Would you like to choose peace rather than suffering?

Did you know that your power to choose how you feel is part of your divine birthright?

So often we let our energy run us over, and in turn, we react or resist it which causes unnecessary suffering.

When we decide to respond to the energy instead of running away from it, we are being more gentle and loving with ourselves.

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Audio Transcript

Below is an edited transcript for all of our bibliophiles and hearing impaired community members. We hope you enjoy!

Ragan: Hello, hello, hello everyone. Good day. Good day. Good day to you. How are you? How are you feeling today? Oh, this is a good day today. I am just vibrating with some positive, uplifting energy, and so you get to benefit from that. You get to benefit from my high vibe frequency that is literally permeating through every cell of my being right now, which is what is completely possible as we do this work of healing ourselves. I mean, any day you can feel this way from moment to moment. Literally, you have a choice, the choice to choose suffering or not in any moment.

Ragan: I know that seems like a, “Ugh, god. I’ve heard that before,” and, “Is that even possible?” It is possible because I know that there was a time where I used to choose to feel suffering in my life. I chose pain. I know I was. I was choosing to feel that way because I myself felt like I didn’t deserve to feel happy. I felt like I was so wrong, so bad. I’d done too much in my life that was full of mistakes and inconsistency with what other people wanted me to be or what I was supposed to be doing, and I just felt sad. I felt like I wasn’t enough. I felt like I wasn’t worthy. And I live my life choosing, that’s the key word here, choosing suffering.

Ragan: How many of you out there know without a shadow of a doubt that sometimes you still choose to suffer? And why would that be? Just on that question, please, let’s take a deep breath. Ah. Once more. On the out breath, please make a sound. Ah. Good. Question again. Why have you in your life chosen suffering over peace, chosen suffering over happiness, chosen suffering over being gentle with yourself in a moment where you feel some pain? Why? Why would that be? Could it be that there’s a part of you or parts of you that still aren’t in congruence with your true divine self, which means that you have some incongruence with your true divine self? In fact, there’s parts of you that still feel wrong, bad, not worthy, not enough, therefore, there’s this constant desire and need to fill that void, to fill that pain with something which leads to vices, habits, addictions. There are so many addictions right now on this planet.

Ragan: Habits. What could a habit be? The habit of turning outside yourself for attention, turning outside yourself for validation. A habit could be to turn to … Maybe not. It’s not an addiction, but maybe it is a habit to turn to food or turn to drinking on the weekends with friends, over exercising. A habit that is not tended to and kind of takes control of one’s life, yes, can lead to an addiction. Then, that energy is just a little bit more rampant in your life, right? And it just … It’s something. It’s voice that you hear. It’s an impulse that somehow you feel like you’ve lost control over. Therefore, you’re turning to that addiction for helping you feel less pain, helping you escape. Supposedly, these are the things that the addiction does, which is not true, which is not real. Because the truth is, yes, it might be a temporary moment of not feeling the pain, but, typically, the pain gets stronger, more intense, ends up more in your life in a greater way than you can ever imagine a later time because, basically, the energy is not being worked with, so it’s ramping up. It’s getting stronger versus being worked with.

Ragan: So this idea of … That’s my topic with you, this idea of choosing to suffer or choosing to feel peace at any moment. So let’s take that breath again. Where did we pick up this choosing of suffering? I want you to think about your life for a minute. How many people in your life currently choose peace when there’s some sort of uncomfortable energy in their life? They choose to respond to the energy. That’s how we do this. We respond to the energy versus we react to it, run from it, resist it. The three Rs, right? Run, react, or resist the energy that’s coming.

Ragan: So when we run, react or resist, do you think we’re causing ourselves to feel more in alignment with ourselves or we are possibly causing ourselves to feel more intensity, some more energy that’s uncomfortable? Right at that moment, right when I was speaking, I’m outside here, and there’s this big plane coming by. Oh, I could have chosen to be really uncomfortable with that in the middle of this audio, or I just felt myself. I just breathe through it. It’s like, yeah, no. It could be considered a distraction that could cause me a little uncomfortable energy and, no. I’m just making it a part of my experience. So, is that what it’s really about, making some of these distractions, this intense, these tense moments, these circumstances that come to us in our life to serve as a test, to serve as a gauge to see where are you really at with your response to energy that might be uncomfortable?

Ragan: Do you run from it? What’s a way that we run? We turn the other way. We say, “I don’t want to feel that,” and we go somewhere else. Then, we turn to our vice, or our habits, or our addiction. Do we resist it? We get confronted with the energy. We’re like, “Oh, I don’t want to feel this.” Then, we judge it, and we push on it, and we judge the person, or we push on the person that maybe isn’t a part of the experience. Or do we react to it? Same thing. We get kind of maybe more controlling, could even get aggressive, angry, judgmental as well in an aggressive way. There’s that reactive energy. It’s like this immediate rush of, “Ugh! I don’t like this,” you know?

Ragan: So, what do you do with energy? Let me tell you something. When we rerun, when we react, or we resist energy, we’re causing suffering for ourselves. We get to choose, though. Those moments are going to come. I promise you’re going to have a bunch of opportunities in every day to work with this the way I’m describing. When you just simply respond to the energy, what you’re doing is you’re saying to the energy, “I see you. I feel you. I’m right with you. I’m not going to run, react, or resist you. I’m just going to be with it. I’m just going to be with this energy right now. I’m going to be an observer of the energy.”

Ragan: Can you set an intention for yourself to become the observer of your energy in a daily way and a daily practice every day? Literally, it’s one of your practices that you might want to bring in to the morning. I set my intention today to being an observer of myself and my energy. I set an intention to respond to my energy, not run from it, not react to it, not resist it, and just see what happens. I’m so curious.

Ragan: I like to come in with a seven-day intentional practice. So right now, I’d like you to make a note, if this resonates with you, to make a seven-day intentional practice where you do this when you wake up in the morning just like I spoke. You might want to shift the intention a little bit, whatever feels more in resonance to you. But, yes, there’s an intention, and it says something like I just shared with you. I set my intention to respond to my energy today, to be an observer of my energy today rather than run, or react, or resist my energy. This is a powerful, powerful intention.

Ragan: I would like us all to do a little work right now together. What I’d like you to do is just, if you can, take a seat. You can’t, that’s fine. Take that deep breath. Place your hands over your heart. You can open your eyes or close your eyes, whatever you need to do at this point, but preferably if you can close your eyes. See if you can drop in right now into your heart space. Just drop in. That means you can just see your heart, feel your heart, feel the electricity of your heart next your hands, just really feeling into your heart space right now. When you do this, you might feel some more peace come up in your body. You could feel more emotional, more at ease, some sadness. Your heart will share with you the truth of where you’re really at. What’s going on with you right now? Good.

Ragan: From that place in your heart, resting in your heart, relaxing into your heart, I want you to observe yourself now. Observe your energy. Maybe take a look at it from before this audio. Now, take a look at it right now. Just notice the change. Notice where were you at? Were you choosing peace? Were you choosing to be relaxed in your body and your spirit for this audio or is this audio already starting to help you relax more and you’re just observing your energy? What’s your observation? Where were you at before, and where are you right now? That’s you practicing observing your energy, not trying to feel anything, not trying to be anything, just resting. And whatever you do feel right now, letting it be okay just to be here, be here right now. Good.

Ragan: Now, if there is an uncomfortable energy right now, or whatever energy you’re feeling, I just want you to say these words out loud. I see you. It’s like you’re speaking to the energy. I feel you. I hear you. I want to hear anything and everything you want to say. Now letting the energy speak to you. Now, it’s your opportunity just respond to the energy. Again, you might say something like, “I hear you. What can I do for you? What can I do to help?” This is you responding, not running, not reacting, not resisting, just responding to it. We’re practicing. Very good

Ragan: Now, figure if this energy is asking for something specific. Can you give it to the energy? Just give it over. Maybe it’s compassion, or a voice, or reassurance, or protection. I protect you now. I love you. I’m here for you. I do give you compassion. Maybe it’s forgiveness. I feel you. I see you. I forgive you. I forgive the energy. I give myself complete and total immediate forgiveness right now. Whatever the energy needs, just give it over. Take a deep and slow breath. So good.

Ragan: Thanking the energy for coming forward, and this is the practice. This is a simple practice. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You can do this from moment to moment of any part of the day. This is you responding to the energy. It’s so different. Thank you so much. Thank you so much for joining me today.

Ragan: We’re going to short closing prayer here. Thank you so much. If you can, keep your eyes closed, connecting your hands to your heart space. I thank you. I thank you. I thank you so much, mother, father, God, Goddess, for this beautiful, beautiful, divine blessed day. I’m so grateful for this wisdom, for this knowledge to know that I can respond to energy any time of any day of any moment that I wish. I no longer need to let the energy run me over. I get to ride along the wave of energy. Rather than resisting it, or reacting to it, or running from it, I get to just respond. I’m so excited about this. Ah, bringing in more flow, more grace, more ease into my life, opening the doors to unlimited possibility. So, so good.

Ragan: Thank you, mother, father, God, goddess for this wisdom, for this knowledge, for the truth.I am so grateful. I know this is an act of me being kind to myself, more self-loving, more self-nurturing, more, gosh, easy on myself when I do this. It’s me choosing peace, me choosing happiness, me choosing ease rather than suffering and pain. I get to choose how I want my life to look. I get to choose to suffer or not. It is a choice. I step into the truth of this right now more than ever before in my life. I’ve heard this before. I intellectually have heard it, and I am letting it seep into my cells now, experientially living it, setting an intention every day to do a better job responding to energy. Thank you so much, mother, father, God, goddess. I am grateful. Thank you for these words. And so it is.

Ragan: Take a deep breath. Ah. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Many blessings. Have a wonderful rest of your day. Talk to you soon. Wonderful. Bye-bye.