe you feel really calm, serene if it’s the other, where you’re feeling a little out of balance or stressed. Taking another deep breath, kind of relaxing into that energy. Just give yourself permission just to feel what you feel. Excellent. Good.

Ragan Thomson: We’re going to launch into a topic now that I think you’re going to find to be very helpful to work with. A lot of us have this going on, and we don’t even realize it, so I just want to help you today the best I can to work with the topic around shame. Basically, shame … Gosh, whoo. That’s been a big one in this life for me.

Ragan Thomson: I’ve shamed myself, I’ve shamed others, and really, it’s this, informs me, informs you of this internal state of inadequacy, dishonor or regret that we might have in our life, and it really is icky energy, right? Sometimes we don’t even realize how much we’re still shaming ourselves and others. This is an uncomfortable one to work with, so I’m not saying this is an easy topic, and it’s an important one. As a self-conscious emotion, basically, shame, it informs us of an internal state of inadequacy, unworthiness, dishonor, regret, or disconnection. It’s a clear signal that our positive feelings have been basically interrupted, and another person or a circumstance can really trigger this shame in us. We can really feel very triggered by somebody in our life.

Ragan Thomson: It could be a friend, or a relative, or someone we work with, and by just being next to them, we can feel this kind of trigger within us go off that we feel like a failure in some way. We feel we’re not meeting our own ideals or standards. We feel that we feel bad. Maybe we feel flawed next to this person. Sometimes you might just feel this without being next to a person.

Ragan Thomson: It kind of tends to motivate us to hide or do something to save face, and so it can lead to a lot of withdrawal, and it’s actually one of the primary reasons on the planet right now that we have so many addictions. We really tried to attempt to mask its impact on the addictions, and withdrawing and isolating ourselves. It’s also, can very consistently be confused with guilt or, which is basically an emotion we might experience as a result of a wrongdoing about which we might feel, kind of remorseful or which we hadn’t done that, and we need to make amends, where we also will likely have an urge to admit guilt, or talk about it with others, about a situation that led us to feel really guilty. It is really much less likely that we will broadcast our shame, so there is this difference. I just want to help you with that confusion of shame versus basically guilt.

Ragan Thomson: With shame, we most likely will just conceal it completely, and what we feel because of the shame does not make a distinction really usually between an action and the self. It’s just bad behavior, and our bad self needs to just really hide, and it’s a real bummer. I want to give you a nice description of it because like I said, it’s pretty sneaky. It likes to hide, so we can feel ashamed of something from a long time ago and it can still be sitting in our field and causing havoc for us. Basically, a situation that’s real or even imagined can trigger shame, and it’s something we can work with though, which is so great.

Ragan Thomson: What we want to do is start to get in touch with that shame right now, and that’s what I’d like for you to do. Can you think of a person or yourself, maybe, that you feel ashamed of right now, something you feel shameful of? Maybe there’s a situation that you still feel ashamed of which happened in your life. I just want you to take a minute and just really feel that in your body. Okay. Very good.

Ragan Thomson: Now, just feeling it, so within this feeling, you’re feeling this kind of feeling of bad or you’re wrong, just to let ourselves feel that right now, taking a deep breath. Can you just allow yourself now to feel the shame and just notice where in your body you feel that shame? Could it be in your stomach, like your solar plexus area, or your throat? Perhaps it could be more in your throat, stomach. Might even feel it in your head.

Ragan Thomson: Yeah, just wherever you feel it. Do you feel any activated kind of stuck energy? Okay, so taking a deep breath into that place in your body. I want to give this place in your body now. It’s basically like a gateway that wants to speak, and if it could speak out loud and say anything it wants to say right now, let it say what it wants to say.

Ragan Thomson: You might hear the message, “I shouldn’t have done that. I can never let that go. I’m so embarrassed,” and just saying to that energy right now, “I hear you. I hear that you feel this way, and I want you to know I see you, and I feel you, and I understand why you might feel this way.” Take a deep breath, repeating out my words to this energy.

Ragan Thomson: I see there are circumstances that point to, that you were wrong or bad. That’s what it looks like because of what happened, and the truth is, you were doing the best you could at that time, with the information that you had and the circumstances you had been given. I know you would have done it differently if you had different information, but you didn’t, and therefore, there was something that happened that caused pain for you most importantly, inside you. I see that. I feel that, and I want you to know you can forgive yourself today.

Ragan Thomson: You can set yourself free, so taking a deep breath, for there is nothing that you’ve ever done that was so wrong or so bad that it cannot be forgiven. Take a deep breath, repeating after me, “I forgive myself. I forgive myself for whatever this thing is,” just repeating it, whatever happened, taking a deep breath, letting it go. The truth is I want you to speak the truth here, out loud. What’s the truth?

Ragan Thomson: “I was young, I was doing the best I could, and I was scared, I had just broken up with someone, I was lost, and I was scared, and I did the best I could.” This is just an example. State the truth right now. What’s the truth? Forgive yourself and state the truth.

Ragan Thomson: Set yourself free. State your truth now. Good. Take a deep breath. Now, if there’s anything else you’d like to say to yourself right now, and this is from a place of not only just saying something for yourself, but if there’s anything else you might authentically need to help liberate yourself and release this pain from your heart authentically.

Ragan Thomson: You might even see if you can check and see if your higher self is here with you right now, your true divine self like your guardian angel, basically until you embody, your higher self. Your guardian angel is your higher self. See if your higher self is here with you, checking in. Now that you feel the energy of your higher self hopefully, bring that energy to whatever is needed here to fully embrace all the healing required to let yourself off the hook here, and let go of the shame. What is it you need from your higher self?

Ragan Thomson: Your higher self is there to assist you always and can support you in any way that you’d like. You just simply need to ask. Ask your higher self now. Maybe you need more love, support, belief in yourself, more forgiveness. Ask, and you shall receive.

Ragan Thomson: Just let your higher self give it to you. Feel it come upon you. Let it overflow around you within you, the support and love from your higher self. Good. Take a deep breath, taking a moment to honor yourself for the work you just did, “I honor myself,” whatever you’d like to say out loud for being brave, and setting myself free, whatever it is that you want to say. “I honor myself.”

Ragan Thomson: Now that that’s complete, please take a deep breath. Thank you so much. We’re going to move into a short closing prayer. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Moving into prayer together. Thank you, Mother, Father, God, Goddess for this beautiful divine, blessed day, and for this moment, this present moment that’s happening here right now in this space and place, for I know where I am and where every listener is, God is.

Ragan Thomson: Everything we seek, everything we desire, It is already within us. Thank you for this knowingness, this divine knowingness that the truth of who we are is unfolding more and more over time. As we let go of any shame that might exist within our bodies or within our lives, we free ourselves more and more. There is no such thing as something that anyone of us has done that was so wrong or bad, that we can’t let ourselves off the hook.

Ragan Thomson: Mother, Father, God, Goddess, I ask you for this clearing and the support to help us completely let go of shame right now from our bodies. It is done. It is done, letting go of all the shame, forgiving ourselves, for we do not know what we were doing, and if we would have, we would have done it differently. Thank you, thank you so much for these words. I am grateful.

Ragan Thomson: Amen. Take a deep breath. Thank you so much. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day. I am grateful to be with you here.

Ragan Thomson: Many, many blessings. I’ll talk to you soon. Okay. Bye-bye.