Ragan’s Weekly Audio Message

Steps on the Journey

Ground Your Energy System to the Earth

Often, our systems can feel ungrounded as if we have in some way lost contact with our own body. This can lead to feeling a lack of balance and unsettled in our energy system.

Resolve The Distraction and Reconnect to Your Soul and The Earth

As they say, the soil and the soul are not separate. How long are you going to allow the old story that you share coming from personality and your ego to distract you from your joy, from your soul, and to this glorious planet that we live on ?

Whole Hearted Life Expression through Healing the Heart Chakra

Do you tend to close and open your heart based on life circumstances? This episode is for you!

Ragan Thomson - Pryaer for humble and in alignment with spirit service

Prayer for Humble and in Alignment with Spirit Service

We are here to clear and cleanse our own beings and as this happens we naturally feel more in alignment to serve in this world in whatever way our soul feels guided to do so.

Prayer and Om Vaijra Phat Mantra to Help Drive Away ALL Negative Energies

We live in a beautiful and evolving world that is filled with all types of energies..both light and dark.
Until we have fully dissolved our ego and claimed sovereignty we are at times vulnerable to external energies that can be negative in influence.

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